March 14, 2013


We painted the laundry room… and oh. my. gawd.

It’s so good.

Dark Teal Laundry Room  |

(ignore the unpainted areas – they’ll be covered with trim, cabinetry, etc.)

The room, as a whole, is a bit of a disaster still, but let’s focus on the walls.

The color is Ben Moore’s Summer Nights. It’s a tealish/navyish/peacock blue… Yes, that. And it’s perfect. We went back and forth for quite some time, weighing out all the possible paint selections. On our must have list: something dark, something moody, non-neutral, and it had to have that ‘bam’ factor. Check, check, check, and check.

Dark Teal Laundry Room  |

My instincts had been telling me to go navy ever since I pinned this pic, over a year ago. But after painting our guest bath in Hale Navy, I thought it was a little boring to use the same color. Weird side note – after finally recognizing that teal was the way to go, we realized that Summer Nights was our second color choice for the bathroom. So, we figure the odds are good that we’ll still love it in yet another year.

Dark Teal Laundry Room  |

And I’m such a sucker for paint colors that change tones throughout the day, and this one does just that. In the early morning it looks the most like a true teal, in the afternoon it’s more of a dark teal with hints of navy, and at night, under artificial lighting, it’s almost a dark royal blue. I’m obsessed with it.

Dark Teal Laundry Room  |

As for the process, last time we checked in we’d just wrapped up drywall and were ready to get our paint on. We started with one coat of primer and then three coats of Sherwin Williams Duration in a satin finish. Yes, three. Our go to paint is SW Harmony, but this particular color required an ultradeep base, so Duration was the only way to go. I’ll just say that it wasn’t my best paint experience. Not the worst (by far), I just expected less than three coats on top of priming. Maybe I’m just not used to painting in such vibrant hues. Either way.. I think I’m going to expand my paint brand horizons next time.

Psst- The flooring is officially installed! Can’t wait to share the deets 🙂


13 thoughts on “Yes.

  1. Krista

    I think it is going to look fabulous and pop dramatically with all the white that goes in a laundry room! We are working on our laundry room right now too, and I think it is fun to bring a little drama into such a small space (we did light walls and paneling but painted our doors and cabinets turqouise). You have done such an amazing job on your house so far!! I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      We hope so! We’re very eager to see all the white pop off the dramatic color. And I’m 100% with you on introducing bold color in small spaces. Perfect places to take a change!


  2. Ashley

    I’m loving the dark blues! I just finished (yesterday) my 3yr olds room in Behr’s Midnight Dream. I’m exhausted and I could relate by saying if wasn’t my best experience either. BUT now that its done I’m so in love!!

  3. Angela @ Cottage Magpie

    Love it!! I haven’t been brave enough to go that dark in my home yet, so I’m really loving seeing what other people are doing. FYI, I use SW Duration Home for all my painting in my home, and it covers in one coat with touch-ups, so I think it’s the depth of color, not the paint specifically. Red is the worst — at my old house I painted my kitchen red (Campbell’s soup can red) with Glidden, and it took 5 coats. FIVE! And that’s with tinted primer!

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