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July 1, 2014

Mood Boards Now Available!

We are officially accepting new clients for mood boards!


It’s been long awaited, considering the beginning of our hiatus last summer. Yes. It’s been an entire year since we closed up shop. On a much brighter side, we’ve made some big changes that will make the entire process a little more straightforward for everyone!


For those of you interested in our design services, you can now find all the details at our Etsy shop!


February 4, 2014

The Nursery Mood Board and Plenty of Other Ramblings

Is there really an appropriate place to pick up at after being gone for so long? Probably not. So instead, I’m just going to jump into something that I’m currently completing consumed by. Babbbby.

As mentioned in the previous post, Ricky and I are so excited to be welcoming our third baby late this April, and even more excited to be welcoming our FIRST BOY. After two girls, it’s totally new, unexplored territory, and it in a lot of ways it feels like our first baby all over again. Exciting, terrifying, and no shortage of emotional breakdowns. On a second note, I think I’ve officially crawled out from under a pregnancy condition known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum (more on that here for anyone interested), basically “morning sickness” on steroids. Which, as many of you guessed, was the main reason for my absence from the blog. Fun stuff, but I’m ready to leave it in my past and live my life again!

So, today I’m back to share a few details on the nursery (!!!!!). We’re shooting to have it completely finished prior to the baby’s arrival. Both of the girls slept in their own rooms only days after coming home from the hospital, and we envision the same happening with this little guy. I’m a super light sleeper, and the girls were unusually loud and mobile sleepers, so we just found it was better for everyone if we be in separate spaces. Of course, that’s always subject to change, but we’d like to have a space ready either way. That means we have just under three months, which should be doable.

The nursery will actually be Lizzy’s old room, who has since moved into a shared room with here big sis, Zoey. Zoey is three and Lizzy will be two next month, so that’s been.. interesting. Their both in big girls beds, and I’m working on finishing up their room as well, meaning we’ve really fallen behind on keeping this blog updated. At some point, I’d also love to share the living room. It’s about 90% complete and 100% different than last time it was shared, but I think I’ll wait to cross the finish line and then spill the beans. And while we’re playing catch-up, Ricky has been chipping away at the family room (the addition, as we once referred to it), which we’re shooting to have ready for furnishings in the next few weeks. Fingers crossed.

Basically, this is just my fair warning that we’re really behind in sharing our progress and that this blog may be running a little different than anything you’ve seen in the past. Noticeably less updates, but more substantial ones at that. I may still have a few smaller projects mixed in, but I’m really excited to make the switch to more “revealing” posts. Think full room reveals and/or multiple updates at a time versus “I love this new pillow/lamp/or chair post”. But for now, let’s get you guys caught up! Here’s a glimpse at what I have in mind for the nursery:

Nursery Mood Board |

1- Color Scheme – We’re playing around with a loose combination of cobalt blues, cool mints, bright yellows, and contrasting black and white patterns, all layered on a bright white palette. We tried our hand at the horizontal wood planking on the walls of our guest bath and we’re thinking the nursery would be a great contender for a second try at that (wider planks this go-round). Maybe just one or two walls, possibly them all, we’ll see. The ceiling will get a subtle pop of minty color, similar to what we did with Zoey’s coral ceiling.

2- Crib – We’ll be using the same crib that Zoey and Lizzy used for the new baby, but it’s seen far better days (tiny teeth got to it before we could prevent the damage). I had been planning to paint the bottom wood base white, to match the upper portion anyway, so now I’m just leaning towards a good sand on damaged areas and a fresh coat of paint on the entire thing.

3- DIY Bookcase – These wood/pipe bookcases are everywhere right now, but we’re hoping to take a slightly different approach color wise when building one of our own. We’ll see. Looking at the mood board, I’m actually kind of loving how the traditional black pipe/dark wood combo is looking too. A few cheery, yellow accents mixed in with toys, books, etc. is sure to make this a favorite wall.

4- World Map – I ordered this print a while back and have a fun crafty project to do with it. The colors are spot on and the paper is surprisingly vintage-inspired. Love.

5- Floor Baskets – Because piles of toys are so much cuter in pretty baskets.

6- Dresser/Changing Table – I used this dresser image in a previous client’s design and have been crushing ever since. We have a dresser that I found on Craigslist just waiting in the garage for some warm weather and cobalt paint. The snowy forecast is looking very promising. And that lamp. We have the very same one in our living room (slacking on updates, I’m aware), and I can’t get enough of it. Seconds, please.

7- Lounge Chair – We never really “rocked” our girls to sleep. No, that’s a lie. We never rocked Lizzy. We rocked Zoey so much that she became fully dependent on it, sometimes taking up to an hour of rocking to fall asleep at night. We then vowed never to rock Lizzy into a full sleep before lying her down. Point of this tangent – we will not be rocking any babies around here, so a simple arm chair should get the job done for those late night feedings. The Karlstad chair would easily transition into any other space in our home as baby outgrows it AND if we destroy the cover with inevitable milk spills, a replacement cover can be bought at a small cost. Win, win.

8- Throw Pilllows – Babies love throw pillows, right? Not in the crib people, calm down.  I’m really drawn to black and white geometric prints and hot damn, this pillow is gorgeous.

9- Rug – The rug in the girls’ room is not soft. Like, at all. It’s terribly beautiful, but has zero function in my eyes. Anyway, that’s a replacement for another day (third time’s a charm?). So, with this purchase I wanted something on the opposite side of the spectrum. We loved West Elm’s Souk Rug, but ultimately ordered this guy. After reading Dana’s post we’re pretty confident that it’ll be perfect for future baby hands and knees.

So, there we have it. Official nursery plans brain dump.

Now, we just have to actually do any one single of these things that we’ve planned. Ready, go.




June 5, 2013

Mood Board: Amy’s Living & Dining Space

Back with another mood board today!

Here’s what Amy had to say about her Living & Dining Space:

“Our living room/dining room is really a blank slate! The only items that should stay or possibly get incorporated into the space are the brown leather ottoman, small side table and black table in the entry way.  We are not attached to anything else! We plan to buy new furniture when we move since this is our rental but I am hopeful we can create a livable space for this house in the meantime and then we can incorporate some of those elements in our next home. I think my style is more contemporary. I definitely use my space but want it to look nice too.  I think I prefer casual modern glam chic if there is such a thing! But, would like my guy to feel comfortable in the space too.  I’ve attached samples of spaces I love. I like texture….  Like rustic with iron but softened with pillows, lighter colors etc.

This room is used mostly when we have people over which is fairly often. The dining table is used for family dinners and the living space is for hosting movie nights, superbowl parties etc. We had our Christmas tree in here this past December. We moved the TV to the left wall and placed the tree in front of the windows.

My hubby is a firefighter and therefore loves the color red.  I love rooms that have that one color that subtly pops throughout. But, red may be a bit bright for a living room? Perhaps burgundy? I am up for either color as the subtle color incorporated with neutrals or grays  My bedroom is done in black and grays and I am still attempting to make slate blue and dark purple my “pop” colors. I also love ivory.

We are not attached to the dining table and chairs, the couches or the stand the TV sits on. As I mentioned earlier it would be great to incorporate the small side table, brown leather ottoman (i think that offers a nice masculine touch to the room even though I am not a huge fan of brown!)  I have always planned to paint the dining table and redo the chairs-the project has just never happened!  I am soooo over the light pine color. I hate the dark brown couches. Since this is our in between house we have just been using furniture we have acquired over the years.”

And here’s what I came up with!

Custom Mood Boards |

Note: As some of you may have noticed, I did not include links to the products within the mood board. Unfortunately, I’ve made the choice, based on several reasons, to no longer provide them here on the blog. As much as I’d love to, providing links a second time is extremely time consuming. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean you won’t have access to sources! I create Pinterest boards specific to each and every mood board that I create. You can simply hop on over and scroll to find any product you may be interested in! Here’s the direct link to Amy’s Space!

Update: We’re taking a quick leave from mood boards and will NOT be accepting new clients for the time being. I’m currently booked through August, so we plan to reopen shop (or at least give an update) around that time. Thanks for your patience!

Check out more details & past examples.

June 3, 2013

Entryway Mini-Makeover Plans

I’ve been withholding a few updates around here (I know, bad blogger), but only for the mere reason that I didn’t find them interesting enough to share. Well, a few weeks later and this place is starting to look a little unfamiliar and I have some serious explaining to do.

Last time I shared our living room/entryway it was looking like this (minus the dot art that we replaced:

Entrway/Office/Living Room Combo |

My office space has always been near the front door, which I despise, but we had attempted to make the situation a little more manageable by adding a few new organizational tools. It was working great.. however, still directly in the path of the entry. So, we did a little rearranging in the master bedroom and were able to squeeze my desk in, opening up an entirely new wall of potential in the living room!

Once complete, we plan to use the mudroom as our main entry point to the house, and only use the front entrance occasionally and for guests. It’s open to the heart of the home (kitchen, dining, and front living room) so we want the space to blend and feel casual as the other rooms do, but I’m still hoping to make it feel a bit more formal. Which, around here, just means not a dumping ground for everything we bring home.

I whipped up a quick mood board a while back to help the process move along. These are just the beginning stages of the space, but here’s the plan!

Entryway Mood Board |

First and foremost, the wall treatment. The front of the house receives a decent amount of natural light, but this wall in particular is SO dark. Even with the light streaming through the windows in the door, it’s still always significantly darker than the rest of the house. I’m hoping to really lighten up the area by painting the lower two-thirds of the wall in a bright white, framed out with a few 1×3′s. It’s not a full on board and batten look we’re going for, it’s really just a way to make the white look a little more intentional and give it some purpose. The upper third of the wall is going to be texture galore with a gray grasscloth wallpaper. So pumped about this mini-makeover. We’ll also probably throw a few hooks up there, near the door, for guests to hang their coats.

Outside of simplicity, another goal for this space is texture and layers. I’m hoping to achieve a room that is streamlined, but thriving with warm woods, high contrast, and a few colorful accessories. Since our floors are pretty dark, I want to layer on a lighter wood tone for a console table, like the dresser pictured in the mood board above. I’m actually really digging everything about that piece. The drawers provide plenty of storage for corralling miscellaneous accessories, while keeping them out of sight, and the lines are so simple and carefree. The price tag is making us think it could be a potential DIY project?

And a few accessories that we know are in the running – This Robert Abbey Lamp that I’ve been dying to use somewhere in our house and the rustic, wood mirror from our previous home that’s been eating up garage space for over a year :)

I’ve been slowly chipping away at it, in between entertaining the larger projects going on around here, so I’m hoping to share some really fun progress with you guys later this week!

May 28, 2013

Landscaping Our Front Yard: Color Palette & Layout

This past weekend we made some major progress landscaping the front yard. Thankfully, we had squeezed in as much prep work as possible throughout the previous week, so we were a little ahead of the game. We had a pretty good idea of what we wanted to flower beds to look like shape-wise, and everything had already been tilled, so all that was left to do was shop and plant. Which, sounds a little less intimidating than it proved to be. But, spoiler alert, we made it out alive.

Now, we’re far from experts here, so what worked for us is no guarantee, but if it makes the process any easier for just one person I think it’s worth sharing. I feel fairly confident about decorating inside our home, but when it comes to outdoors I’m a little more hesitant to pull the trigger, so I can totally relate. The good news, I’m head over heals in love with how everything turned out (and hope you guys are too!) so I’m going to do my best to share the important details.

First, let’s take a look back. Before we started laying out plants, we had to shape the flower bed. The old bed was just a simple rectangle, running the entire length of the front of the house. Bleh.

Oh look, we have windows. |

We added a few curves and framed out the sidewalk to spice it up just a bit.

Adding Curves to Soften a Flower Bed |

The center of the bed we kept pretty skinny, while the “ends” we beefed up to allow for some serious plant layering. The previous owner had already shaped the right side of the bed with a nice curve around to the side, so we just bought  more of the same black edging and linked right up to it. The curves really help break up the extra long bed and they give the flat facade of the house a little more dimension. We’re hoping the window boxes on our original summer to-do list will really help with that too.

Adding Curves to Soften a Flower Bed |

When it came to shopping, one thing we were certain of was a color palette – a great place to start if you’re feeling a little lost. Our house is dark with red brick, charcoal trim, and black accents, so we knew in order to really make a statement we’d have to go bright with the landscaping. I shared this photo as one of our main inspirations, leading us to a color palette of bright yellows, a few shades of purple, and lime greens. Sticking with two to three colors, and then branching off into various tints and shades of those colors is the easiest way to keep from going overboard into color chaos. Then you just want to spread those colors somewhat evenly throughout the space, just like an interior.

Landscaping Tips on Plant Layout |

My parents watched the girls for us on Sunday so we were able to shop in peace (planning/selecting an enormous amount of plants is enough of a headache without whiny children in tow). Good thing too, because while we only ended up making an appearance at three stores, we somehow managed six stops. Lowes (KY and OH), Home Depot (KY & OH), and two stops at the same local nursery, Burger Farm & Garden. I thought this was worth mentioning since we saw such a difference in variety from Lowe’s to Lowe’s, Home Depot to Home Depot, etc. We actually passed on a few plants on our first stop to Lowe’s in Kentucky (by my parent’s house), assuming we could just grab them at our local store in Ohio. No luck. Just something to keep in mind if you’re shopping around :)

How to Choose A Landscaping Color Palette |

In our fist house, our landscaping layout was nice, but a little on the traditional side. We really wanted to branch off this time and give things more of a true garden feel. Something lush, dense, and compact. Of course, gardens like these take time, but we tried to get a head start by grouping several smaller plants together and condensing the spacing between larger plants more than we would have in our previous house. And while I did keep some repetition in the layout for consistency, we also threw in plenty of random plants to throw things of a bit. I’m hoping this will really make the space feel more organic and less.. “we just planted all of these yesterday”.

Landscaping Tips on Plant Layout |

 This is my happy corner.

Landscaping Tips on Plant Layout |

Something I found that really helped me from getting overwhelmed with the layout, was placing all the plants in the grass nearby first, and grouping them by size and then color. That way when it came time to fill a spot it was more, “ok, what size do I need and what color am I missing?” and I could just head over to the piles and grab something. It helped keep things random, yet controlled. If that makes any sense.

Landscaping Tips on Plant Layout |

 Another tip that kept me sane with such a large space was placing a few of the larger, staple plants in first, like the tall grasses and the azaleas. I knew I wanted to place plants with height in between the windows to fill some dead space, so those went in right away, along with a few other medium sized plants on the corners to round things out. Then I just worked left to right filling things in. Larger plants in the back, a few medium to small plants in the middle, and squat plants like Phlox in front to spread and fill out the ground space. Layers, layers, layers!

Landscaping Tips on Plant Layout |

And, just like styling interiors, odd numbers and triangles are your best friend. Grouping plants in threes was my go-to choice.

Landscaping Tips on Plant Layout |

After we were happy with the layout of everything, I took down the names of each plant and where it was planted to make a diagram for reference down the road.. For instance, next spring when half the plants don’t come back and I’m fuming mad. Now, I’ll know what we’re missing, and I can just take the tag and receipt back to the store for a replacement (crossing our fingers that doesn’t happen).

We’ll be busy mulching and planting new grass seed tonight, so I’m shooting have a full before and after post along with a diagram to help identify each plant we used throughout this week!