August 20, 2013

Living Room Items For Sale!

You ask and you shall receive 🙂

After announcing some major changes in our living room, we had a lot of interest from readers in purchasing a few of the items that are getting the boot. So, as promised, now that we’re ready to sell, we’re back to share details on how exactly those pieces can be purchased!

Living Room Makeover |

We’ve created an account over on Ebay (HERE) where you’ll find prices, measurements, shipping info, etc. Please note – Larger pieces are only available for pickup to locals here in Cincinnati.

We figured that since we’ve had so much interest, Ebay would be the best way to handle the purchases. That way, everyone knows exactly how much we’re asking, how long you have to purchase, and nothing is sold without everyone having their fair share at it.

If you have ANY questions whatsoever, please shoot me an email and I’ll do my best help!

Happy Shopping 🙂


24 thoughts on “Living Room Items For Sale!

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      We’re holding into the silver pouf for now, but if we do decide to sell in the future we’ll be sure to announce it here 🙂


  1. Caroline W

    Loving your console. But the hubby would KILL me if I bring home another large piece of furniture, so it’s good that we live in South Carolina, and not Cincinnati!

      1. Tara

        Good! You have been one of my favorites ever since I got sucked into this blogworld. No pressure and I hope you can ignore the snotty comments from others…. Eyeroll. Take care of yourself and your family and come back when it works for you!

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      I’d like to think that most people can understand when life happens. This blog isn’t necessarily a priority when it’s stacked up against my family.

      1. sue

        Exactly, Jessie!!! Do what you feel is the best for your family. Remember, you started this blog for yourself and for fun. This is not a job that you must answer to anyone. If you’re not having fun, it will show. We do love and miss you, of course!!! We can’t wait to hear everything new, but of course, at your own time and pace. Those girls, your hubby, and yourself must come first. After all, family makes the home. It would be nothing, even with the best decorating touches, without a happy, loving family living in it. Let no one tell you any different!!!

  2. Cassie Moore

    I just want you no know, I check your blog almost every day (or at least several times a week) to see if you’ve posted. I understand taking a break for your family. I know my kids are my biggest priority as well. How did your sale go? I love the new direction you’re taking in redecorating for what you feel you really love. I realized that up until 6 months ago, I was making design choices based on other people’s likes and not my own. My home didn’t really feel like mine and I’ve been making it right ever since. I can’t wait to see where you take that!

  3. Lisha

    So I have to admit that I am using your blog as inspiration as we gut and re-model 2 old school temporary buildings on my parents farm. 1500 sq feet blank rectangles that we can do whatever we want with! Love your style and can’t wait to see what ideas and projects y’all dream up next!

  4. astoldbymary

    I’m not trying to be insensitive and I do hope whatever it is you are going through, you pull out of it okay. But I do think it would be nice for you to check in, even if its just once, just to say something to your readers. Its been 3 months since you’ve posted any content, which is a long time but I have noticed that you have responded to some comments. I know the beauty about being a blogger is being able to create your own schedule but 3 months is sort of excessive, no? If you’re going through anything, I am sure you’re very loyal readers can lift your spirits, make you smile and sort of help you, even if its for a moment. I really do hope you check in soon and just let us all know you’re OKAY. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.

  5. twiggypop3

    I love your grey sectional, where is it from? I’m saddened that I don’t live in OH and wish I could purchase it from you? I haven’t found the perfect one in stores around me but I love yours!


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