June 23, 2014

Ryan’s Nursery Reveal

Finally, we are calling this room 100% complete (!!). Little Ryan arrived a few weeks early, following a prior few weeks of me on bed rest, so I’ll go ahead and blame those two things on the hold up. Although, that is unlikely. More likely? Game of Thrones + Orange is the New Black having slightly swayed my priorities. Either way.

Last time we touched base, the “construction” phase, as we’d called it, had just been wrapped up. Wood plank walls, craftsman door/window moldings, a newly drywalled ceiling, and fresh paint throughout. Read more about that process here. We moved onto the really good stuff, furniture + diy projects, and eventually lighting, window treatments, accessories, and so on. Let’s dive in!

Welcome to Ryan’s Nursery!

Ryan's Nursery Reveal | Cape27Blog.com

Many of the pieces came straight from the original mood board that I first shared, but there are plenty of new selections that can all be sourced at the bottom of this post!

Ryan's Nursery Reveal | Cape27Blog.com

Ryan's Nursery Reveal | Cape27Blog.com

Gah. That dresser. We found it for $60 on Craigslist and I gave it a complete makeover. Fresh cobalt paint, new hardware, and decorative fretwork panels on the top drawers. It’s easily in my top five favorite elements in the room.

Ryan's Nursery Reveal | Cape27Blog.com

I am constantly reminded of all the love that we’ve tried to inject into this space. Hopefully, that’ll be the feeling Ryan gets as he grows older as well. We’ve always been fans of tackling projects ourselves, big and small, but there’s just something about this room that feels so handmade to us. I love it.

Ryan's Nursery Reveal | Cape27Blog.com

Industrial Pipe Curtain Rod | Cape27Blog.com

Design-wise, Ryan’s nursery has been a big game changer for me. It’s a new reminder, when it comes to the rest of our home, to prioritize including pieces that carry emotional weight. Memories, personal pieces, family photos, etc. That seems silly, but it’s not always been at the top of the list for me when styling a space. More often, it’s about making things pretty and functional. There’s something so amazing about a room that feels lived in, like it has a life of it’s own. Anyway, another lesson learned.

Ryan's Nursery Reveal | Cape27Blog.com

One of the biggest regrets that I’ve had in past makeovers, is the absence of old and new pieces. Not this time! While plenty of purchases were made from big box stores, we also bought everywhere from local thrift stores and flea markets to vintage pieces from Ebay + Craigslist + Etsy! It’s such a good mix, I can’t get enough.

Ryan's Nursery Reveal | Cape27Blog.com

Ryan's Nursery Reveal | Cape27Blog.com

There’s somewhat of a theme going on here, although it could be hard to pick up on if you weren’t paying close attention. I know. Themes. Not in my wildest dreams. But this is one I can get on board with. It’s sort of a whimsical, woodsy + nature meets tribal + hard industrial. That’s not a thing, but I’m going with it.

DIY Industrial Pipe Bookcase | Cape27Blog.com

Ryan's Nursery Reveal | Cape27Blog.com

And with our third kid, we finally got the whole organization thing down pat. Not only is this room ready for baby, it’s ready for toddler + preschooler + more. Similar to what we just gave the girls (read more about that here), Ryan’s closet is also customized to the nines.

DIY Custom Nursery Closet | Cape27Blog.com

So, there we have it, Ryan’s nursery!

Ryan's Nursery Reveal | Cape27Blog.com

Interested in where we purchased something? This is for you! Otherwise, any questions can be left in the comments and I’ll do my best to help!


+ Wood Plank Wall
+ Wall/ Trim Color – SW Snowbound
+ Ceiling Color – SW Lighter Mint
+ Ceiling Light – Previously in the dining room.
+ Moroccan Shag Rug
+ White Linen Curtains
+ Industrial Curtain Rods – DIY, using pipe from Home Depot. Plenty of tutorials out there on this already.

++ CRIB – Hand me down from big sister’s Nursery.
+ Woodland Blanket
Yellow Stripe Blanket
+ Crib Pillows – Obviously, these don’t stay in here. Solid blue pillow + striped tribal pillow.
+ Dreamcatchers – DIY. A few good tutorials here and here.
+ Gray Laundry Hamper

++ DRESSER – Craigslist find. Painted SW Hyper Blue + custom fretwork panels on the top drawers.
+ Dresser Hardware – Home Depot’s Pinnacle knobs + pulls, spray painted Gold with a sheer black overlay for a faux antique brass finish.
+ Drawer Organizer Inserts
+ Hemispheres Map
+ Leather Triangle Pennant Banner – DIY, made from Hobby Lobby leather scraps.
White Table Lamp
+ Round Wooden Tray
+ Mint Bowl + Tray
+ Footed White Frame

++ TREE SLICE PAINTING – DIY, using Michaels’ wood plagues, inspired by UO.
+ Yellow Wooden Coat Hooks – DIY, leftover pallet wood + a few Hobby Lobby knobs + yellow paint.

++ TEAL PLYCRAFT LOUNGE CHAIR – Local thrift store
+ Black and White Stripe Blanket
+ Leather Tribal Pouf – Vintage, Ebay
+ Tripod Side Table
+ Yellow Alarm Clock – Vintage, Etsy
+ Yellow Planter

++ INDUSTRIAL PIPE BOOKCASE – There are a million and one tutorials for these, but we found this one the most helpful.
Aqua Toy Baskets
+ Racoon Plush Bookend – Purchased here, filled with sand for extra weight.
+ Marquee Letter “R” – Vintage, flea market
Footed Blue Frame
+ Tree Slice Quote Art – DIY, using Michaels’ wood plagues.
+ Ceramic Turtle Planter
+ Custom Arrow Set
+ Woodland Photograph
+ Yellow Lantern – Vintage, Etsy.
+ Alphabet Blocks – Vintage, flea market.
+ White Storage Boxes

++ CUSTOM CLOSET – Tutorial here.
+ Fabric Storage Bins – Yellow, Blue, Aqua.
+ Woven Seagrass Baskets
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48 thoughts on “Ryan’s Nursery Reveal

  1. Eliza

    I think it’s ammmmaaaaazing — and I, too, love the touches of new and old and DIY. Specifically, those wood planks are ADORABLE. I think you have an amazing eye for detail, especially considering many home dec bloggers feature style over function, and this room looks great but meets so many of the functional needs you need for taking care of a baby.

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      Thanks Eliza! So glad you appreciate the functionality as much as we do! It definitely helps to have a room actually work and not just look pretty, haha.

  2. kristin

    Such a great room! I immediately miss thrifting (that chair is ahmazing!). And I’m so jealous of all the storage. Gah. Take out the crib and put in a bed. I’ll sleep there!

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      Haha, thank you! Yes, this room has made us realize (mostly jealous of) how far from finished our bedroom is. Must get on that.

  3. Kelly

    had to say that this looks amazing! the dresser and chair are such great pieces that can stay for years!! makes me want another baby, for another nursery (and a hundred other reasons)! congrats on #3 and keep the updates coming when you have time!
    how did you do the sheer overlay on the gold painted hardware to obtain the antiqued brass look? just a light coat of black spray paint also?

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      Thanks Kelly! Oh no, I triggered the baby fever, haha. For the antique brass hardware I used a gold spray paint and then lightly applied a coat of basic black craft paint over top and quickly wiped/blotted it away with a paper towel. I found it was better to apply less and build layers for the look I was going for. A spray on sealer isn’t a bad option afterwards either, to lock in the finish if it’s something you’ll handle a lot.

  4. amber

    Wow! One of my favorite nursery reveals ever! The dresser! The chair! The pouf. The planks! All grounded with that gorgeous neutral rug. Fabulous!

  5. Lindsey

    Beautiful nursery! Can you share the dimensions of the pipe & shelving, distance between shelves, etc? It looks amazing!

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      Thanks Lindsey! Lets see, I don’t have exact dimensions, however I can give you the lengths of the vertical pipes used! Starting from the bottom (floor) we have 18″, 12″, 24″, 12″, and 8″. Hopefully that makes sense!

  6. Kathryn

    THAT CHAIR!! aaahh…you’re killing me! It’s amazing!!! Great find. I’m so with you on the new and old look. I’m love the warmth old brings to a room!

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      Haha, Amy! You should definitely get a prize for that or something. Thank you so much!!

  7. Lizzie

    I think this has to be one of my favourite nurseries ever! Everything is just gorgeous – he’s a lucky little guy! Well worth the wait. 🙂

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      Thank you Lizzie! Loving your clean air plant post btw. We’re definitely headed in that direction too!

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  9. [email protected]

    Amazing!! I love all the thoughtful details you put in this space! That.Chair. You must share where you got it!! I’m in NKY and always on the lookout for fun thrift shops in Cincy. Congrats on the baby and welcome to the wonderful world of boys:)

  10. iheartorganizing

    Way to go mama! You knocked this nursery out of the park! So many details all working together in harmony! And I loved seeing another fantastic closet!

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  12. Niki @VillageCapeCod

    I love the colors you picked for your nursery. I picked an orange, dark-turquoise blue and light blue for my little guy and loved it. They aren’t the “traditional” baby colors you find everywhere else.

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  14. Caitlin

    Your boy’s nursery is probably my favorite little guy’s room by far!! Its amazing- such a nice balance of vintage and modern and fun! For the dresser, did you use latex paint or oil based? It has such a smooth finish on it, it looks professionally painted!! I am hoping to do the same for my little one. Thanks in advance!

    1. Jessie R. Post author

      We actually tried out a new paint on the dresser, Sherwin Williams’ All Surface Enamel, which is latex based. I can not say enough good things about it. The smoothest, hardest surface I’ve ever had on furniture! I will say that though, I tried brushing it on in a few spaces, and it was super streaky. You absolutely have to spray this stuff (in my opinion).

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  16. stephy213

    I absolutely LOVE everything about this room. From the wood plank walls to the blue dresser to the cute artwork and industrial book shelf, everything is perfection!! Way to go.

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