June 14, 2013


I feel like I should apologize for the lack of posts this week, but really, I’m not sorry. Let me explain.

Like I’m sure most others do, we’ve been struggling for quite some time to find that perfect balance between work and family life. I love this blog like it’s my baby, but I also love my real babies. And quite a bit more. I know when I look back on this time in 20 years I won’t be kicking myself for not getting enough blog posts out each week, or not getting that particular project completed fast enough. So, for the sake of our precious time together as a family, I’m taking a little step back.

I’ve been working things out in my head for a few months now and I’ve come up with a new structure for the blog. A structure that should allow us a little breathing room. Of course, this probably is not what’s best for Cape 27, but what’s Cape 27 without a happy family behind it? Here’s what you can expect.

• Quality, not quantity. Basically, less, but better, posts. Instead of shooting for 4-5 posts per week, I’m thinking 2, maybe 3 on a good week. Series like “That’s Pinteresting” and sharing mood boards may go out the window, which frees up more time for me to do awesome projects and put together some great content for you guys. And, naturally, more snuggling time with my girls.

• A casual posting schedule. Some may have noticed, others not, but in the past, posts went live at preset times on specific days of the week. It was a major stress factor. I started this blog as a creative outlet, and I’d love to get back to those roots. I will no longer pressure myself to write when I’m just not feeling it, or when our family life isn’t allowing it. I’m over it. Posts may still come at 9am on Monday, but the next may be Thursday at 1am. Who knows. I’m letting life take the wheel on this one.

• A third change, that isn’t blog related, but more about our design services. The mood boards. I mentioned going on a break until July/August, tweaking a few things, and then opening up shop again in the fall. Well, I’ll go ahead and put this out there. They may not come back. We’ll have to see if our lives allow room, but for now, they’re on hold, indefinitely.

When it comes down to it, this is really just me choosing my family over all other things. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in working when it’s something you love so much. I hope you guys will be understanding and stick around while I try to work a few of these issues out. Heck, many of you may not even notice a difference 🙂 Love, love.

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30 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Amanda Ross

    Jessie you are amazing. I think the reason your so busy is because you are SO good!!! Your beautiful amazing girls are only little once and before you know it they will be at school and you will have tonnes of time. For now do what feels right and soak it up xxx

  2. Rebecca | the lil house that could

    I’ve had to do the same lately, sometimes keeping up with the Joneses of blogging becomes stressful. Finding work/life balance with kids is one of the hardest things to do, in my opinion. I always checked back even when you took that long break, so no need to ever apologize! I’ve found that generally, people understand and many are in the same boat.

  3. Decorum DIYer

    I’M HERE AND FULLY ONBOARD!!! (Yes, I was yelling. Yelling with enthusiasm and lots of head shaking in agreement.)

    I completely understand. My blog is in the same situation. My blog is an outlet for me and to share with like-minded people. My motto as of late has been “less dreaming, more doing”. This applies to so many aspects of my life, but blogging is certainly an afterthought these days.

    Good luck to you and your transition. Your instinct to take care and enjoy those around you is spot on. Blogging can wait. Moodboards, schmoodboards. (I, too, have stopped my weekly moodboard feature.)

    I am thrilled for you and your revelation. No matter how frequent, or infrequent, your posts, I’ll be here hanging on every word! 😀

  4. Jessie

    Hi Jessie (I’m Jessie too, same spelling and everything!), I don’t usually comment on blog posts, but felt compelled to with this one. I was introduced to your blog through the YHL house crash they did at your home, and I really liked your design aesthetic. I was interested in following how you continue to bring good design into your home, to share with your family, (and I thought your family was adorable). These are the reasons I subscribed to your blog. Your mood boards are great and “That’s Pinteresting” is fun, but in truth, it’s the real life posts, projects and perspective that keep me coming back. So, I think, all in all, you are heading in exactly the right direction! Good luck!

  5. Sue

    I am so glad you have decided to take the break. You started this blog as a fun outlet. When you wake up and start dreadng it, it is no longer fun. No one wants you to feel pressure, especially when you feel that you have to put your precious babies second….especially for people that you don’t even know. Not only will you resent the blog, your heart won’t be in it and readers will feel it, too. We would much rather you document things when YOU want to do it. You are one talented person, and I’m so glad you got this off your chest. I felt that was probably what was going on anyway. Remember, life is short!!! Kids grow up fast!!! Enjoy your babies now!!!! You won’t regret it!!! We will wait for you!!!!

  6. lwarm79

    Hi, I just have to say I’m impressed and happy to read this. It’s extremely refreshing to see someone choose family and their kids happiness, over work. I bake and often find myself sacrificing my time with my girls to bake for a job. That’s changing and I’m glad to see you’re doing it too!
    Congrats! I know your blog will still be a place I visit often (after all , I am starting a huge Ikea kitchen this summer) for your quality posts!
    Have fun with your kids and enjoy yourself!

  7. Cristina

    Family should always come first! Good for you for making that decision for yourself and your family. 🙂

  8. jayhox

    As a mother of two that also stays busy doing her own blog posts among other voluntary activities, I totally appreciate and respect your decision. You absolutely, 100% have to put your family first. Good for you!

  9. Jackie

    Jessie, I totally commend what you are doing! I struggle to find balance as well and have taken it easy in the past when I needed to. I bet you will find yourself being even more creative! I will definitelycontinue to follow along no matter how often you post!

  10. Sharon

    Good for you! You’re right, you won’t look back and wish you had worked/blogged more. Your kids are only little once. Enjoy the time that you have with them now! 🙂

  11. Niki

    No!!!! I LIVE for your mood boards!!!!! 🙂

    Kidding. Well – half kidding. I totes support you and way to have your priorities in order 🙂

  12. [email protected]

    Good Luck Jessie you are still my fav and any projects you do for your own personal inspiration are what i love the best! Having started my blog a few months back…I am in awe at how time consuming the process is…project, pictures, editing, writing, networking….repeat! So much work and I’m trying to work on the quality vs quantity too!

    You go Girl!
    [email protected]

  13. Kally

    I applause you for making this decision! I will definitely miss the frequence ofyour posts, but I know familyshould be #1 and you are absolutely doing the right thing! Have fun with your cuties!!

  14. Tammy @ The Colored Door

    I am very new to blogging but it can really suck you in. That is great that you have come up with a plan that works for your family because you can never get this time back. Good for you! I will enjoy our posts whenever they come.

  15. Jennifer @ Brave New Home

    It’s definitely hard finding a balance and for me, I’ve found blogging something I can easily pour hours and hours of time into. You’re absolutely right though, people come first. I’m looking forward following your blog as you take it into a slightly new direction : ]

  16. Annica Smith

    Good for you! Being a mom is the most important thing. I’m happy you haven’t decided to give up blogging all together, because I love your blog! It definitely inspires changes in my own house! I’m excited to continue reading and happy for you to spend more time with your family.

  17. Christina

    Good for you. Your numbers may not grow as much, but I actually do believe that this is also what is best for your blog! When you’re not worried about a schedule or number of posts, your quality will only get better and better, as will the quality of your followers.

    I think it’s a win-win!

  18. Dan Cox

    I used to have a quote hanging in my office that said, “The work will wait while you show your child a rainbow, but the rainbow won’t wait while you work,” or something to that effect. Good call on your part, those girls will be married before you blink an eye.
    Your old, (In more than one way) neighbor, Dan

  19. Teresa

    I have to say, I had been wondering for about a year how these awesome women did all these projects, kept an amazing blog rolling and still had time for family and sleep. Well… it seems that you can’t!!! For the exact reasons that you state, I would love to see your new posting schedule, and look forward to all that you share! Sure, the daily posts are nice, but I didn’t follow your blog because of that. I followed because you can see the love of what you do in your posts. Keep that love a’comin and you will not have to worry about who follows!! 🙂

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      I’m right there with ya, Teresa. Something has to give.. and it’s not going to be sleep haha 😉 Thanks for your support!


  20. Jessie R. Post author

    THANK YOU ALL. You guys have completely blown me away with all of your support. Virtual hugs for everyone!



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