May 30, 2013

Landscaping Our Front Yard: Reveal

Check out our process on choosing a plant color scheme and layout and how we planted and care for them.

It’s sooooo close. I can taste it. The mulch is in, putting us one step closer to knocking out our summer to-do list. Just to recap, here’s what we’re hoping to accomplish (with those we’ve completed, crossed off).

• Replace the rotting header above the garage
• Give the porch column a smooth coat
• Add a railing to the side of the porch
• Build new window shutters
• Paint the exterior of the house
• Paint the roof (yes, we’re doing that)
Remove ALL landscaping in the front yard and replace it with something more modern
• Landscape around the mailbox and post light
• Build window boxes for the front of the house
• Do something about that driveaway
• Hire someone to remove the FIVE trees that have fallen over during wind storms
• Replace damaged wood and paint the swing set
• Repair and paint the backyard shed

And as promised, here are few final progress and reveal photos 🙂

We’ve always bought mulch by the bag in the past. Never again. Unless of course we need, say, one bag. My dad lent us his trailer (with free labor) and we scored this entire mound of black mulch from a local store (Hafner & Sons) for $40. I think that’s a good deal. It really seems like a good deal. That’s a lot of mulch.

Landscaping Reveal |

We were able to cover the entire front bed and side of the house with about three inches of mulch. And we still have this much leftover. Crazy.

Landscaping Reveal |

I could hardly contain my excitement!

Landscaping Reveal |

I want to curl up inside this corner.

Landscaping Reveal |

(Don’t you worry about that shutter… )

Landscaping Reveal |

Check out a full plant source list here and details on our color scheme here.

Landscaping Reveal |

Landscaping Reveal |

You’ve come a long way little house 🙂


We’ve been jumping all over the place with projects throughout this week, so I’m hoping to have some really fun updates for you guys next week!


13 thoughts on “Landscaping Our Front Yard: Reveal

  1. Alison Schluenz

    Your house colors and all the plants look great! Thanks for sharing all your hardwork on it! It’s fun to see some outdoor things besides all the indoor things that are most frequent on blogs!

  2. jayhox

    You need the “AFTER” picture below the before picture so we can compare…its hard to get the full effect!

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      Totally agree! We’re planting grass seed in the bare spots and as soon as it grows we’ll have the official before and after pics. Can’t wait to share them!

  3. Sarah-Nadine

    Looks amazing.

    You might want to check with your local recycling center. Both our town and county give out mulch for free. They collect all leaves etc in the fall and in the spring you can pick it up as mulch. It’s a win win situation.

  4. Life Around the Loop

    Love the before and after photos. Wow! What a difference. The after looks so different. Great job! I have been up to my own landscaping adventures over at

  5. Miss Charming

    It is amazing what a difference some landscaping makes. You’ve definitely been busy! Everything looks beautiful for Summer. (Looking forward to seeing what you plan on tackling next!)

  6. Shelli

    Looks beautiful! Would you be willing to talk about why you chose to not use landscaping fabric? I’ve read so many pros and cons and still can’t decide which way to go in our yard. Thanks!

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      Haha well, this will not be the answer you’re looking for but… we planned to use landscaping fabric (I’d heard good things about it) and then we forgot. End of story. Haha. We’ll probably use it in other areas of the yard.. if we can remember 😉


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