September 8, 2014

Girls’ Room Updates

When I first began playing around with a new design for the girls room, I wanted them to be as involved as possible. So, I asked them what they wanted. Let me lead this by saying that there are maybe five total items that I was planning to have stay in the room, one of them being Zoey’s headboard. I’d just need to duplicate it for Lizzy. Well, as I mentioned in the initial plans, their first idea was to change that.

Pink headboards it is.

DIY Pink Nailhead Headboard |

The hot pink fabric is the Warsa Linen in Fuchsia from Gray Lines Linen (it’s the same fabric that we used to upholster the previous headboard as well as the dining banquette). Awesome price, awesome quality.

DIY Pink Nailhead Headboard |

This was my first time using nailhead trim, so this trim kit ( in french natural) made it a lot less intimidating. Totally doable for any beginner.

You also may notice that we painted the once gray walls. The new color is Sherwin Wiliam’s Lighter Mint, which reads as a completely different color than the first time we used on Ryan’s ceiling. Instead of the warm and muted mint that we had in the nursery, here we have a light and fresh mint.

Girls' Shared Room |


It’s subtle and yet, so much fun against the hot pink. Actually, it almost looks white in these photos, which is 100% the result of my lacking photography skills.

Girls' Shared Room |

I mentioned in our plans that I’d scored a campaign dresser on Craigslist last summer. Well, here she is, all dolled up in a fresh coat of white paint and clean hardware.

White Painted Campaign Chest |

I can’t get enough of the campaign hardware and the nailhead trim playing off each other.

DIY Pink Nailhead Headboard |

So, clearly there’s a lot to still do here. Address the blank walls, the ceiling, lighting, and let’s not forget that I neglected to even show you the other half of the room.. there’s a reason for that 😉


6 thoughts on “Girls’ Room Updates

  1. itsabaltimorelife

    looking good! I love the hot pink. I had grand visions of painting my daughter’s room this pale pink martha paint color that i have been holding onto for years. When I said how about we paint your room pink? she said, no momma, blue! So blue it is!


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