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June 23, 2014

Ryan’s Nursery Reveal

Finally, we are calling this room 100% complete (!!). Little Ryan arrived a few weeks early, following a prior few weeks of me on bed rest, so I’ll go ahead and blame those two things on the hold up. Although, that is unlikely. More likely? Game of Thrones + Orange is the New Black having slightly swayed my priorities. Either way.

Last time we touched base, the “construction” phase, as we’d called it, had just been wrapped up. Wood plank walls, craftsman door/window moldings, a newly drywalled ceiling, and fresh paint throughout. Read more about that process here. We moved onto the really good stuff, furniture + diy projects, and eventually lighting, window treatments, accessories, and so on. Let’s dive in!

Welcome to Ryan’s Nursery!

Ryan's Nursery Reveal |

Many of the pieces came straight from the original mood board that I first shared, but there are plenty of new selections that can all be sourced at the bottom of this post!

Ryan's Nursery Reveal |

Ryan's Nursery Reveal |

Gah. That dresser. We found it for $60 on Craigslist and I gave it a complete makeover. Fresh cobalt paint, new hardware, and decorative fretwork panels on the top drawers. It’s easily in my top five favorite elements in the room.

Ryan's Nursery Reveal |

I am constantly reminded of all the love that we’ve tried to inject into this space. Hopefully, that’ll be the feeling Ryan gets as he grows older as well. We’ve always been fans of tackling projects ourselves, big and small, but there’s just something about this room that feels so handmade to us. I love it.

Ryan's Nursery Reveal |

Industrial Pipe Curtain Rod |

Design-wise, Ryan’s nursery has been a big game changer for me. It’s a new reminder, when it comes to the rest of our home, to prioritize including pieces that carry emotional weight. Memories, personal pieces, family photos, etc. That seems silly, but it’s not always been at the top of the list for me when styling a space. More often, it’s about making things pretty and functional. There’s something so amazing about a room that feels lived in, like it has a life of it’s own. Anyway, another lesson learned.

Ryan's Nursery Reveal |

One of the biggest regrets that I’ve had in past makeovers, is the absence of old and new pieces. Not this time! While plenty of purchases were made from big box stores, we also bought everywhere from local thrift stores and flea markets to vintage pieces from Ebay + Craigslist + Etsy! It’s such a good mix, I can’t get enough.

Ryan's Nursery Reveal |

Ryan's Nursery Reveal |

There’s somewhat of a theme going on here, although it could be hard to pick up on if you weren’t paying close attention. I know. Themes. Not in my wildest dreams. But this is one I can get on board with. It’s sort of a whimsical, woodsy + nature meets tribal + hard industrial. That’s not a thing, but I’m going with it.

DIY Industrial Pipe Bookcase |

Ryan's Nursery Reveal |

And with our third kid, we finally got the whole organization thing down pat. Not only is this room ready for baby, it’s ready for toddler + preschooler + more. Similar to what we just gave the girls (read more about that here), Ryan’s closet is also customized to the nines.

DIY Custom Nursery Closet |

So, there we have it, Ryan’s nursery!

Ryan's Nursery Reveal |

Interested in where we purchased something? This is for you! Otherwise, any questions can be left in the comments and I’ll do my best to help!


+ Wood Plank Wall
+ Wall/ Trim Color – SW Snowbound
+ Ceiling Color – SW Lighter Mint
+ Ceiling Light – Previously in the dining room.
+ Moroccan Shag Rug
+ White Linen Curtains
+ Industrial Curtain Rods – DIY, using pipe from Home Depot. Plenty of tutorials out there on this already.

++ CRIB – Hand me down from big sister’s Nursery.
+ Woodland Blanket
Yellow Stripe Blanket
+ Crib Pillows – Obviously, these don’t stay in here. Solid blue pillow + striped tribal pillow.
+ Dreamcatchers – DIY. A few good tutorials here and here.
+ Gray Laundry Hamper

++ DRESSER – Craigslist find. Painted SW Hyper Blue + custom fretwork panels on the top drawers.
+ Dresser Hardware – Home Depot’s Pinnacle knobs + pulls, spray painted Gold with a sheer black overlay for a faux antique brass finish.
+ Drawer Organizer Inserts
+ Hemispheres Map
+ Leather Triangle Pennant Banner – DIY, made from Hobby Lobby leather scraps.
White Table Lamp
+ Round Wooden Tray
+ Mint Bowl + Tray
+ Footed White Frame

++ TREE SLICE PAINTING – DIY, using Michaels’ wood plagues, inspired by UO.
+ Yellow Wooden Coat Hooks – DIY, leftover pallet wood + a few Hobby Lobby knobs + yellow paint.

++ TEAL PLYCRAFT LOUNGE CHAIR – Local thrift store
+ Black and White Stripe Blanket
+ Leather Tribal Pouf – Vintage, Ebay
+ Tripod Side Table
+ Yellow Alarm Clock – Vintage, Etsy
+ Yellow Planter

++ INDUSTRIAL PIPE BOOKCASE – There are a million and one tutorials for these, but we found this one the most helpful.
Aqua Toy Baskets
+ Racoon Plush Bookend – Purchased here, filled with sand for extra weight.
+ Marquee Letter “R” – Vintage, flea market
Footed Blue Frame
+ Tree Slice Quote Art – DIY, using Michaels’ wood plagues.
+ Ceramic Turtle Planter
+ Custom Arrow Set
+ Woodland Photograph
+ Yellow Lantern – Vintage, Etsy.
+ Alphabet Blocks – Vintage, flea market.
+ White Storage Boxes

++ CUSTOM CLOSET – Tutorial here.
+ Fabric Storage Bins – Yellow, Blue, Aqua.
+ Woven Seagrass Baskets
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February 4, 2014

The Nursery Mood Board and Plenty of Other Ramblings

Is there really an appropriate place to pick up at after being gone for so long? Probably not. So instead, I’m just going to jump into something that I’m currently completing consumed by. Babbbby.

As mentioned in the previous post, Ricky and I are so excited to be welcoming our third baby late this April, and even more excited to be welcoming our FIRST BOY. After two girls, it’s totally new, unexplored territory, and it in a lot of ways it feels like our first baby all over again. Exciting, terrifying, and no shortage of emotional breakdowns. On a second note, I think I’ve officially crawled out from under a pregnancy condition known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum (more on that here for anyone interested), basically “morning sickness” on steroids. Which, as many of you guessed, was the main reason for my absence from the blog. Fun stuff, but I’m ready to leave it in my past and live my life again!

So, today I’m back to share a few details on the nursery (!!!!!). We’re shooting to have it completely finished prior to the baby’s arrival. Both of the girls slept in their own rooms only days after coming home from the hospital, and we envision the same happening with this little guy. I’m a super light sleeper, and the girls were unusually loud and mobile sleepers, so we just found it was better for everyone if we be in separate spaces. Of course, that’s always subject to change, but we’d like to have a space ready either way. That means we have just under three months, which should be doable.

The nursery will actually be Lizzy’s old room, who has since moved into a shared room with here big sis, Zoey. Zoey is three and Lizzy will be two next month, so that’s been.. interesting. Their both in big girls beds, and I’m working on finishing up their room as well, meaning we’ve really fallen behind on keeping this blog updated. At some point, I’d also love to share the living room. It’s about 90% complete and 100% different than last time it was shared, but I think I’ll wait to cross the finish line and then spill the beans. And while we’re playing catch-up, Ricky has been chipping away at the family room (the addition, as we once referred to it), which we’re shooting to have ready for furnishings in the next few weeks. Fingers crossed.

Basically, this is just my fair warning that we’re really behind in sharing our progress and that this blog may be running a little different than anything you’ve seen in the past. Noticeably less updates, but more substantial ones at that. I may still have a few smaller projects mixed in, but I’m really excited to make the switch to more “revealing” posts. Think full room reveals and/or multiple updates at a time versus “I love this new pillow/lamp/or chair post”. But for now, let’s get you guys caught up! Here’s a glimpse at what I have in mind for the nursery:

Nursery Mood Board |

1- Color Scheme – We’re playing around with a loose combination of cobalt blues, cool mints, bright yellows, and contrasting black and white patterns, all layered on a bright white palette. We tried our hand at the horizontal wood planking on the walls of our guest bath and we’re thinking the nursery would be a great contender for a second try at that (wider planks this go-round). Maybe just one or two walls, possibly them all, we’ll see. The ceiling will get a subtle pop of minty color, similar to what we did with Zoey’s coral ceiling.

2- Crib – We’ll be using the same crib that Zoey and Lizzy used for the new baby, but it’s seen far better days (tiny teeth got to it before we could prevent the damage). I had been planning to paint the bottom wood base white, to match the upper portion anyway, so now I’m just leaning towards a good sand on damaged areas and a fresh coat of paint on the entire thing.

3- DIY Bookcase – These wood/pipe bookcases are everywhere right now, but we’re hoping to take a slightly different approach color wise when building one of our own. We’ll see. Looking at the mood board, I’m actually kind of loving how the traditional black pipe/dark wood combo is looking too. A few cheery, yellow accents mixed in with toys, books, etc. is sure to make this a favorite wall.

4- World Map – I ordered this print a while back and have a fun crafty project to do with it. The colors are spot on and the paper is surprisingly vintage-inspired. Love.

5- Floor Baskets – Because piles of toys are so much cuter in pretty baskets.

6- Dresser/Changing Table – I used this dresser image in a previous client’s design and have been crushing ever since. We have a dresser that I found on Craigslist just waiting in the garage for some warm weather and cobalt paint. The snowy forecast is looking very promising. And that lamp. We have the very same one in our living room (slacking on updates, I’m aware), and I can’t get enough of it. Seconds, please.

7- Lounge Chair – We never really “rocked” our girls to sleep. No, that’s a lie. We never rocked Lizzy. We rocked Zoey so much that she became fully dependent on it, sometimes taking up to an hour of rocking to fall asleep at night. We then vowed never to rock Lizzy into a full sleep before lying her down. Point of this tangent – we will not be rocking any babies around here, so a simple arm chair should get the job done for those late night feedings. The Karlstad chair would easily transition into any other space in our home as baby outgrows it AND if we destroy the cover with inevitable milk spills, a replacement cover can be bought at a small cost. Win, win.

8- Throw Pilllows – Babies love throw pillows, right? Not in the crib people, calm down.  I’m really drawn to black and white geometric prints and hot damn, this pillow is gorgeous.

9- Rug – The rug in the girls’ room is not soft. Like, at all. It’s terribly beautiful, but has zero function in my eyes. Anyway, that’s a replacement for another day (third time’s a charm?). So, with this purchase I wanted something on the opposite side of the spectrum. We loved West Elm’s Souk Rug, but ultimately ordered this guy. After reading Dana’s post we’re pretty confident that it’ll be perfect for future baby hands and knees.

So, there we have it. Official nursery plans brain dump.

Now, we just have to actually do any one single of these things that we’ve planned. Ready, go.




April 4, 2013

Craftsman Door Trim Tutorial

When we first bought our home, just over a year ago, I was immediately drawn to all of it’s potential – possibilities for an open floor plan, one floor living, and enough outdated finishes to go around. One thing we’ve really enjoyed bringing into the home is character. Things like crown molding, solid-core craftsman doors, beadboard in the bathroom, and built-ins galore. I love ranch style homes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t infuse a few other styles as well. My all-time favorite upgrade we’ve made, that isn’t so “typical ranch”, is craftsman-inspired door trim. I say inspired because we’re definitely not experts, and who knows if we’re doing anything by the books here, but we really love the look and hope you guys can gain some inspiration from it too!

I’m almost positive that the only time I’ve shown our door trim here on the blog was while featuring our new front door. Which is a shame. Seriously. It’s beautiful, and I’m a little perplexed at what’s taken me so long to write this post.

Simple Craftsman Door Trim Tutorial |

I mean, it’s everywhere in our house. Yet, somehow I’ve mistakenly hidden it.

Simple Craftsman Door Trim Tutorial |

The day we finished trimming out the all the bedroom doors in the hallway was a little like Christmas for me.

Simple Craftsman Door Trim Tutorial |

I love the simplicity, yet bulkiness of it all. And pair it with our new three-panel doors and we’re in business.

Simple Craftsman Door Trim Tutorial |

So, since we’re in the midst of remodeling the laundry room, which just so happens to have FOUR doors, I thought it’d be a good time to share the whole process in action! It’s crazzy easy. Simple Craftsman Door Trim Tutorial |

First up, a look at the wood selection. (twss)

Simple Craftsman Door Trim Tutorial |

We used three different sizes to frame out the entire door, as illustrated above. Rather than try to describe where each piece was used and probably lose everyone in the process, I’ll just show pics. It’s not rocket science 😉

Simple Craftsman Door Trim Tutorial |

Ricky did most all of the work here, and after a little trial and error, he found it easiest to start by assembly the two side pieces.

Simple Craftsman Door Trim Tutorial |

And instead of following up with the top portion directly to the wall, he built it independently first. A nail gun got the job done here.

Simple Craftsman Door Trim Tutorial |

And he was left with this.

Simple Craftsman Door Trim Tutorial |

Slap that guy up at the top of your door frame anddd voila! Instant character.

Simple Craftsman Door Trim Tutorial |

Easy enough?

Obviously, we still have painting to do here, which we’re holding off on until all the trim work is done, but you guys get the picture. I love all these finishing touches. The end is in sight!

March 15, 2013

Quick & Easy Book Display

Taking a break this week from the “That’s Pinteresting” posts. How would you guys feel about switching things up a bit, and doing them bi-weekly? I’m thinking the boost in content would be well worth the extra wait, and it’d leave more room for a home related post. Maybe something super easy, every other Friday? A little weekend project inspiration? We’ll see 🙂

So, today I have a little update for you guys that I somehow missed sharing. During the scramble to begin clearing the addition (aka, a LOT of toys) we came up with a few new storage solutions for the girls’ rooms. One of those being, a few quick bookshelves in Lizzy’s room. Once Lizzy graduates from her crib, we’re planning to have her move into Zoey’s room, where we have big plans for book storage. But for now, the kid needs storage. Big time. In the past, I stored Lizzy’s books in the lower portion of her dresser, but I’ve always been a huge fan of book storage that displays the cover of the book, versus the spine. And since this is more of a temporary solution, we weren’t looking to spend a whole lot of time or money. Which is where a few of Ikea’s Ribba ledges came into play.

But first, let’s recap. Here’s a previous shot of Lizzy’s room, where we’d last featured her new rattan chair.

Quick & Easy Book Display |

Since then, we’ve moved a DIYed play table into that space (from the addition)… which we built, umm.. at least six months ago and have yet to share it. Bad blogger, I know. So, here’s how we’re looking now.

Quick & Easy Book Display |

And what do you know, just to left..

Quick & Easy Book Display |

Previously, this wall had served as nothing more than a colossal waste of space. Or, when Ricky got froggy and thought a main walkway seemed like a cool place to store toys… a nice, entertaining moment of 3 am stumbling for Jess. Why was I heading that direction when the crib is clearly on the other side of the room? Who knows. Why is Lizzy still waking up in the middle of the night? Does it really matter people. It’s still going to happen.

Anyway… Hello, adorable children’s book display.

Quick & Easy Book Display |

We used three of the picture ledges on the lower portion of the wall, reaching just high enough for the girls to still reach. We considered taking the shelves to the ceiling, but figured the books at the top would just end up pretty lonely.

Quick & Easy Book Display |

Zoey and Liz have always been pretty avid readers (or listeners, I guess), but I’ve found with the forward facing books they’re even more interested! And, huge bonus, Zoey actually considers putting the books back when she’s finished. WUT…

Quick & Easy Book Display |

Quick & Easy Book Display |

With Lizzy’s 1st birthday last week, it’s crazy how fast her room is adapting to accommodate her new toddler ways. It really feels like a child lives here now… not just a baby (tear).

Quick & Easy Book Display |

Quick & Easy Book Display |

So, how about you guys? Any super quick projects going on at your home? Big plans to tackle something this weekend? We’re hoping to make some serious progress in the laundry room 🙂

November 19, 2012

Catch-up… not the dipping kind.

It’s catch-up week. Sometimes when you’re in the midst of home renovations things take foreverrrr. And sometimes you knock out 15 projects in the matter of three days (aka.. when John & Sherry are coming to crash you house in t-minus three days and you have 15 half finished projects floating around). Crunch time.

So throughout the rest of this week we’ll be sharing all the little projects we’ve been wrapping up around these parts. I don’t know why I just went all country on you. It happens.

We’d been looking to fill the space above Lizzy’s crib ever since we revealed her room. She really won’t be in this room a whole lot longer so we didn’t want to go crazy or spend a lot of money. In her older sister Zoey’s nursery, we had shelves above the crib. The girls are super close in age, just 16 months, and we’d decided to go the hand-me-down route as far as the room’s design went. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s almost a carbon copy. We still really loved the design, since it was just over a year old, and didn’t find much need to switch things up. So when we finally found some time to add something above Lizzy’s crib we figured why not do the shelves again? Quick, inexpensive, and we can re-use the shelves elsewhere once she moves into her big girl room with Zoey.

(Ignore where to paint stops at the ceiling. Crown molding soon enough)

We also had to remove the crib bumper since Lizzy is officially on the move now. Without smothering you with details about my children, let me just say that her alternative to crawling is the most adorable thing ever. It looks like she’s doing the butterfly stroke. Except on land.

Zoey had a framed ‘Z’ in her nursery, so we only found it fitting to have an ‘E’ for Liz (Elizabeth). I won’t go into a full on tutorial for this, because it’s so incredibly simple. I just used a sheet of cardstock paper, cut it down to fit the frame size, traced the letter onto it, cut away the letter with an x-acto knife, and attached fabric to a piece of cardboard behind. You could also do this with scrap booking paper, wrapping paper, etc. Easy personalization.

Beside the framed letter we added a crochet elephant I bought on Etsy a while back and a set of adorable rainbow stackers. They’re sold unfinished, which I prefer because then you can customize the colors to fit the room. I would love to try these out for a boys room in ‘manly’ rainbow colors!

We bought the ‘Love’ print a few years ago from MadebyGirl and the actual picture ledges are from Ikea.

I’m thinking the shelves could still use an extra piece or two. Something small. I’m really liking how the bright pink/coral in the rainbow picks up on the ombre mobile we DIY’ed. The room is starting to feel a little more collected 🙂