May 24, 2013

Oh look, we have windows… and other nonsense.

Can you believe that we lived in our home for over a year with these ginormous tree-bushes in our front yard. No, wait. As our front yard. They were massive. And I despised them.

Oh look, we have windows. |

So, this past week.. Ricky put an end to the madness.

A little shovel. A little chainsaw. Like how easy I just made that sound? 😉

Oh look, we have windows. |

Also, let me just give my man a little credit for digging up giant tree-bushes while Zoey whips him with a stick and I capture it all on camera. Love this guy.

Oh look, you can see our house. AND it has windows. Wuuuut?

Oh look, we have windows. |

 Some other things happened too. Obviously.

We started tilling up the flower beds, and added a few curves around the path from the driveway to the front porch. We’re hoping to make some good progress this weekend by adding a few more curves to the bed that runs the length of the house, add a barrier between the grass and the bed, and start planting! Whoop, whoop!

In other news. A window shutter fell down.

Just kidding, I have much more exciting things to share. Like, our new post light 🙂

Oh look, we have windows. |

We swapped out the old brown one that had some serious tilting going on. Since we’re implementing our new gray and black color scheme, we figured black was the way to go. It’s from the same light collection as our sconce lights by the garage.

Now, I had planned to give the driveway a post of it’s own.. but the results were.. meh. Our driveway is dunzo. It needs to be completely redone, which is so far from being in the budget right now. So, we opted to have a local company seal it for the time being. You can still see all the hideous cracks, but the sealant should keep everything held together temporarily. So, if you’re on a budget (we paid about $200 total) and need a quick fix, sealing is the way to go.

Oh look, we have windows. |

What else, what else. Oh yes, you may have  spotted a new addition on the front porch. I was having a difficult time finding a bench that would fit the space, so we had planned to build one. Then, I spotted this guy at Homegoods!

Oh look, we have windows. |

It’s exactly the size and style I was hoping for! I paid about $50 for her, which is probably more than we would have spent to build one, but time is crazy sparse lately so we’re happy to cough up a few bucks here and there for the convienience. And it’s aqua, which is super cute. Not sure if it’ll stay this color (nothing is safe around this crazy paint lady) but I’m loving it for now!

Ok, end brain dump 🙂 Enjoy the weekend!


9 thoughts on “Oh look, we have windows… and other nonsense.

  1. Tara

    We, too, need a new driveway (ours is asphalt like yours, but in worse shape) and got a quote for $14K. Um, not happening. Doesn’t that make you want to throw up?? So, we are doing a new deck to replace the old crumbling patio in the backyard instead! If I had a blog I would link it up, but we don’t. Just take my word for it that it is coming along very nicely!

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      Ah, $14K??? That is insane. Yea, definitely not happening. A new deck sounds much more rewarding haha.


  2. vicky c

    It looks AWESOME I’m excited to see what the landscaping does for the look 🙂 love your humor!!!

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