March 12, 2013

Pink & Gold Polka Dot Party

We celebrated Lizzy’s 1st birthday this past weekend, but today is her actual birthday. Cue the tears. Ok, I’m not typically that emotional (*hubs laughing in the background) so we’ll skip all the sentimental crap and cut to the party. We kept it pretty small, with close family, and the decorations were fairly simple and casual, nothing over the top. Lizzy had a blast and if you know Zoey, well, she’s always thrilled to be surrounded by people and soaking up the attention.

Pink & Gold Polka Dot Party |

I try not to go full out ‘themey’ (technical term) with parties, but I do like to have something in mind to provide as guidance during the planning stages. For Lizzy’s party we chose polka dots and a pink and gold color scheme. So girly. So fun.

Pink & Gold Polka Dot Party |

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen this sneak peak at the table setting. A simple yellow and bamboo serving tray to corral a few smaller pieces. I threw together this flower arrangement using the cheapy flowers at Kroger. Did you know they sell billy buttons now?? Heck yes.

Pink & Gold Polka Dot Party |

We really aren’t the kind to prepare huge meals for company, so we kept it stress free with a few pizzas and geared our attention towards making the sweets extra fun! My mom gave us the Babycakes cake pop maker for Christmas last year and I finally got the opportunity to fire it up. I was super intimidated by all the adorable cake pops floating around Pinterest, but it was so incredibly easy. And I learned quickly, if all else fails, cover it in sprinkles.


We also sported these sprinkle dipped pretzels at Zoey’s 1st birthday, so it was only fitting to have them again for Lizzy. They’re always a crowd pleaser.


I made a polka dot string banner for above the dining room bench seat, the heart of the party display. The dots are double sided, made with a circle punch, double sided tape, and scrapbook paper. Again, really easy stuff here, but the pink and gold glitter paper was so adorable and worth the effort!

Pink & Gold Polka Dot Party |

The last little project we whipped up were some polka dot confetti balloons, following this tutorial. I’d be surprised if this was the last time we used these at birthday parties! So cute!

Pink & Gold Polka Dot Party |

The party was definitely a success 🙂


Today, we’re both taking the day from anything work related and we’ve planned a few small things to make the day extra special for our little girl!


December 18, 2012

Fairy-Inspired Mini Christmas Tree & B-day Talk.

Today is my 24th birthday. That’s crazy to say. So much has happened within the past few years. For example, five years ago I was just graduating high school. Since then I’ve married my best friend, graduated college, got my first big-girl job, moved into and flipped our first home, got my second big-girl job, had my first beautiful baby girl, quit my job to officially become a stay-at-home momma, realized I missed the design world and grew another baby (this blog), had a second beautiful baby girl, and moved into and flipped our second home. Things have been busy. And I’ve loved every. single. minute. Here’s to another predicted year of marvelous chaos 🙂

In other completely unrelated news. We decorated a mini-tree in Zoey’s room. To say she’s into Tinkerbell is an understatement. The kid lives, eats, and breathes fairies. That sounds creepy. You know.

So, I picked up a pack of tiny fairy figurines from Michaels, tied a few strands of sting around them, and had an instant fairy-ornamented tree.

Fairy-Inspired Mini Christmas Tree |

She’s in fairy heaven.

Fairy-Inspired Mini Christmas Tree |

December 14, 2012

Holiday Tablescape on a Budget

After decking out the living room with holiday decor, painting a faux chalkboard fireplace, and making an outdoor countdown to Christmas, we moved right along to the dining room. I had so, so much fun with the tablescape this year, and even sprinkled a few other winter decorations throughout the room too.

It’s not very often that I switch up our dining tablescape, so let it be know.. this is a BIG deal. It’s not that I don’t enjoy decorating the dining table, it’s more that I just like to keep things pretty simple, like a white vase with flowers. This year I decided on a Christmas tree and pinecone theme and set out to use as many things as possible that we already owned. Lets get right into it!

DIY Holiday Tablescape |

The two taller white trees are styrofoam cones (like this one) wrapped in various materials. The tallest is a soft, stretchy fabric, attached with fabric glue. It’s really key to choose a flexible fabric here, unless you’re a professional wrapper and able to get everything to line up perfectly. That was not my case. A stretchy fabric will allow some forgiveness.  The shorter tree is wrapped with a furry yarn (similar to this). Try starting at the top of tree and working your way down. Going from the smallest part to larger will discourage the yarn from slipping.

I made the small patterned tree-cones using this template with some scrapbooking paper leftover from the tree art I made in the living room. I am in love with the patterns and color they bring into the room. If you haven’t noticed throughout our home, I tried to stray from the traditional Christmas colors with more modern bright reds, lime greens, aqua, and even a dash of magenta here and there.

DIY Holiday Tablescape |

The green-dipped pinecones were just about the easiest and least expensive holiday craft we made. I picked up a bag of pinecones for a few bucks (Michaels clearance) and a few 99¢ bottles of acrylic paint. You could even take this a step further and save more moolah by using pinecones from your backyard. Interestingly enough, we have pine trees, but no pinecones just yet. Maybe someday. Then I poured a few bottles of the green paint into a plastic tupperware bowl, rolled the pinecones round-and-round and set them on parchment paper to dry overnight.

I didn’t take a photo of this, but we also tied string around a few of the pinecones and hung them on the tree. I love how the bright color instantly updates the classic holiday pinecone. So fun! You could also toss these in a bowl for a table centerpiece, put a few into a glass hurricane to display, or use just one large pinecone to top a stack of books on an end table.

DIY Holiday Tablescape |

The table runner was sort of a last minute decision. I had plans to keep the green striped runner that’s usually in the dining room, but it was just a little too much green. So in came red stripes! I used a similar method to this one, but used a painter’s drop cloth for the base instead. A few pieces of painter’s tape, a little red paint, and she was ready to go.

I also think it’s necessary to include this brain fart – When making the previous runner, using burlap, I placed large sheets of paper beneath it when painting just in case the paint bled through, which it did. So this time around, I naturally did the same thing. Not until I was finished did I realize, duh.. it’s a painter’s drop cloth. It’s sole purpose is to prevent paint from seeping through to the surface below. Just thought I should share that. You don’t need anything under it, ha. 🙂

We added a few holiday-related pieces on the open shelves behind the dining table as well. On the right side, a flannel-mat frame, an adorable white ceramic squirrel, and a twig-candle votive.

Make a Flannel Frame Mat |

If you knew me as a kid growing up, then you can totally understand why I enjoy this photo of Zoey so much. That face pretty much sums up every picture ever taken of me as a kid. Looks like she got the frown gene.

Make a Flannel Frame Mat |

As far as the frame goes, we used this rustic wood frame we had on hand (from Hobby Lobby) and backed it with some flannel fabric. We just popped the photo right on top (shout out to Nikita Gross for taking this beautiful pic this past summer!) This is such an easy switch for frames you already own. Instead of dishing out money for a frame you only bring out one month of the year, just swap out the frame for something festive. You could even use a piece of flannel from an old shirt you never wear anymore, buy 1/4 yard from a fabric store like we did, or use a sheet of patterned paper! I’m totally doing this for all the holidays now! Watch out New Years.

In front of the frame is a twig candle votive that I made. I saw this idea a few weeks ago from Ashley at 7th House on the Left, and just had to try it! More of these are definitely on the to-do list.

DIY Holiday Tablescape |

On the opposite side of the open shelves is a just a cute reindeer print that I tossed in there.

Thumbprint Reindeer Art | Cape27Blog.comI originally saw this idea here and immediately went to my paint collection. I really didn’t think thumb prints could ever be so adorable. Seriously.

Thumbprint Reindeer Art |

And one last thing we made for the kitchen. So simple, and made completely with things we already owned – framed Christmas cookie cutters. I don’t know about you guys, but we’re big on making cookies during the holidays, so this was just so fitting. We used one of Ikea’s Ribba frames that has the shadow box option, a can of spray adhesive applied to the back of the cookie cutters, and a sheet of scrapbook paper to back the frame. Obviously, don’t use spray adhesive if you wish to ever use them again. We have millions though, so I wasn’t sad to see a few go for a good cause.

Cookie Cutter Art |

That about wraps up our holiday decor! Although we do have one last room to share next week (hint it’s Zoey’s room). So check back for that!