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October 23, 2012

DIY Mason Jar Vase & Key Hooks

Since it’s unlikely that the mudroom portion of the laundry room will be completed by this winter, we’ve been brainstorming on a quick fix for the collection of jackets and coats forming by the front door. We have a wooden coat tree from our last home, but the entryway is already so tight with the office crammed in, that we wanted something smaller. I’d come across this brilliant little key/ coat hook combo a few months ago and planned to buy one eventually. Well, ever since we started building nearly every piece we can for our home, I decided it would definitely be something I’d rather DIY. Just for the sake of it being built by us. Ricky is loving this new approach to things, ha. Thankfully, this was an easy project, taking us maybe 20 minutes tops.

We started with some basic supplies.

– 21″W x 5″L piece of pallet wood, leftover from our pallet wallFree

– (3) oil rubbed bronze hooks picked up from Home Depot – Under $10 for all three

– Large Mason Jar – Just over $1 with coupon from Michaels

– 4″ Pipe Clamp – From the plumbing section at Home Depot for about $3

Total Spent – $14

After cutting down a piece of pallet wood to the size we preferred, it was mostly using screws to attach the pipe clamp and hooks to the wood from there. We slipped the mason jar into the pipe clamp, tightened it up, popped in some flowers, and called it a day. Well, with this project at least.

She sits just to the left of the front door (looking from the inside of the house), and is the perfect drop spot for our keys and jackets. It’s definitely not enough room for several guests, but we have bigger plans down the road for that. Possibly once the addition is complete and my desk/ office area are out of the way! For now, we’re enjoying having things off the floor 🙂


May 29, 2012

Shut the Front Door

We finished painting the front door! We showed a preview with one coat of primer but man, does color make such a difference. The shade of yellow, more of a mustard, is Allen & Roth’s Santa Monica Blvd. Usually I’m a stickler about the paint brand I use (mostly just Sherwin Williams) but we decided to venture outside the box and try Valspar from Lowe’s. It got the job done in two coats layered on top of the already applied primer, not so bad for a yellow which have terrible coverage in general. Usually for a door sheen we would have gone with a semi-gloss, but I was a little afraid that such a glare might skew the color, so we stuck with a satin. It looks fantastic in person.

Just in case anyone forgot what we started with…



We also added surrounding trim in a craftsman style that matches what we’ve done with the other doors throughout our home. I love how the bright yellow pops against the white interior trim and the dark hardware. Now we can finally add baseboards! We’re still playing around with exterior color scheme, so the trim may switch up, but the yellow is here to stay!



Door. Hardware. Color.

Speaking of exterior. We have some serious work cut out for us. The backyard is in fairly good shape but the front… Mehhh. You could almost say that everything but the brick has to go. Goodbye giant tree-sized bushes, goodbye garage door, light fixtures, house numbers, and outdated shutters that you can’t even see behind the enormous landscaping. Hello paint, paint, and more paint. Possibly repaving of the driveway? Extending the porch slightly? All in good time,

For now, the door is the perfect update. It may look a little out of place on a 1950’s rancher but we’re hoping to tie it in with the rest of the architecture as we slowly bring in updates for the facade. Here’s to plenty of busy weekends in our future 🙂

May 25, 2012

A Few Updates

Just a few updates before this lovely extended weekend of 95 degree Cincinnati weather. Nothing incredibly ground breaking here, but we’ve been just as busy working on a ton of smaller updates around the house. A few purchases, a few installs, and one totally awesome gift.

We bought eight of these red tabouret chairs a few weeks back from Overstock. I’ve only neglected to share them because we were waiting for one replacement chair that was damaged during delivery. We’re super pumped to throw a big house warming/ move-in/ finally we’re mostly done renovating party later this summer (fingers crossed!) and people will most likely end up outside. We currently have some lounge type furniture from our old house but had no real dining furniture. We bought this table shown below from Ikea right before the move but never did get around to purchasing chairs. Until now. And man, they are Gorgeous.

Overstock has them at $196 for a set of four. Tack on a pretty good 10% off coupon and we only spent around $45/ chair. Not too bad considering Pottery Barn has a similar chair for nearly $270 a pop. Meaning we saved around $1800. Not like we would ever dish out that kind of money for chairs, but you get the point. Ok, enough math, more pictures. 🙂

We’ll definitely have more pictures and updates with this area. Maybe once I have the energy to pick up all of Zoey’s toys surrounding it.

The next pic actually has three updates in one. Can you spot them?

1. We finally got around to doing some landscaping beneath the two gorge trees in the backyard (really we did this weeks ago). Again with the toys.

2. My aunt gifted us a ROCKIN’ playset. Zoey is obsessed. So am I. It needs a little love but Ricky has been busy getting it back into shape. Love that guy 🙂

3. Zoey learned what an airplane is, how to hear to them before they come, spot them in the sky and point, and has almost mastered the word plane. She’s the bomb.

Moving inside, well sort of. Our new craftsman style front door was delivered.. two months ago at least. She’s finally up! This is a totally crappy picture with the windows taped off and a single coat of primer on, but I couldn’t resist. Hopefully I can wrap up the paint job this weekend. She’s going to stand out, no doubt. Yellow. Don’t hate, you’ll see.

We also installed some snazzy new oil-rubbed bronze hardware. What’s not to love?

And we’re wrapping up a few last projects in the kitchen with the built-in upper cabinets around the refrigerator. Ricky customized this area with filler pieces and extra large panels. The side piece is a giant blank slate right off the laundry/ mud room just begging for a chalkboard wall similar to the one in our previous home.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! Be back next week with (hopefully!) door progress and a few updates in Zoey’s room 🙂