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March 26, 2013

Chalk It Up + Giveaway

*** This giveaway is now closed – Check below to see who won! ***

Thank you to those of you that entered! has selected one lucky winner… Entry # 14, Kristin @ Little Corbin Hill! Congrats :)

Using chalkboards in casual, yet unexpected ways is something that we’ve definitely become well acquainted with. We painted a chalkboard in our last home’s kitchen, and loved the idea so much that oops, we did it again in our current kitchen (I am so sorry for that, so sorry). We even turned to chalking for a temporary fireplace during the holidays.

So, it’s no secret that chalkboards are sweeping across the interwebs (aka. Pinterest) like a crazy airborne virus. And as much as we love the chalk wall fascination, we’ve even spotted chalking incorporated into some super fun products for the home as well! So, when Sarah from Scribble Linens offered to send us a few samples of their adorable chalk cloth table liners to try out, we were all “Oh, heck yes!”.

They arrived, and we’re smitten. We chose a table runner with a reversible side in a yellow damask print and Sarah even threw in a few extra chartreuse placemats! They’re adorable.

Chalk It Up + Giveaway |

You can write on them and wipe it off, just like any other chalkboard surface, which can be really cute for parties and get togethers. And, when play time is over, the runner is reversible with an array of fabric selections!

Chalk It Up + Giveaway |

I dressed ours up for Lizzy’s first birthday.

Chalk It Up + Giveaway |

I can’t wait to give the runner a new look for a dinner party. How cute is this?

Chalk It Up + Giveaway |


I love leaving the occasional message or inspirational quote on the placements. A great pick-me-up for those early mornings. And as expected, Zoey has been enjoying some chalking of her own with afternoon lunches. We’ve been keeping two of the placemats at the kitchen island. A seriously good distraction for the kiddos when lunch is being served just a few minutes too late.

Now, how many of you are looking to dress up your table with a chalk cloth runner of your own? You’re in luck!

Sarah has also offered to giveaway a matching table runner (like ours, in yellow damask) to one of our readers! More info & entry details below! And don’t forget to check out Scribble Linens for even more chalking accessories!

HOW TO ENTER: Like Scribble Linens on Facebook & leave a comment on this post saying “Scribble Me!”

DEADLINE: Thursday, March 28th at 10pm EST. One random winner will be announced on Friday, March 29th.

You must be at least 18 years of age to enter with a shipping address in the US. Only ONE entry per email. 


February 28, 2013

Streamlining Cable Cords

I’m a tech nerd. Ricky tries, but to be perfectly honest here (sorry hubs) he uses a computer about as much as he writes posts for the blog. Hmm.

Along with all of our gadgets, comes an abundance of charging cords. In the office. In the kitchen. In the bedroom. They’re everywhere. Yet, unusually impossible to find when you really need them? So when the guys from MOS (Magnetic Organization System) asked if I would be interested in trying out one of their new cable organizers, I was all “Oh Heck Yes”. Sign me up. Or something along those lines :)

A few days later it arrived in the mail and let me tell you, this thing works hard for us.

MOS Cable Organizer |


You simply attach these colorful little clasps around your cord and let the magnets go to work.

MOS Cable Organizer |

I love the fun, triangular shape of the base. I ordered the white option, but they have a few other colors to choose from as well. It’s super sleek and simple. Right on our style.

MOS Cable Organizer |

I haven’t noticed any issues with it sliding around on my desk, but if you have heavy cords it might be a different story. Which is where the handy little micro-suction base comes into play. It’s designed to grasp your tabletop to make removing cords hassle free. Oh, and if you’re more of a wall-mounting kinda gal/guy, they even hook you up with a small 3M adhesive circle to do so.

MOS Cable Organizer |

Right now I have it on my desk for my phone charger and my headphones, which works out perfectly. The cords are easily accessible and aren’t constantly slipping off behind the desk, and the actual plugs are still hidden behind the computer. I’m all about streamlining countertops and this guy is a winner in my books.

MOS Cable Organizer |

Check out more MOS features here and get an organizer of your own here!

Disclosure: Product was provided at no cost for the purposes of this review. As always, all words and opinions are 100% those of Cape 27. Interested in working with Cape 27 on a product review? See our sponsorship page for more info. 

February 11, 2013

Too Much?

I’m fairly certain that I’m closing in on new territory. Seriously, at what point does the cross over from ‘a girl who likes owls’ to ‘a crazy owl hoarder’ happen? It seems eerily close ;) I even told myself earlier this month “Hey, self. Enough owls. Cut the crap. It’s getting weird.” Buuuut… then I spotted this cute lil’ guy at a local thrift store, for FOUR dollahs! Do the double check over your shoulders, toss him in the cart.

Tiny Owl Makeover |

I went into the store with intensions of finding a filler for this space, in Zoey’s room. It’s a tiny, empty whole that just seemed a bit off, and I’ve been on the hunt for something, ever since we first posted about the art wall here.

Tiny Owl Makeover |

I have him a few coats of glossy white spray paint and now we’re bffs. Just kidding. But he’s cute.

Tiny Owl Makeover |

And the space looks a little more ‘finished’.

Tiny Owl Makeover |

Bonus – Zoey loooves him.

Tiny Owl Makeover |

And because I can’t keep it locked inside anymore – Lil’ Owl had a twin at the store. And I bought them both. Eek!

I feel so much better :)

February 6, 2013

DIY Mouse Pad Tutorial

Truth: I have been using my iPad case as a mouse pad for almost a year. It’s just one of those things that worked, and buying an actual mouse pad was easily lost in all the shuffle around here. Not exactly a priority. Well, this week I was feeling crafty and decided to make one of my own. Sort of.

Make a Fabric-Covered Mouse Pad |

Seriously, this project is SO simple. It took 15 minutes, tops and cost $3. That’s a three.

I bought a cheapie, basic black mouse pad cover (you could use any old one you have around the house), brought out some leftover fabric, and the beloved mod podge (just what I had on hand- any glue should work).

Make a Fabric-Covered Mouse Pad |

Let’s break it down, although I’m sure you might be able to guess what happens here.

1. Place mouse pad on fabric. Make a Fabric-Covered Mouse Pad |

2. Cut fabric, leaving about one inch extra around the mouse pad.

Make a Fabric-Covered Mouse Pad |

3. Cover the bottom of the mouse pad with mod podge (or whatever glue you’re using) and lie face down on the fabric. Smooth out any wrinkles.

Make a Fabric-Covered Mouse Pad |

4. Cut three strips into the fabric around all the corners, to avoid creases once glued.

Make a Fabric-Covered Mouse Pad |

5. Make a border of glue to wrap fabric around. Mod Podge dries clear, so don’t worry about making it perfect.

Make a Fabric-Covered Mouse Pad |

6. Pull extra fabric around and secure.

Make a Fabric-Covered Mouse Pad |

7. Let it dry. Mine took a few hours to dry completely beneath the fabric.


Make a Fabric-Covered Mouse Pad |

This turned out so much better than I expected! The corners especially.

Make a Fabric-Covered Mouse Pad |

It doesn’t hurt that I was totally obsessed with the fabric to begin with. It was the runner up for Zoey’s pillow case.

Make a Fabric-Covered Mouse Pad |

It’s such a fun burst of color at my desk, which is mostly white. And just the inspiration I need while up at midnight, writing a post about a mouse pad ;)

Make a Fabric-Covered Mouse Pad |

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January 9, 2013


Just wanted to send out a HUGE virtual hug and a million thank you’s to all of you wonderful readers who left kind comments regarding Zoey on Monday’s post. THANK YOU. You guys are the best. 

West Elm Anonymous. Consider me a member.

I can’t get enough of this store. I honestly look forward to the new year, just to see what new products they’ll come out with. You know, among other reasons, but it’s a top ten contender. Here are a few new things I’m crushing on pretty hard.

(No, this is not paid or sponsored in any way. I’m just a girl that’s a little too obsessed with a store.)

New West Elm Crushes |

Check out the rest here :)