September 10, 2014

Ikea Dresser Turned Dress-Up Closet

Last November we celebrated Zoey’s third birthday, and naturally, as we now come up on her fourth birthday, I’m finally blogging about. For most holidays we’re pretty low-key on gifts for the kids, nothing overly complicated, but birthdays we try to step it up a notch. (Really, this means I come up with ideas and Ricky kindly builds them, like a play kitchen, train table, play tent, etc.)

With Zoey’s ever-growing collection of dress-up clothes, it couldn’t have been more evident what to make her. Some of you may remember the Ikea Ombre Chest?

Ikea Dresser Turned Dress-Up Closet |

Well, the exterior was still in great shape, but we thought the interior could use a fun new makeover. Here she is now!

Ikea Dresser Turned Dress-Up Closet |

Ricky removed the interior drawer glides, whipped up a simple cubbie area for baskets, and installed a tiny clothing rod for dresses galore. Wood putty, prime, paint, and we have a whole new look!

As for the door itself, we wanted to the exterior to appear the same, so Ricky separated the drawer fronts and reattached them to one another using a few 1×3’s. Easy peasy. The entire door hangs on a trio of new hinges.

Ikea Dresser Turned Dress-Up Closet |

The baskets hold all of the accessories – tiaras, magical wands, jewelry, etc. You know, the necessary princess attire.

Ikea Dresser Turned Dress-Up Closet |

While a few packs of small hangers clip up the dresses.

Ikea Dresser Turned Dress-Up Closet |

Honestly, I don’t even know how our dress-up collection got to this point. I swear just yesterday I was pregnant with Zoey, and now we have backpacks and sports gear and questions about everything, and it’s all just moving entirely too fast. Anyway. Start to finish.

Ikea Dresser Turned Dress-Up Closet |

A year later and the girls are still getting so much use out of this project. Because princess dresses count as normal, everyday clothes, right?


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