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October 15, 2014

Living Room Progress

Living Room Tour |

It’s not finished (a word I’ll probably never use to describe a room of my own), but I thought I’d share the updates that we’ve made in our living room. Just over 15 months ago, we shared that some major decor changes were about to be made around here, and that process has been slow (clearly, here we are a year later). But in a really, really good way. Blogging about your home (for me at least) came along with a lot of unnecessary pressure to post constant updates, and whip up projects left and right. A frenzy that kept me from enjoying the process and in a roundabout way, kept me from loving the result.

I vowed to take a step back and do it right this time, and whoa. You’d think I’d be afraid to eat my words later, but no. These rooms that we’re slowly cranking out.. I’m dying. They feel so good. So right. And us. We’re adding pieces carefully, like, mauling over pretty minor decisions for months carefully. Probably not uncommon for some, but a dramatic change for us. It’s nice to have that sense of control back. Even that inevitable envy, as others are flying through makeovers, it’s easily brushed off with the newfound love that I have for our home. It’s liberating.

So, back to the living room. We’ll start with the one element that stayed. The wood pallet wall. It brings in so much warmth and texture to the room, but it also packs a ton of visual weight, so we started by balancing that out with a lot of lighter toned pieces. A high-gloss white media cabinet from Ikea (with the addition of a few tapered legs), an ivory shag rug, and a stunning light aqua sofa.

Living Room Tour |

The hot pink Hmong pillow and yellow heart pillow were among some of our first purchases. I love the energy that they bring and the youthful colors are so fun. Small doses of pink are exactly what our home needed. We have three girls living here after all!

Living Room Tour |

Living Room Tour |

For our fairly small room, an acrylic coffee table takes up less space visually, but gives us all the function we need. The rounded corners are a nice plus with littles running around too. And yes, on a daily basis this is covered in finger prints. We have three kids, I’m sure the style police will understand. A pair of ottomans slip underneath, with a fun pattern to peak through. We’d originally bought these to be more of foot stools, but more often we find the girls hopping up, like their own tiny play table. I found the ottomans on Ebay, and just recovered them with a black and white blanket.

Living Room Tour |

The gray arm chair was the one that we’d planned to use in Ryan’s nursery. It camped out in the living room for a while, as we finished up planking and painting his room, and we couldn’t convince ourselves to take it out. We swapped out the original rectangular Ikea legs for more fitting mid-century legs. The wood chair that you can just see in the corner of the above photo is something I picked up off Craigslist. I’m hoping to have the cushions reupholsted relatively soon. So, you know, don’t hold your breath.

DIY Blanket Ladder |

We built a really simple blanket ladder out of 1×4’s and galvanized plumbing pipes. The girls haven’t taken interest in climbing it just yet, but if that day ever comes, a few brackets to secure it to the wall may be in order. For now, we’re really enjoying our floors free of blanket piles.

Living Room Tour |

Craigslist strikes again with this pretty side table. I desperately wanted to save the wood finish, but it was a sanding project gone very wrong. Paint it is (Sherwin Williams’ Snowbound – my go-to white these days) . I switched out the hardware and applied a faux marble contact paper to the top. Totally new piece. The lamp on top is the same one that we used in Ryan’s room. I love it, but I’m not totally sure that it works here, with the white on white.

Living Room Tour |

The throw on the back of the armchair is only temporary in here, but I thought I’d share the source because if you feel anything like I do, your curiosity has probably grown to pure infatuation by now – Someware Goods. She’s one of two that’ll be in the dining room, eventually.

So, we still have some work to be done, but given the amount of changes, I’m feeling really good with where we’re at. I’d still like to get something up on the pallet wall, opposite the ladder, upholster the wood chair cushions, maybe a throw pillow for the two chairs, etc. But, at the end of the day, I fall just a little more in love with this room, which is something that I could never really say about our previous living space. Not just this room as a whole, but when I break it down, I love every. single. detail!



August 20, 2013

Living Room Items For Sale!

You ask and you shall receive 🙂

After announcing some major changes in our living room, we had a lot of interest from readers in purchasing a few of the items that are getting the boot. So, as promised, now that we’re ready to sell, we’re back to share details on how exactly those pieces can be purchased!

Living Room Makeover |

We’ve created an account over on Ebay (HERE) where you’ll find prices, measurements, shipping info, etc. Please note – Larger pieces are only available for pickup to locals here in Cincinnati.

We figured that since we’ve had so much interest, Ebay would be the best way to handle the purchases. That way, everyone knows exactly how much we’re asking, how long you have to purchase, and nothing is sold without everyone having their fair share at it.

If you have ANY questions whatsoever, please shoot me an email and I’ll do my best help!

Happy Shopping 🙂

July 24, 2013

Laugh It Up

At least, that’s what I keep telling myself as I write this post.

I confessed a major screw up a few weeks ago, regarding how we’ve decorated our home in the past. It felt glorious, but honestly, also a little overwhelming. In efforts not to drown in this mess we’ve created, and to continue moving forward, I’ve chosen to start with one of the rooms that we spend the most time in, to sort of, recover. The living room.

The last few times we touched on this space it was looking like this (minus the new grasscloth entryway):

Living Room Makeover |

It’s lovely, don’t get me wrong. But honestly, it says nothing about us. Zero personality. Well, zero of our personality. If it were all back in the store, not a single thing would be calling my name. Not a single thing would come home with us. Notta.

Obviously, some things need to go. It’s about to get real here people. Everything with an “X” is getting the axe. And by axe, I mean Craigers is coming for you.

Living Room Makeover |

Crazy, right? I mean me. You think I’m crazy, right? It’s cool.

I told you, we messed up big time. Nearly every single item in this room is getting the boot. Let’s take a closer look.

Sofa & Pillows – Sofa never fit the space. Came from our previous home. Just plain doesn’t work in this room. Pillows are not meant to stick around for years. MUST. SWITCH. THEM. NOW. 🙂

Ottoman/Pouf – Cute, but not here. Maybe the girls’ room? Too glam for us.

Rug – This makes me cry. Way too much yellow going on near the front door. I like the rug, so it may stay somewhere else in the house (master bedroom?).

Dresser/Media Console – Ricky wants to beat my head against the wall for this one. He’d keep it, but I say go. It’s beautiful, but it’s super trendy, too big for the room, and the herringbone makes my eyes bleed. There, I said it. Anything chevron/chevron-esque, please get the eff out of my house. Thank you.

Art Prints – A good quick fix, but I need some “real” art in my life. Something that inspires. Something colorful, and less symmetrical.

Curtain Panels – I’m almost as tired of ikat patterns as I am chevron. I think getting back to my classic roots is the name of the game here.

Front Door – Ok, this isn’t technically going anywhere. But it will be getting a fresh coat of paint 🙂

Desk Area – This space is already gone, as you saw in this post. Which, while we’re on topic, go ahead and toss these plans as well.

Now, just what exactly are we keeping you ask? Well…

• Flooring
• Pallet Wall (but the other walls may get a fresh coat of paint)
• Ceiling Light (I think)
• Umm, that’s it.

It’s nuts. But also, really, really fun. Yes, we spent money that didn’t need to be spent and lost hours, if not days, on projects that are going down the drain, but that is one heck of a terrible reason to give up on a room. You win some, you lose some. New plan: I’m going with my gut on new purchases, staying the heck away from Pinterest, and taking. my. time. I’ll be back next post with my main source of inspiration for, well, not only this room, but our entire house!

January 7, 2013

New Around Here

So, so happy to be back here on the blog with you guys! I took some time away from the screen to enjoy time with the fam. It. Was. Fantastic. Spending the entire day with my girls without having to worry about posts and projects was an entirely new world. That being said, I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss this little blog of mine 🙂

I’d originally planned to just take the week of Christmas, but then life happened. Zoey ended up in the emergency room after having a high fever induced seizure. Most terrifying day of my life. But that’s maybe a post for another day.. or not at all. We’ll see. All is good now though, no worries 🙂

On a much lighter note, you guys haven’t peeked into our home in over two weeks and I’m dying to spill the beans. Nothing too major, but a few small additions that I’m still drooling over. Lets just jump right into it!

New Around Here |

1- I made two separate trips to Home Goods since we last checked in, and I didn’t leave empty handed either time. We were in the area on the first trip (without kiddos) so Ricky and I popped in for a promised “5 minute browse”. Which happened, because the minute I saw this beauty I bolted to the checkout line. Do you ever find a product you love and then check over both your shoulders to make sure no one else sees what you’ve found? Yea, that happened. And if you love ceramic stools the way that I do, then you know that similar versions can run up to $300 and the least expensive version I’ve seen still runs just under $100. This babe was $50. Done. Deal. Perfect for beside our living room sectional to drop an extra drink, book, or (if you’re two) to actually use as a drum 😉

2- Now, the second trip to Home Goods I was alone. Never good. You really can’t trust me in that store. Which is why I came home with a second one. Ok, ok, I know. Another ceramic stool? But you have no idea how long I have been stalking Home Goods for a ceramic stool of any kind, and to find one in the top two colors I wanted was just too good to pass up. And seriously.. If the stool didn’t want to be purchased, then it wouldn’t have yelled to me from across the store. Plain and simple. And I actually like this one more than the first, so I was able to justify the slightly higher price of $69. (similar version here marked down from $300 to $150)

3- Buying anything over $100 usually takes some serious contemplating for me. Especially on something that will be used solely to please my little design and organizing heart. Which is exactly why I’ve been going back on forth on the purchase of the Silhouette Cameo for months. In the end, I just couldn’t justify spending the money when we’re still dishing out $30 for friggin’ baby formula. So, when my hubs extremely generous dad surprised me with it on Christmas morning.. well, you can imagine my excitement. You guys. This is the mack daddy of electronic cutting. I foresee some serious labeling going on around here. This will not be the last time this guy makes an appearance on the blog.

4- If you follow me on twitter than you may have gotten a sneak peek at the next item on the agenda. An owl cookie jar. How can something so small consume so much of my love? I kid, but seriously. This thing is adorbs. I had a leftover gift card to West Elm from my birthday (thanks ma!), so this guy was f-r-e-e. Holla.

5- Anxious does not even begin to describe how I feel about reworking our entryway. I’ll probably only mention it 30-40 more times before it actually happens, but for any newbies, we’re planning an addition to our home this spring-summer, which will include a larger, main living area. What that means for the current living room- no more office space, no more sofa in the middle of the room, and less rooms suffocating from too much furniture. This is where our plans to work some function into the entryway come into play! This fantastic (and huge- 34″x14″) boot tray will be the perfect landing spot for wet shoes and muddy boots, which we never have a short of thanks to Ricky. Wiring brand new homes on sites surrounded by nothing other than mud can bring home a serious mess. Is it just me, or there something seriously sexy about a man coming home from a long day covered in sweat and dirt? Feel free not to answer that.

6- The last buy was sort of on a whim. Well, we’ve been looking for a better functioning option for the eggs in the refrigerator, and these adorable egg crates from World Market were only $5.99. So, naturally, I ordered two. One yellow and one white. One for the actual eggs and a second for holding my jewelry in the bedroom.

December 12, 2012

Deck the Living Room

We made a few holiday switcheroos in the living room this year. Nothing too crazy, but just enough to give the room a little extra flair. Confession – I’m really not all that into Christmas decorations. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about the celebrating the holidays, but I’m just not into most of the decorations. Maybe it’s all the glitter, I don’t know. That stuff sticks around for weeks. Ugh.

However, I do love myself a good Christmas tree, and I’m all about “winter” decorations. You know, the ones that can blend in well beyond the holidays. One problem – They’re not that easy to come by, so our collection is starting out small and will hopefully grow over time. Kind of like the approach we take with the rest of our home.

First up, adding a few strands of white lights to frame the wood pallet wall. We weren’t sure if we’d actually be able to fit a Christmas tree in the living room, so we settled on the idea of at least having some festive lights on the wall. Turns out, with a little furniture maneuvering we were able to do both! The lights are so fun! I’m tempted to keep them up year round (crazy lady alert). Well, at least through New Years.

Deck the Living Room | Cape 27

Zoey had a blast helping Rick hang them. The kid pretty much enjoys anything that involves helping either of us. Permission to use the hammer earned double fun points.

Deck the Living Room | Cape 27

Next up, the two large art prints on either side of the television. We knew we wanted something modern, maybe even a quote. But when I stumbled on this art project, I knew it would look great in those giant frames. The process was surprisingly simple and totally kid-friendly.

Tree Art | Cape 27

I traced out my tree shape on paper and cut it out beforehand to use as a guideline. I chose to use scrapbook paper (a holiday pack from Target) to make the strips, but you could really get creative here. Ribbon, fabric, washi tape, a combination of several, etc.

Tree Art | Cape 27

One glue-stick party later and I was left with this.

Tree Art | Cape 27

Since I glued the paper strips onto a separate tree shape, it made framing super easy. I just flipped over the existing art prints to the blank side and attached the tree shape to it using some painter’s tape.So when we’re ready to change everything back all we have to do is flip the print over to the original art.

I made a stocking version for the opposite side!

Tree Art | Cape 27

The media console, below the art prints, also got a mini-makeover.

Deck the Living Room | Cape 27

I added a mason jar filled with mini ornaments (dollar section at Target) and another jar (from Ikea) filled with vintage white light bulbs. I’m obsessed with these bulbs. We scored a few collections of them on Etsy and I’ve scattered them all throughout the house. They’re actually the same style bulbs (C-7’s & C-9’s) that we used to light the outside of the house with. And although they’re technically “Christmas” lights, you could definitely leave these out all season long, especially the white ones.

Fill Mason Jars with Ornaments | Cape 27

I also DIY’ed a few holiday drink coasters a while back that I tossed up there. Even though we’re not really coaster people we have about a dozen of them, basically because they’re just too darn cute not to have in every room. For anyone else looking to make coasters of your own, there are plenty of tutorials floating around on Pinterest, but we used 4″x4″ white tiles from Home Depot (about 10 cents a piece), scrapbook paper cut slightly smaller, mod podge to glue and protect the top of the paper, and felt pads glued to the bottom! And if you’re going to use the coasters for hot beverages, try using a clear automotive spray sealant designed for hot temps 🙂

We topped the white jewelry box with a glass bowl, filled with the same small ornaments and a small candle in the center. The bowl and votive were some crazy cheap price from Ikea. Shocker.

Deck the Living Room | Cape 27

 And finally on the right, a perfect winter decoration – an adorable white ceramic penguin.

Deck the Living Room | Cape 27

You should know, I’m a freak about penguins. I have issues. When Rick and I were first dating he helped me grow an embarrassing collection of these creatures. So yes, somewhere in storage I have 2-3 boxes of stuffed penguins. Putting it all out there. Needless to stay, when I stumbled upon this guy on sale at Homegoods he went straight into the cart. No decision-making necessary. Which is a big deal for me. I’m that girl in the store, staring blankly at an item for 10 minutes, before I finally walk away.. and then turn the corner and come back. And away again. And then I buy it online.

Your turn! Anyone else out there feeling the same way about traditional Christmas decor? Have any good “winter” decoration ideas? Any procrastinators out there still trying to get their tree up?