May 6, 2013

Let’s Take this Outside

Two weeks ago I declared our outdoor to-do list for this spring on the blogosphere, so it’s officially ON. No backing out now. We’re unbelievably pumped to get our paint on for the exterior of the house, so that’s priority one. BUT it just wouldn’t make sense to paint everything, only to add more architectural changes just days later, so we tackled those first. Three things: the garage header, the porch column, and the porch railing that did not yet exist.

Yes, this photo is from nearly a year ago and unfortunately that’s not very noticeable, except for the sconce lights on either side of the garage. That’s about to change 🙂



The header above the garage has been falling apart, piece by piece, since the day we moved in, so it was beyond time to replace that bad boy. And while we were at it, we went ahead and extended it beyond the garage and into the porch area. It just made sense to formally cap off the bottom of the triangular pitch in the roof. It’s an easy switch since it’s not technically a header or supporting anything, and more just siding. Basically, we just did a little of this:



Second, porch column. It’s tough to see in the photos above, but the porch column was made of some sort of super rough, very unfinished looking material. It wasn’t something that could be sanded down (we tried) so our next option was to cover it. We took a similar approach to John & Sherry, by just boxing in the previous post with a few pre-primed 1×8’s. It beefed it up quite a bit too, almost matching the size of the new header, which is an added bonus.

And that leaves us here:


Pretty right? Kidding. We’re getting there.

I always envisioned our forever home to have a huge front porch, so that was a definite downfall with this house. We’ve considered adding one down the road, but for now we’re making due. In order to make our tiny covered area feel a little more cozy, we added a railing from the column back to the front of the house. It frames the area in and makes it feel less… slab of concrete leading to the door.



Now, we’re even toying with the idea of adding a skinny bench with the railing as the backrest. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? PILLOWS. Or maybe a hanging flower box.. but that may be too many boxes since we’ve already set out to DIY some for the front windows. We’ll be sure to share either way.

So, next up is paint! I’ll be back tomorrow with our plan of attack in the color scheme department 🙂 And hopefully some reveal pics very soon!


9 thoughts on “Let’s Take this Outside

  1. jessvii

    Great job! I think your idea of adding flower boxes to the area would be lovely. Just my opinion, but I wouldn’t worry about it being too much, even if you add more flower boxes elsewhere.

  2. Christina

    It all looks so great! And I love the idea of a skinny bench with flower boxes…sigh…I love flower boxes. Great job!

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  6. Lisa

    The front of our house looks a lot like yours (though we have two bedrooms in the front). I’ve been looking for ways to remodel the exterior, but I’m having trouble finding houses that look like this online. Do you have any tips to share — any searches that have worked for you or resources you’d recommend? Is there a certain name to “style” like this? Thanks!


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