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I’m Jessie, a wife, mother of two girls (with a boy on the way), and an interior design fanatic. My husband Ricky and I just purchased our second home, a 1950′s ranch in dire need of some TLC, in our hometown of Cincinnati, OH. He’s quite the handyman, and we have a slew of friends and family that love a good project. That leaves us taking the DIY route on just about anything we can get our hands on. Take a look around and thanks for stopping in!

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Here are a few pages to get you caught up:

House Tour – Check out the upgrades we’ve made to our current house AND those on our first home.

Project Gallery – Look back at the array of projects, both big and small, that we’ve tackled.

Design Services – Interested in help with decorating a space of your own? Let’s team up!

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  2. Suzannah

    My husband and I just bought a little cabin in the mountains in Colorado. I want to paint the cabinets and found a picture on your website that I love. It is in your “painted cabinet” photos and it is the kitchen with the red base cabinets, cream upper cabinets and pale green walls. Any idea what kind of paint and what those 3 paint colors are?


    1. Jessie R.

      Hi Suzannah-
      Sorry won’t be much help here, not exactly sure of the paint colors since they aren’t my photos. Surely you could take the photos to any paint store though and find a close match!

  3. Tara Bird

    Just found you from Young House — love your posts! We also just bought our second home, a 1960s ranch and are in the process of gutting, renovating, adding a small addition and a new roof all this summer– whew! I have two little girls and a handy-man-husband also. We live in central Iowa, north of Des Moines. Kindred spirits ;)

    1. Jessie R.

      So glad you found us, Tara! I’ll keep you in mind as we’re juggling the addition, girls, and keeping up with life :) We’re not alone, haha.


  4. Sarah @ Just The Bees Knees

    Just stumbled across your blog and I’m excited to see another design blog in the same area as me! (Im in NKY) Love your ideas for your new living room. Em Henderson is one of my favorite designers:) Hope to see you back to blogging soon!
    ~ Sarah


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