May 17, 2013

That’s Pinteresting

Occasionally, I come across something so inspiring that it makes it’s way onto one of my Pinterest boards. And by occasionally, I mean several times a day. Pin Problems.

And what better way to feed my addiction than to transplant it here? So, every Friday-ish I’ll now dedicate a post to highlighting a few of my favorite projects, pics, etc, found floating around Pinterest from the previous weeks. Which doesn’t mean that Fridays are solely for this series. I may periodically pop in with with an extra post as well!
Now, on with “That’s Pinteresting!”

A great roundup of WordPress plugins for bloggers of all levels, beginners and those more experienced.

For Bloggers: WordPress Plugins


I’m craving some warmer tones in our home. We have plenty of yellow, but something keeps drawing me back to pink. Watch out Ricky ;)

Cheerful Space


I’m sure you’ve seen this lovely nursery by Honey & Fitz.. but it’s too good not to share. I’m especially loving the shelf & toy bins combo.

Gorgeous Nursery


We have a few large trees in the backyard that would look so cute with a built-on bench.

Build a Bench Around a Tree


We already established our color scheme for the new landscaping, but this just confirms how much I love the yellow and shades of purple together. Now, if I could just make ours look this good…

Purple & Yellow Landscaping Color Scheme


I caught a glimpse of this Sarah Richardson nursery on her show months ago, so glad I stumbled upon it again. I really wish you could pin images from TV.

Safari Theme Nursery | Sarah Richardson


We don’t have a basement (aka. man cave), so Ricky tells me that the garage is all his. BUT maybe I could sneak in something small like this organized pantry?

Organized Garage Pantry


There’s something so refreshing about this space. Maybe it’s the natural wood tones making their way back. I think I may be starting to tire of all the darker wood these days.

White, Teal, & Wood Tones


And to wrap it up today, my favorite pin of the week. Breanna Rose discuses the importance of defining your strengths as a freelancer. A really good read if you’re like me, and struggling to find balance in your work & family life.

Freelance Advice | Defining Your Strengths


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10 thoughts on “That’s Pinteresting

  1. Momma

    The yellow flowers are daylilies and are supersimple to grow and come back every year :) love the garage organization ideas!

  2. Pete

    A man cave is no place for the pantry baskets unless they are storing the playstation controls and a few games to go with them!

  3. Malissa M

    How funny! I’ve been a follower of your blog for a while now and imagine my surprise to see my front yard on your page! haha I’ve been meaning to get around to a tutorial… we are definitely not expert landscapers but have managed to keep it all alive so you could totally do it! :-). Keep up the awesome blog!

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      That’s too funny! Well, I absolutely adore your landscaping and it was hands down the most inspiration pic for our own home. Thank you so much for sharing!! Wish us luck, haha :)



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