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August 28, 2014

Plans for the Girls’ Shared Room

I’m long overdue on sharing updates in the girls’ room, so I thought I’d start by catching up with our initial plans for the space. I decided to finally get my butt in gear after finishing Ryan’s Nursery. I mean, it’s totally unfair for a newborn to have a 100% finished room of his own, while his 2 + 3 year old sisters have bare walls. Which they’ve made very evident, pinning up their artwork on said blank walls saying, “Look, Mommy! We have pictures too!”. Those girls know how to seriously break a Momma’s heart.

Prior to Lizzy moving in with Zoey, we had already made a few updates to the room, but some of them haven’t been working out so well. For instance, their yellow Ikea chest. As a birthday gift for Zoey last year, we actually gave this guy a completely new look on the inside, removing all the drawers, and installing a few small shelves and a clothing rod. We kept the exterior the same, so it still appears to be a chest of drawers. I’ll have to share the entire thing on the blog someday. It’s absolute princess dress-up heaven. Point of story – The chest now has a swing door, not drawers, and it doesn’t function as well between the two beds. We’re still shooting to keep it in the room, somewhere, just not as a bedside table.

You also may remember the gallery wall, which has been removed for quite some time now. What used to be a play kitchen beneath it, now lives a second bed, with curious toddler hands. This was pretty much taken down the night that Lizzy moved in. She’s been in the new bed for about six months now, and I don’t think art on the walls during bedtime would be totally distracting at this point, but it definitely can’t be anything fragile. I’m looking at you string heart and animal heads. Plus, most everything in that gallery wall was thrown together in an attempt to just have something, anything on the walls. This time, I’m hoping to make things more personal, and really incorporate the girls’ interests. It’s their room after all, so no holding back.

Alright, alright. Onto the mood board!

Girls' Shared Bedroom |

First up, color scheme. We’re switching a few things up, with new hot pinks and mints (nixing the red and orange), but keeping the yellows and pastel pinks from the previous direction we were headed in. Not a huge deal, doesn’t effect much, but it feels so fresh now! Plus, I’m a sucker for mixing in a cool color (mint) with warmer tones (pinks and yellows).

I’d envisioned white walls for the longest time, but on a whim I threw this minty color in as the background on Photoshop, and I was sold. The ceiling is getting an entire new look as well, if you’re remembering the coral paint. Covering the popcorn ceilings has been a long-term goal for all of the bedrooms, so we’re hoping to do a white wood plank ceiling of sorts. If not, maybe just drywall again? Also, yes, I realize that mint walls and a plank ceiling combination is the exact opposite or Ryan’s Nursery, ha!

1 • Ok, here’s the deal with the old headboard. Zoey and Lizzy mutually agreed (that’s a damn miracle in case you didn’t know) that they wanted their beds to be pink. I had already made Zoey a headboard, and to be quite honest, I wasn’t necessarily all that excited about making a second one of those. Easy, yes, if I hadn’t misplaced the curvy-shaped template to duplicate. I know, I could figure it out, but “PINK, MOM”. The thing is, I want the girls to be in love with this room. I want them to be proud of it. So, if they want pink headboards, what the heck. Let’s do this.

I sold the old one on Craigslist (for a profit, actually) so no harm. The new headboards are complete, they just need to be properly hung, and then I’ll share the hot pink and brass nailhead details in all their glory!

As for bedding, we’re using most everything that we already had on hand – White pintuck duvet, yellow striped sheets, and floral Marimekko pillows. I’m itching to try out a fun DIY project with two of these black and white striped blankets, but we’ll see.

2 • An old house and unpredictable Cincy weather call for ceiling fans in the bedrooms. I’m loving the sleek design of this one, but haven’t quite pulled the trigger on anything. Hoping to find an affordable option, white, aesthetically pleasing (duh), and the real kicker – a flush-mount. It’s a rough search. The ceiling fan design world needs help.

3 • I haven’t done a large piece of art in our new house since this epic fail, so I’m declaring this makeover the time for it. I’d LOVE to get something huge over the girls’ beds, and I just keep coming back to this freaking awesome diy dinosaur engineer print. We visited the new dinosaur exhibit at King’s Island this summer and holy dinosaur obsession. The girls can’t get enough. They’d go nuts if I let them pick out their very own dinosaur to go over their beds. Or maybe some other animal? I don’t know, it really doesn’t get a whole lot cooler.

I’m also totally digging these embroidered quotational art pieces. Definitely DIY-able. It’d be super fun to go big here too.

4 • I grabbed one of these industrial task lamps in yellow during a lighting sale a few months ago. It’s perfect for bedtime stories and the girls are just a little too excited that they can turn it on and off by themselves (it has a switch on the cord).

5 • I’m not going theme crazy in this room, I mostly just want to focus on whatever it is that currently has the girls fascinated. Right now, that means dinosaurs, outer space, monsters, and unicorns! These years are so much fun and I just want to embrace it. They’d loose it for this moon globe. I can see the endless late night talks with Daddy already.

6 • Last summer (yes, you heard me) I found an entire set of Campaign furniture on Craigslist. Chest, nightstands, bookcase, and desk.. For $200 dollars. People, you are killing me. Obviously, I bought it, and obviously, it’s been sitting in our garage since then. Ha. Next post, promise, I’ll share what we’ve done with the chest, along with the headboards. (chest source)

7 •  I haven’t quite decided if this pointy unicorn is practical for preschoolers yet or not, but it’s a definite want. The girls would flip, and maybe I could hang it high enough out of reach (aka, eye-stabbage-level). I mean, gold glitter dipped horns. Come on.

8 •  Last week Zoey and Lizzy learned how to use the tape dispenser themselves, and all of walls are open game for their art. It’s adorable. Really. Except for the paint that peels off the walls when the tape comes down. Not cool. I would love to give them a big space in their room to display crafts to their hearts content. Preferably, without the use of tape. I’m crazy for these cloud-shaped magnet boards. A big grouping of them would be so adorable. A handful of dinosaur magnets to really set things over the top on the cuteness scale. Clouds and dinosaurs tho? Maybe airplanes. Oh, screw it.

9 • They can’t read just yet, but when they can, hopefully they can appreciate this banner and the weirdness that we’ve instilled in them. Stay Weird little babies.

10 • I have no idea what to do with these tiny alphabet cards, but I so desperately want them displayed. Shadow box maybe? String banner? Ideas, anyone?

11 • Because space and monsters are cool right now. One. Two. Three.

12 • As mentioned earlier, a quick color palette switcheroo, leaves a few quick changes to be made in the closet toy storage department.

13 • Last, but oh so certainly not least. We have big plans for a bookcase in the corner behind their bedroom door, like this one (scroll down after click). We’ve made some serious progress here, so I’m shooting to share an update here as well. Plus, Santa brought a pair of these fur bean bags last year, for the coziest little reading spot! Way to think ahead big man.






July 19, 2013

DIY Custom Closet Makeover

When we first moved into our house, just over a year ago, we knew that all of the bedroom closets needed some work. Custom closet organizers are crazy expensive, so we also knew that it’d likely be something that we’d DIY when it came time. Well, it’s now officially way past time.

All three bedroom closets are in constant state of chaos and bursting at the seams. We’ve done our best to work with what the house came with by keeping things as organized as possible, and purging clothes that the girls have outgrown, but when it came down to it, the current closet systems just weren’t utilizing the space to their best ability. Specifically, Zoey’s closet.


DIY Custom Closet Makeover |

Clothes are piling up, toys are piling up, random things that don’t below are piling up. But, the most obvious problem in Zoey’s closet is the dead space. Talk about a waste. And with Lizzy well on her way to the age at which the girls will begin sharing a room, we have no wasted space to spare.

DIY Custom Closet Makeover |

Not only does this space serve as clothes storage, it also functions as toy storage. The girls will have some toy storage beneath their beds, but the room isn’t huge, so that’s about it. We knew we had to make this closet work hard.

DIY Custom Closet Makeover |

I ran through a few of my favorite inspirational photos and landed on the idea of using the lower portion of the closet for toy bins and the upper sections for clothing. After pricing out a few options, we decided to buy most of the inner workings in-store and to spruce them up with a “custom built-in” feel by framing everything in. We picked up one of Closetmaid’s 9-cube organizers for the bottom half and Ricky worked his magic.

DIY Custom Closet Makeover |

(just ignore the wire rack above it, we hadn’t taken it down yet)

DIY Custom Closet Makeover |

Next up, clothes storage. I always find that a mix of open and closed storage in closets works best, so we opted to use a few sliding wire bins to serve as drawers, with a rod above for hanging shirts. Ikea’s Komplement wire baskets (in 39″x13″) came close enough to the closet size that we could easily build out the sides of the closet to accommodate the drawer slides. The bins are perfect for pants, shorts, pajamas, and the smaller undergarment pieces. One basket really would have been sufficient for Zoey, but we chose to do two so Lizzy would have room down the road.

DIY Custom Closet Makeover |

We topped these pieces with a sheet of wood as well to create a space that would serve as a little tabletop, just beneath the hanging clothes area. A small white trim piece disguises the unfinished edges.

DIY Custom Closet Makeover |

We filled all the nail holes with a little wood putty, gave everything a fresh coat of white paint, and added the hanging rod above, as well as an extra shelf at the very top.

DIY Custom Closet Makeover |

Looking so much better right?

Just wait.

DIY Custom Closet Makeover |

Boom. Color.

Be still my heart.

DIY Custom Closet Makeover |

We tossed in a few of Closetmaid’s Fabric Drawers (Pink. Red. Yellow. Orange.) in the bottom cubicle for toys and lined the wire baskets above with the same Watercolor Meadow fabric used in other areas of the room. The “liners” are really more of just faux fronts. I used a few leftover cardboard pieces, cut them to size, and wrapped them with spray adhesive and fabric. Voala.

DIY Custom Closet Makeover |

I used the same technique on the bottom of the drawers too, just to give clothes a nice landing spot. Nothing super pretty, but it works, and it’s hidden beneath the clothes anyway :)

DIY Custom Closet Makeover |

And moving up, we’re still playing around with styling, this isn’t going to cut it, but it’s a cute place for Zoey to display a few of things of her own. A little dish picked up at Target on clearance last year for jewelry (she has her ears pierced and is wildly obsessed with bracelets), a small flower vase that has yet to be filled, a few sentimental snow globes, and some other decorative accessories.

DIY Custom Closet Makeover |

The wooden serving tray is corralling a few pairs of shoes (most live in the mudroom).

DIY Custom Closet Makeover |

And as if this post isn’t long enough, let’s talk about the outside of the closet. I’d always envisioned a curtain to serve as the closet “door”, but the more we lived with the curtains in Lizzy’s nursery I realized how much I missed being able to actually close the doors. I loved the look of Ikea’s Hasvik high gloss white sliding doors, especially up against all the color going on inside.

DIY Custom Closet Makeover |

This way, it can be a nice little surprise when we open the door, or easily hidden away if the color gets overwhelming. Win, win.

DIY Custom Closet Makeover |

Ricky installed the track that came with the door directly to the wall, and it functions just like a barn door. Except, beautiful, beautiful high gloss white. Yum. The door has several safety locking features, so no worries about the door sliding off the rail, or even the kids pulling it off the wall from the bottom. This thing isn’t going anywhere. The door sits out just a tad from the wall, which works out perfectly with the adjacent wall art. The door just slides right over it.

DIY Custom Closet Makeover |

A few other things to note:

- The door can only be purchased in a two pack, so we’re holding on to the other to use in Lizzy’s room some day, we’ll just need to get our hands on another track.

- And one small issue we ran into was the way the door hung. Since it’s meant to slide on a top and bottom rail, and we’re only using a top, the bottom tends to cling to the wall. We’ve since installed a pair of casters to the inside of the door, just at the bottom, that gently glide along the wall and keep the door standing perfectly vertical. I’ll catch you guys up on that as soon as I can photograph it to better explain.

Now, because you guys know I’m a sucker for a good before and after, let’s get these babies side-by-side :)

DIY Custom Closet Makeover |

Oh yes. Yes, yes, YES.

Please tell me I’m not the only one that gets excited over a organized closet… :)

May 20, 2013

Suitcase Toy Storage

A few weeks ago I shared a few finds from a local antique show, one of those being this set of suitcases (there are actually three of them).
Use Suitcases as Storage Beneath a Bed |

 I had planned to keep them in their original mustard yellow color and use them as toy storage for Zoey. However, when we got them home they were looking super dingy next to all the other bright yellows in her room. So, we decided to give them a new look!

Repurpose Vintage Suitcases as Toy Storage Beneath the Bed |

I picked up a quart of basic latex paint in a coral semigloss, to match her ceiling color (BM-Pink Polka Dot), and painted away!

Repurpose Vintage Suitcases as Toy Storage Beneath the Bed |

I completely skipped sanding and priming and did about two and half coats per suitcase. Really, I wouldn’t recommend skipping those steps. The paint seemed to need a bit more to cling to, so if I were to do it again, I’d sand and prime.

Repurpose Vintage Suitcases as Toy Storage Beneath the Bed |

Since the suitcases have a texture to them already, using a brush didn’t leave any visible brush strokes.

Repurpose Vintage Suitcases as Toy Storage Beneath the Bed |

After leaving them to dry overnight, I attached a few casters to the bottoms. We’re planning to use the luggage as storage for barbies, dolls, etc. under Zoey’s bed, so the casters make it easy for her to pull them out by herself. I suppose you could screw the casters to the bottoms, but I just used a little super glue to keep things simple.

Repurpose Vintage Suitcases as Toy Storage Beneath the Bed |

And because I like to make all things pretty, I popped on a few bookplates to label each suitcase.

Repurpose Vintage Suitcases as Toy Storage Beneath the Bed |

 So much better.

Repurpose Vintage Suitcases as Toy Storage Beneath the Bed |

Time to put these babies to work!

Repurpose Vintage Suitcases as Toy Storage Beneath the Bed |

The insides of the suitcases were in excellent condition. A little musty, but nothing a little airing out couldn’t handle. I just wiped them down really well. I’m a little smitten with how they look placed under the bed.

Repurpose Vintage Suitcases as Toy Storage Beneath the Bed |

And the colors tie in really nicely with the coral shades in Zoey’s pillow and the same shade on the ceiling.

Repurpose Vintage Suitcases as Toy Storage Beneath the Bed |

How about you guys? Repurposing anything lately? Giving an old piece a new look? We hit up the antique show again this weekend.. no luck :(

April 29, 2013

Lockers, Letters, & Luggage

The weekend before last, we hit up our favorite local antique show and scored some amazing finds, that I’ve been itching to share. Every spring I anxiously await the arrival of the Burlington Antique Show, and this year it did not disappoint. Antique shows are definitely a nice change from the familiar thrift stores that I frequent, but you really have to prepare you mind (and wallet) before you venture inside. You can almost always expect something worth bringing home, unlike thrift shops that are usually hit or miss, and products are often in great shape. That being said, I always brace myself for the price tag. Don’t expect those 50¢ deals. You’re typically going to pay a little higher for the convenience of all this awesomeness (real word) in one place. Which, I’m more than willing to do when I find things like this…

Use Industrial Yellow Lockers as Mudroom Storage |

Hello, gorgeous yellow lockers. Where can I rub my face against you? I love yellow. I love industrial. I love storage. I LOVE YELLOW INDUSTRIAL STORAGE LOCKERS.

We stumbled upon this guy early in the morning, but were hesitant to buy so soon into browsing. A few hours later, it was still there (surrounded by a crowd of interested buyers) at which time I was more than willing to pull out the cash. Halfway to the car, as the dealer was helping us load up, I overheard him tell another interested buyer not to worry because he had yet another identical locker in the back. Say wuuuut??

Use Industrial Yellow Lockers as Mudroom Storage |

We quickly decided that the twin must be ours, whipped the car around, and I frantically ran back to the dealer to snatch it up. The other interested couple was ever so happy to see that I’d bought the matching locker before the dealer was able to bring it out ;) Shucks.

We paid $150 per locker for a total of $300. I’ve seen similar lockers go for MUCH more, like this one on Etsy going for over double the price at about 3/4 the size. Score.

Use Industrial Yellow Lockers as Mudroom Storage |

It’ll be a bit of a switch in plans, but we’re hoping to use them in the laundry/mudroom. Hang up coats, backpacks, and the smaller storage cubes are perfect for purses, even laundry supplies, pet food, etc. I’m loving the color they are already, but there are a few rust spots that might force us to give them a few new coat of paint.

We also ran across an entire lot filled with these black and white marquee letters. We grabbed a medium sized “R” (Rettinger) for about $20. Not exactly sure where this will call home, but it’s neutral enough to work anywhere! I’m thinking maybe one of the future walls in the family room addition or maybe it’d be fun in the entryway. We’ll see :)

Marquee Letter 'R' |

In efforts to completely fill the back of our SUV, just kidding, I picked up a set of these fun yellow suitcases for $30 (there are actually three). No, we will not be strolling through the airport with our vintage luggage. Instead, I’m planning to use these as toy storage in Zoey’s room! Barbie doll central. They’ll slide perfectly underneath her bed with the addition of a few casters.

Use Suitcases as Storage Beneath a Bed |

Not sure yet if we’re keeping the mustard yellow. It’s looking a little dingy now that they’re home next to all the bright yellows, so they might need a fresh coat of paint. Maybe something fun, like a stripe or polka dots? We’ll be sure to share as we go!

How about you guys? Any antique shopping going on? Anyone have a preference of antique vs. thrift? More importantly, did you guys see Lizzy’s pigtails… cause holy cow cuteness. I died. (not biased)

April 8, 2013

Second’s the Best

Just popping in with a quick little update in Zoey’s room today. If you can remember back to this post, we had hunted down a fun, geometric rug for the space and I even defended it’s small, 4′ x 6′ size. Well, today I’m here to say that I was wrong. Close your ears Ricky.

Yep, I thought with the addition of a second bed down the road (for Lizzy) that the smaller size would fit snuggly between the two. But, after living with the rug for a few months I realized that it just wasn’t going to work out. Maybe in another space, but in a kids’ room I wanted something that would cover the majority of the room and really serve as the grounds for play space.

 (before)Zoey's Bedroom |

Luckily, after a few weeks of checking my favorite flash sale sites, Joss & Main ran a sale and I was able to score the very same rug in the larger 5′ x 8′. Such a difference.


Zoey's Bedroom |

It really feels like it ‘fits’ the room now, and it grounds the furniture pieces better, barely gracing the edges of them. The color and pattern haven’t changed, so nothing new there, but the extra 16 sq. ft. are well worth biting the bullet and re-purchasing. Sometimes it just takes more than one try to get things right. And we’re ok with that!

As for the old rug, since we had opened it and held onto it for several months, returning was out of the question. But I’m thinking it’s a good contender for the laundry room. We’ll see.. The neutral colors should be pretty easy to fit in somewhere!

How about you guys? Anyone else facing the music on an old purchase and swapping out for something new and more functional? Ok. Please tell me you guys are watching Game of Thrones. Best. Show. Ever.