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April 24, 2013

Lovin’ on Summer Nights

Last year we whipped up an art solution for the dining room, and as if that entire process wasn’t enough of a headache, we were still on the fence about the end result. I loved the pattern that the stencil brought to the space, but it still seemed a bit boring. The proportions weren’t right either. I had hoped for a piece that was wider, to better fill the space between the open shelves, but we struggled to find large enough paper to fit the bill. And strike three – I love color, but green wasn’t the way to go. I really wanted something deeper, with dimension to draw you into that back wall. Despite all of this, I convinced myself to live with the art for a few months and then regroup.

Dining Room |

I finally just ripped the entire thing off the wall a few weeks ago, forcing myself to either come up with a new solution or stare at a blank wall. When I dislike something, design wise, going back to the blank slate is my best defense. It’s crazy how long I can live with something that I despise, but as long as something is filling the space, I make do. It’s probably not the best for my mental health, but removing the art all together was a new constant reminder to just figure it out already!

So, figure it out I did. SO. MUCH. BETTER.

Paint Basic Frame Mats with a Bold Color |

The frames we already had on hand. They’re these from Ikea, which we personalized with a few coats of leftover paint on the mats. I’d been dying to give this a try ever since recommending that a client do something similar in their living space. This was the perfect opportunity! The color is Ben Moore’s Summer Nights and I’m obsessed with it. I’m loving the moodiness that it brings to the space.

Paint Basic Frame Mats with a Bold Color |

I debated between using this color or the navy that we used in the hall bath. Honestly, I think either would’ve done the job just fine. Both colors tie in perfectly with the throw pillow on the bench seat.

Paint Basic Frame Mats with a Bold Color |

And the frames are exactly what I had in mind as far as proportions go.

Paint Basic Frame Mats with a Bold Color |

As for what’s in them, let’s take a closer look! Try to ignore the dust ;)

Paint Basic Frame Mats with a Bold Color |

I wanted something graphic, but neutral in color since the mats themselves would demand so much attention. After stumbling upon one of these awesome 20″ x 30″ map prints of Cincinnati, I knew it’d be perfect. I love my city and what better way to display that! I trimmed the larger map down into four smaller squares that fit together a lot like a puzzle. So, when you take a step back they all sort of work together. Probably not the way to go if you’re in need of directions (not to mention these maps date back to 1944).. but for the dining room, it’s beautiful and it works.

Paint Basic Frame Mats with a Bold Color |

The squares ended up about 9″x9″ and the extra area within the mat is filled with leftover 12″ x 12″ white scrapbook paper. My favorite section is the lower right, with a large portion of the Ohio River running through it. So pretty. Well, on the map at least. In person? Oh no. Mud-fest.

Paint Basic Frame Mats with a Bold Color |

How about you guys? Any art switcheroos going on? Working in the yard? Please tell me you’re experiencing this crazy weather outside of the Cincinnati area.. Shorts one day, heavy jacket the next. Is this spring? I don’t remember spring being like this.. Please, make it stop.


February 11, 2013

Too Much?

I’m fairly certain that I’m closing in on new territory. Seriously, at what point does the cross over from ‘a girl who likes owls’ to ‘a crazy owl hoarder’ happen? It seems eerily close ;) I even told myself earlier this month “Hey, self. Enough owls. Cut the crap. It’s getting weird.” Buuuut… then I spotted this cute lil’ guy at a local thrift store, for FOUR dollahs! Do the double check over your shoulders, toss him in the cart.

Tiny Owl Makeover |

I went into the store with intensions of finding a filler for this space, in Zoey’s room. It’s a tiny, empty whole that just seemed a bit off, and I’ve been on the hunt for something, ever since we first posted about the art wall here.

Tiny Owl Makeover |

I have him a few coats of glossy white spray paint and now we’re bffs. Just kidding. But he’s cute.

Tiny Owl Makeover |

And the space looks a little more ‘finished’.

Tiny Owl Makeover |

Bonus – Zoey loooves him.

Tiny Owl Makeover |

And because I can’t keep it locked inside anymore – Lil’ Owl had a twin at the store. And I bought them both. Eek!

I feel so much better :)

December 12, 2012

Deck the Living Room

We made a few holiday switcheroos in the living room this year. Nothing too crazy, but just enough to give the room a little extra flair. Confession – I’m really not all that into Christmas decorations. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about the celebrating the holidays, but I’m just not into most of the decorations. Maybe it’s all the glitter, I don’t know. That stuff sticks around for weeks. Ugh.

However, I do love myself a good Christmas tree, and I’m all about “winter” decorations. You know, the ones that can blend in well beyond the holidays. One problem – They’re not that easy to come by, so our collection is starting out small and will hopefully grow over time. Kind of like the approach we take with the rest of our home.

First up, adding a few strands of white lights to frame the wood pallet wall. We weren’t sure if we’d actually be able to fit a Christmas tree in the living room, so we settled on the idea of at least having some festive lights on the wall. Turns out, with a little furniture maneuvering we were able to do both! The lights are so fun! I’m tempted to keep them up year round (crazy lady alert). Well, at least through New Years.

Deck the Living Room | Cape 27

Zoey had a blast helping Rick hang them. The kid pretty much enjoys anything that involves helping either of us. Permission to use the hammer earned double fun points.

Deck the Living Room | Cape 27

Next up, the two large art prints on either side of the television. We knew we wanted something modern, maybe even a quote. But when I stumbled on this art project, I knew it would look great in those giant frames. The process was surprisingly simple and totally kid-friendly.

Tree Art | Cape 27

I traced out my tree shape on paper and cut it out beforehand to use as a guideline. I chose to use scrapbook paper (a holiday pack from Target) to make the strips, but you could really get creative here. Ribbon, fabric, washi tape, a combination of several, etc.

Tree Art | Cape 27

One glue-stick party later and I was left with this.

Tree Art | Cape 27

Since I glued the paper strips onto a separate tree shape, it made framing super easy. I just flipped over the existing art prints to the blank side and attached the tree shape to it using some painter’s tape.So when we’re ready to change everything back all we have to do is flip the print over to the original art.

I made a stocking version for the opposite side!

Tree Art | Cape 27

The media console, below the art prints, also got a mini-makeover.

Deck the Living Room | Cape 27

I added a mason jar filled with mini ornaments (dollar section at Target) and another jar (from Ikea) filled with vintage white light bulbs. I’m obsessed with these bulbs. We scored a few collections of them on Etsy and I’ve scattered them all throughout the house. They’re actually the same style bulbs (C-7′s & C-9′s) that we used to light the outside of the house with. And although they’re technically “Christmas” lights, you could definitely leave these out all season long, especially the white ones.

Fill Mason Jars with Ornaments | Cape 27

I also DIY’ed a few holiday drink coasters a while back that I tossed up there. Even though we’re not really coaster people we have about a dozen of them, basically because they’re just too darn cute not to have in every room. For anyone else looking to make coasters of your own, there are plenty of tutorials floating around on Pinterest, but we used 4″x4″ white tiles from Home Depot (about 10 cents a piece), scrapbook paper cut slightly smaller, mod podge to glue and protect the top of the paper, and felt pads glued to the bottom! And if you’re going to use the coasters for hot beverages, try using a clear automotive spray sealant designed for hot temps :)

We topped the white jewelry box with a glass bowl, filled with the same small ornaments and a small candle in the center. The bowl and votive were some crazy cheap price from Ikea. Shocker.

Deck the Living Room | Cape 27

 And finally on the right, a perfect winter decoration – an adorable white ceramic penguin.

Deck the Living Room | Cape 27

You should know, I’m a freak about penguins. I have issues. When Rick and I were first dating he helped me grow an embarrassing collection of these creatures. So yes, somewhere in storage I have 2-3 boxes of stuffed penguins. Putting it all out there. Needless to stay, when I stumbled upon this guy on sale at Homegoods he went straight into the cart. No decision-making necessary. Which is a big deal for me. I’m that girl in the store, staring blankly at an item for 10 minutes, before I finally walk away.. and then turn the corner and come back. And away again. And then I buy it online.

Your turn! Anyone else out there feeling the same way about traditional Christmas decor? Have any good “winter” decoration ideas? Any procrastinators out there still trying to get their tree up? 

December 3, 2012

To the Window. To the Wall.

Zoey’s big girl room is slowly inching along. We drew up the plan, DIY’ed  a bed-rail, purchased an area rug, made a wall of framed DIY art, painted an ombre effect on a chest of drawers, took the first steps in her closet makeover,  and now we’re finally getting around to sharing her new window treatments. Well, part one of two. We’ve tackled the actual curtain panels, but the the windows themselves are still going to need a shade or blind of some sort. The ones we have up now came with the house and lets just say, it shouldn’t take your entire body weight pulling the string to open them. It’s an issue.

You guys have seen sneak peeks at the window treatments in previous posts, but we couldn’t pass up sharing the deets. And if you haven’t noticed, this is yet another Catch-up post. We were busy bees.

These panels are actually super simple. We just picked up two two-packs of Ikea’s Ferle curtains and used no-sew iron bonding tape from Michaels to trim them down to size. The pattern is really nice for a kid’s room. It’s a subtle, swirly white and light gray pattern, but I could easily see these in a main living space too. Plus at $15 for a pair, this only cost us $30 to do both of Zoey’s windows. Score.

No-Sew Curtains via Cape27 Blog

You guys are probably getting tired of me saying this, but I can’t stress enough what a large role window treatments play in a room. If you’re feeling like you have some great pieces and accessories but just can’t seem to make the room feel finished, check your windows. And I’m not afraid to admit, I’ve done this myself too many times to count.

The curtains rods were already in place, leftover from her previous curtains (now in Lizzy’s nursery), but in case you missed it, we used oil-rubbed bronze rings with clips and curtain rods from Lowe’s.

No-Sew Curtains via Cape27 Blog

I love how the gray tones pick up on the wall color and the area rug.

No-Sew Curtains via Cape27 Blog

Another update that I’ve failed to share is a new piece of art! It’s a complete understatement to say that I’m obsessed with it. I’ve been drooling over this print since I first saw it in an issue of Domino.. which says a lot, since that magazine was discontinued in like 2008 or something. Don’t even get me started on that topic :(

Anyway… I. Love. This. Art.

Get your own print here!

Warning – this is a terrible picture. I can’t seem to master taking pics near windows of frames with glass on them. It’s a work in progress and any tips would seriously be appreciated. Help a girl out.

No-Sew Curtains via Cape27 Blog

So there you have it. Windows and walls. Still a fairly hefty to-do list, but we’re making our way to the end!

November 19, 2012

Catch-up… not the dipping kind.

It’s catch-up week. Sometimes when you’re in the midst of home renovations things take foreverrrr. And sometimes you knock out 15 projects in the matter of three days (aka.. when John & Sherry are coming to crash you house in t-minus three days and you have 15 half finished projects floating around). Crunch time.

So throughout the rest of this week we’ll be sharing all the little projects we’ve been wrapping up around these parts. I don’t know why I just went all country on you. It happens.

We’d been looking to fill the space above Lizzy’s crib ever since we revealed her room. She really won’t be in this room a whole lot longer so we didn’t want to go crazy or spend a lot of money. In her older sister Zoey’s nursery, we had shelves above the crib. The girls are super close in age, just 16 months, and we’d decided to go the hand-me-down route as far as the room’s design went. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s almost a carbon copy. We still really loved the design, since it was just over a year old, and didn’t find much need to switch things up. So when we finally found some time to add something above Lizzy’s crib we figured why not do the shelves again? Quick, inexpensive, and we can re-use the shelves elsewhere once she moves into her big girl room with Zoey.

(Ignore where to paint stops at the ceiling. Crown molding soon enough)

We also had to remove the crib bumper since Lizzy is officially on the move now. Without smothering you with details about my children, let me just say that her alternative to crawling is the most adorable thing ever. It looks like she’s doing the butterfly stroke. Except on land.

Zoey had a framed ‘Z’ in her nursery, so we only found it fitting to have an ‘E’ for Liz (Elizabeth). I won’t go into a full on tutorial for this, because it’s so incredibly simple. I just used a sheet of cardstock paper, cut it down to fit the frame size, traced the letter onto it, cut away the letter with an x-acto knife, and attached fabric to a piece of cardboard behind. You could also do this with scrap booking paper, wrapping paper, etc. Easy personalization.

Beside the framed letter we added a crochet elephant I bought on Etsy a while back and a set of adorable rainbow stackers. They’re sold unfinished, which I prefer because then you can customize the colors to fit the room. I would love to try these out for a boys room in ‘manly’ rainbow colors!

We bought the ‘Love’ print a few years ago from MadebyGirl and the actual picture ledges are from Ikea.

I’m thinking the shelves could still use an extra piece or two. Something small. I’m really liking how the bright pink/coral in the rainbow picks up on the ombre mobile we DIY’ed. The room is starting to feel a little more collected :)