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July 12, 2012

Bath Art

We made a small update in our guest bath. It’s definitely no big reveal, so don’t be disappointed. We’ve had our eyes out for some artwork to fill our completely bare walls in the newly renovated bath. I finally took matters into my own hands a few weeks ago, and then the art sat on our dining room table for three weeks until we decided it might look better actually hanging on the wall 😉 Genius.

We used a few pics (that hubs took himself on our first ever vacation, more on that here) from our previous home’s bathroom. But I decided to switch things up a little with the mat inserts. I LOVE simple white frames (who doesn’t) but they can tend to get a little repetitive, aka boring, throughout an entire home. A simple way to switch it up without losing that cohesiveness and flow in your home is to get creative with the mat. Spray painting the mat in a fun color, or replacing it with simple construction paper can really make you’re photos pop. Another trick I love is adding fabric or material around the mat.

This time around we chose to go with burlap. I had some extra lying around from a table runner I made a while back, so this didn’t cost a thing. I just cut it to size, wrapped it around the mats, and secured with painter’s tape. So easy, but I think it really adds a lot of interest and A TON of texture.

Burlap is a little messy up close, nothing we can do about that, but I’m kind of loving the homemade/ not so straight lines look.

Coming down the hallway and seeing this out of the corner of my eye just makes my day.

We have a piece in mind for the opposite wall from an amazing Etsy shop that will bring in a ton of color. Just a matter of pulling the trigger…

Tackled any burlap projects of your own lately? Any cool ideas for dressing up mats? I’d love to hear em 🙂



July 1, 2012

Bathroom Cost Breakdown

• White Ceramic Octagon Dot Floor Tile – 25 sq. ft at $2.30/ sq. ft. with 10% off coupon, $57

• White Ceramic Subway Wall Tile – 66 sq ft. at $1.68/ sq. ft. with 10% off coupon, $110

• Ceramic Vessel Sink – With free shipping & 10% off coupon, $108

• White Bathtub – with 10% off Lowe’s coupon, $269

• Kohler 1-Piece White Toilet – with 10% Lowe’s coupon, $295

• Chrome Vessel Faucet – with 10% off Home Depot coupon, $88

• Chrome Tub Handle & Facuet – with 10% off Lowes coupon, $53

• Grohe Chrome Showerhead – (purchased at Lowe’s, not available online) with 10% Lowe’s coupon, $85

• Chrome Towel Hooks – (links to satin nickel hook, chrome no long available) purchased 3, $10

• Horizontal Bead Board – (2) Sheets with 10% off Lowe’s coupon, $20

• DIY Vanity – (Based on Anthropologie’s Ordinal Dresser. More on this entire process soon.) material, $70

• Mirror & DIY Framing – Mirror at $13 + (1) 8′ 1×3 at $7 with 10% Lowe’s coupon (Dark Walnut stain, on hand) for a total of $20

• Barn Pendant Light – With 15% off Restoration Hardware sale, $169 

• Ben Moore’s Hale Navy – tinted using Sherwin Williams’ No-VOC Harmony in Eg-shel, 1 gal with 10% off SW Coupon at $35

• Misc. Plumbing Supplies,Grout, Extra Material, Etc. – $40

• Stripe Shower Curtain – with 15% off West Elm coupon, $33

• Stripe Hand Towel – with 15% off West Elm coupon, $9

• Pleated Bath Rug – with 15% off West Elm coupon, $20

• Stripe Tumbler – with 15% off West Elm coupon, $7


  GRAND TOTAL – $1497

June 26, 2012

Bath Sources

aIf you’re looking to create a space similar to our newly renovated bathroom, or just simply use a few of the same items, here are the sources to do so.


If I’ve left anything out just let me know 🙂

1. Horizontal Bead Board

2. Chrome Towel Hooks – This links to a satin nickel hook. Looks like the chrome is no long available.

3. Stripe Tumbler

4. DIY Mirror – We purchase this beveled mirror and framed it with basic 1×3’s. Then stained it using Minwax’s Dark Walnut.

5. Barn Pendant Light

6. Chrome Vessel Faucet

7. Ben Moore’s Hale Navy

8. Stripe Shower Curtain

9. Ceramic Vessel Sink

10. Kohler 1-Piece White Toilet

11. White Ceramic Subway Wall Tile

12. Chrome Tub Handle & Facuet

13. Grohe Chrome Showerhead – Purchased at Lowe’s but not available online.

14. Stripe Hand Towel

15. Pleated Bath Rug

16. White Bathtub

17. White Ceramic Octagon Dot Floor Tile

June 25, 2012

Bath Updates

When we were rushing to move into our new home (before baby arrived) there were a few rooms that were at the top of our priority list. A functioning bath being one of them, next to the kitchen and a bedroom for the girls. Although the bath has been functional for months now, we’ve been slowly working away at a few last minute updates for a “progress post”. A few decorative touches are still in the works like artwork and we should have a bath rug in the mail any day, but other than those we’re about ready to call this room DONE!

Before we fly into the updates, you know I love some before pics. Unfortunately, we only have one 🙁 But you get the idea. Outdated, run-down, far from functioning, and holy cow this room was ugly.

We took this space back to it’s bones and rebuilt it from scratch. If I haven’t mentioned it before, our home doesn’t have a basement. It sits atop a crawl space, which I could write an entire weeks worth of posts on. We’ll get there eventually. However, point of the topic, the existing bathtub was completely open to the crawlspace below. Hello, duh. It was mold central. Including the surrounding walls. We ripped out and replaced all the drywall after removing and treating the affected areas with a bleach solution.

We installed new hex tile flooring as well as subway tile in the tub surround, which we chose to take to the ceiling. Love. We used horizontal bead board around the rest of the space just below a chair rail height. We purchased and installed a new tub, toilet, and chrome fixtures. My Dad built us our vanity (best dad ever award right here!), which we later added a vessel sink to and stenciled numbers on to resemble Anthropologies’s Ordinal dresser. An upcoming post will share more details on the vanity and how we saved some serious cash.

Now, onward with the after pictures 🙂

We painted the upper half of the walls using Sherwin Williams No-VOC paint in Eg-Shel, tinted to Ben Moore’s Hale Navy.

We loved the look of individual planks but loved the ease of ‘by the sheet’ Horizontal Plank Bead Board from Lowes even more. So easy.

Horizontal Bead Board |

Well have an upcoming source post including everything from the specific tile used to the accessories found throughout the room.

We had white subway tile in our last home’s master bathroom and didn’t think twice about using it again. There’s just something so serene about a nice clean bright white space.

Subway Tile Bath Surround |

For a little glam, we chose chrome fixtures.

And a detachable shower head for giving the munchkins an easy bath time.

Along with three chrome hooks in a coat and hat style for hanging bath towels.

Chrome Bath Hooks |

Since this will ultimately be the designated bath for the kiddos, we decided on placing theme at their height.

We removed the existing door on the small bath closet for easier access. We tend to keep things fairly presentable behind doors, so we figured an open concept wouldn’t be anymore difficult to keep up with.

Large baskets help group like items and control any clutter. We kept the interior closet shelves that came with the home, but added a thicker trim piece to the fronts to beef them up. And although it’s a little tough to see in this pic, we also painted the closet walls in a contrasting grey color.

Now, que the only picture that captures the new lighting.

Bath Remodel on a Budget |

We had plans of using a pendant here, but after learning that our ceiling height would only allow for a few inches of cord, we opted to go the sconce route. We love love love our new barn light. It brings an entirely new feel to the room. You know we can’t go without some industrial piece in each space. If you can consider a barn light industrial? I say yes.

Barn Light |

It was our splurge. Believe it or not, every other element in the space cost less individually than this light. Pretty good considering we still only spent $199 on it 🙂

In the end our new bath came out fairly close to our original plans in this mood board post.

As I said, we’ll have a few bath posts to follow up this one. A definite source list, a detailed vanity post, and a cost breakdown for sure. Check back for those soon 🙂

How about you guys? Any bath updates lately? We’ve seen some amazing DIY vanities out there in the blogoshere. Share, share!

February 27, 2012

Bathroom Mood Board

Well, these plans are totally out the window… Ok, not entirely, but the whole “we’ll be moving onto flooring in the next couple of days,” is completely shot. Like any reno, things go wrong, plans change, and deadlines essentially mean na-da. Although we are still pushing for our original deadline 🙂 Long story short, we’re drywalling ourselves which is dragging everything out a little longer than anticipated. Yea I know, I blabbed on and on about how we wouldn’t dare take the DIY route on drywall again, but we’re doing it. Not without the help of some seriously awesome friends though. Turns out, blending the old plaster with the new drywall in the dining room isn’t as terribly difficult as we thought, with some help.

So, basically this means that instead of starting on the floors last week, the hubs was drywalling away and we have hopes of wrapping up painting today! And floors bright and early tomorrow morning is the new plan of attack 😉 Time will tell.

Now, onto more exciting and prettier things! While the boys have been working away I’ve been hunting down finishes for the entire house. And yikes… that’s a lot of crap. With the kitchen details mostly wrapped up it was time to move onto the next big room.. the main bathroom! Not only will this be the kiddos bathroom but it will also serve as the guest bath. Like most rooms we invest the big bucks in, we wanted this space to feel timeless. Here’s what we came up with!


1. Laboratory Glass Pendant – Loving the vintage and industrial kick to this pendant light. She’ll be hanging right over the vanity area (not too low to bump your head). We searched high and low before finally landing on this fixture. I was loving the clear glass and exposed look that has been popping up everywhere lately, just not too sold on the common globe shapes. I love that this shade is open at the bottom and sports more of a cylinder shape. Of course, this won’t be the only lighting in the space. We’ll have overhead can lights as well.

2. Ceramic Vessel Sink – I’ve been obsessing over this sink every since I saw John and Sherry install it while back. We love the clean lines and cool rectangular shape. Plus it’s fairly small, leaving us plenty of options for the base cabinet. And $119 with 10% and free shipping at Hello, yes please.

3. Ordinal Dresser – Pieces like these make the world go ’round people. Well, at least my world… Now, before everyone has a mini heart attack, no, we will not be purchasing this chest from Anthropologie at nearly $1,000. We figure with our hectic, down to the last minute, completely overwhelming schedule, why not throw in another little DIY project. Ha, not. As much as we’d love to tackle this piece on our own, we’re turning over the reigns to my dad! If you can remember back, he built our beautiful dining table for us too (he’s a wood working superhero). We love this chests vintage and rustic look, with industrial-like numbering, and plan to build her from the ground up. He’ll be using these plans from Ana White as a base but will still be changing a good portion to fit our particular space. More on this piece soon!

4. Metal Wall Mirror – Another nod to the industrial side of things. Clean lines, simple rectangular shape. This mirror comes in a brushed nickel finish, but we have plans for an oil-rubbed bronze or a dark gray finish in it’s future.

5. Ben Moore’s Hale Navy – I’m dying to get this color on the walls. It’s not shown on the mood board, but the lower portion of the bathroom walls will be covered with bright white horizontal planked wainscoting. Should turn out something like this. We’re totally pumped about using such a dramatic color up top. With the lower half still light and cheery, some white accents, and shiny fixtures we’re hoping the bathroom doesn’t feel too dark.

6. Glossy White Subway Tile – We’ll be installing subway tile to the ceiling for the bath surround. Again with keeping the space bright and classic in design.

7. White Ceramic Octagon Dot Mosaic Tile – We toyed with the idea of continuing the hardwood floors into the bathroom space, but ultimately decided against it. We love a seamless look but the idea of possibly ruining the floors during guaranteed future crazy bath times just wasn’t worth the risk. Tile it is. This hex tile adds interest but is still subtle enough to blend with the subway tile and the white plank walls. If it sounds like I’m not obsessed with it, you’ve been fooled 🙂

8. Stripe Hand Towel – Small, yet important touches. No room should go without a good stripe. Has that been coined?

9. Wire Hamper – Vintage, industrial, bright white, and chrome. Sign me up.

10. Gray and Yellow Diamond Shower Curtain – We’re not completely sold on this specific pattern just yet, but the colors are a go. We’re loving how the light gray and yellow will pop against the rich navy blue. Yum.

Now… If I could just decide on a faucet already.

Updated pics of the house progress next 🙂