September 15, 2014

DIY Hidden Corner Bookcase

When we moved into our current home, we set up a temporary basket in Zoey’s room for storing books. Two years later, we now have an overflowing basket and two very frustrated little girls, trying to squeeze books in and out of it.

Their room has an awkward little corner, directly behind the door, where we’d previously hung a few hooks for coats and bags. It worked, but it definitely wasn’t making the most of the space. We could do better. I pinned this clever corner bookcasetwo years ago, and I’m happy to say that we’ve finally built something similar!

Cramped Corner Turned Book Storage |

We took some cues from our inspiration, and then put a few twists of our own on it, like the rounded dowel rods vs square, and doubling them up on each shelf. I wanted to make sure it could accommodate smaller books too, since the girls still have a few of those hanging around. Plus, the books will just get smaller again as they grow older. So, the idea is for this to work for many years to come.

Cramped Corner Turned Book Storage |

Cramped Corner Turned Book Storage |

Ricky built the entire piece in the garage, and them installed it, fully assembled, which was really gratifying to watch. Blank corner to instant, awesome bookcase corner (why can’t all project be like that?).

DIY Hidden Corner Bookcase |

After a lot of wood putty, I painted it to match the future trim (ha), Sherwin Williams’ Snowbound, in semi-gloss. Harmony ftw – pretty much my go-to paint for anything inside that can’t be aired out. And if you haven’t already noticed from the taped up rosin paper, I chose to bring out the spray gun on this project, because, you know, tight corners, limited time, (must save all patience for children) type things. We’re fans of the Wagner Flexio 590 (link contains affiliate), in case anyone is interested.

Cramped Corner Turned Book Storage |

Loading it up with books was definitely my idea of a good time. Very Christmas morning-esque. It’s also been really fun to rediscover many of the forgotten books from the bottom of the pile.

Cramped Corner Turned Book Storage |

AND, amazing extra bonus – for some reason, the girls are now excellent about putting away their books when they’re finished. We’ll see how long this lasts, but I’m really hoping it’s the new norm!


4 thoughts on “DIY Hidden Corner Bookcase

  1. Alex P

    Hello!! Just wanted to say that I have been following you all since YHL crashed your house and I LOVEE your style! So glad to see you back at the blog, I will definitely keep dropping by to watch your house transform! thanks!

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  3. Kathryn

    I love this bookcase. Right now we have books strewn everywhere. I need to convince my hubby to make time to make me one of these. (I also love all the changes you’ve been making. Your house is lovely!)


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