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May 16, 2011

Pull Up a Chair

You guys are going to have to dig way back into your memories to have any clue what I’m writing about today. Remember oh… three months ago when we posted about our dining chair roundup? Well, we finally came to a decision and took the plunge. We went with West Elm’s Scoop-back Chair. She’s sleek, slender, and the contrast between the chairs themselves and our dark rustic table is perfection. They’re super easy to clean, which is one of our top requests with Zoey and future bambinos running amok, and surprising comfortable. We saw similar designs at Target and Ikea at half the price but feared that their light weight design just might not make it to Zoey’s second birthday. So, we opted to pay a little more up front for West Elm’s version that are super sturdy, but at 80 bucks a pop they’re still really affordable compared to most. So without further ado, our new dining chairs 🙂

With several months without any chairs at all, we’re just now realizing how empty the room felt prior. And meals are an entirely new level of excitement. You mean, we don’t have to sit on the couch and cradle out plate in our laps? Sweeet.

The most thrilling part of this entire process for me wasn’t even the actual purchase. If I haven’t mentioned before, we live in the Cincinnati area, which sadly had to say farewell to our West Elm a few years back. Thankfully though, I wasn’t quite as obsessed as I am now so the goodbyes weren’t anything too terrible. Point of this ramble? We got to take a little road trip to the nearest store in Columbus where the hubs witnessed my Very First store experience post obsession. I imagine myself to be incredibly embarrassing, which explains the point at which he stopped following me and just watched from a distance. I made a pact with myself that we were shopping strictly to pick up our new chairs and since we left with just one of these adorable ceramic owls in hand, I’d say it was a success.

Anyway, back to the dining room. These pretty purple flowers are draped across our entire house. Part of my Mother’s Day gift from Z and the hubs. Fresh flowers are key to my happiness around here. They really just brighten up any space. I’m a huge believer that if you feel as if your space is “missing” something, try some fresh flowers, window treatments, and lighting.

Speaking of window treatments, it’s even more evident how lacking the dining space is now. We’re thinking a medium to dark gray would help ground the space and make it feel just a tad more intimate.

Overall, we feel that the space has come a long way. We would still love to add a nice runner (I’m thinking “DIYing” something burlap), window treatments, and possibly a new chandelier. Other than that we may just be calling it a day… yea, who am I kidding.


April 13, 2011

DIY Chevron Rug

Big surprise, right? I know, painting a rug with a chevron pattern is definitely nothing new the blogosphere and yes I’m following right along with the crowd. Blame me? These things are all the rage right now and the result for the price is just too much to pass up for this girl. I considered giving a full in depth how-to post but I’m sure you guys are getting a little sick of those. Plus, I’ll link to two of my favs here and here for every detail you could ever want 🙂

Now, onto the good stuff. I used Ikea’s Erslev rug for $40 at about 8’x6′. Not bad, although any flat woven rug will do. We debated back and forth between colors for about a week before I finally took the plunge with a dark teal. Sherwin William’s Low VOC Promar 200 in Eg-shel tinted to Ben Moore’s Bermuda Turquoise to be exact. It’s makes quite the statement. Me likey.

I’ve read others of using basic blue painter’s tape and it working out just fine but if you haven’t heard me raving about FrogTape before just know I swear by this stuff. It’s the mac daddy of the tape world. And as you can see, it didn’t disappoint.

Here’s a quick before shot I took just incase you have any doubt that this rug wasn’t always so magnificent. Yea, I’m that in love.

I tried to remember a few process shots but I was just way too into this one. All in all I put about four to five hours into it. It was a little tedious when marking out the chevron pattern but a whole lot better than waiting out the months of savings, if say I was interested in dropping a couple grand on a Madeline Weinrib rug…

Or even $500 for a similar West Elm model

With the rug coming in at $40 and paint at about $30 this baby only cost us 70 buckaroos. Heck yes. Plus, she’s totally customized to our color likings and coordinates perfectly with the rest of the space. Perfection has never been so easy 🙂

And just in case anyone is losing sight of the dining space on move in day, here’s a little flashback on our progress.

Moving along..

Now get out there and start painting your own rugs! Seriously, best project ever.

February 20, 2011

A Little Less Harry…

… and a lot more Happy.

Yep, we can officially wave good-bye to ole “harry”, a little DIY artwork project I bombed whipped up last week. He had to go. Plain and simple. And with his new version comes a few of our favorite photos. We’re loving the look of our new dining art wall.

We switched up the font in the “you make me happy when skies are gray” print to something a little more delicate. Originally I was really digging the bolder fonts until we tried out a little sample of this new one on our wedding date frame. It reads a little more light-hearted and fun, which is exactly the feel we’re going for. And since we’re trying to work a few new colors into our home, we threw in some dark teal and olive into the mix as well.

We debated back and forth between black and white photos versus color for the longest time. Finally, after way too much of my indecision hubster declared he no longer gave a crap we settled on the idea that we prefer black and white photos when doing a large gallery and color for smaller groups. But don’t hold me to that. You know we’re fickle around here. We went with simple white frames and white matting (Ikea’s Ribba frames) to really maximize the emphasis on the actual photos.

We also had some totally awesome maternity shots done that have some serious yellow accents in them. We’re thinking our master revamp is going to be absolute perfect place to show these off. Can’t wait to get started on that!

Psst – Locals can check out this post for details on our oh-so-awesome photographer.

February 8, 2011

The Party Has Arrived

And by party I do mean the recycled glass bottles that I talked about a while back. What else?

I ordered.

They came.

I’m happy.

Oh, not to mention now that I have a little bit of color guide, I’ve been whipping up some other projects and some awesome weekend buys 🙂 More to come. Until then you can join me basking in the warmth of their glow. Oh yea, I’m corny like that.

I’m thinking some of these gray candle votives might just top it all off scattered across the dining table.

And here’s a little peak at what’s going on in our dining room. We’re going for a full wall of art and photographs.

I squeezed in a nifty DIY quote picture, but… as you can see

“You make me happy when skies are gray” is looking a little like “You make me harry when skies are gray” due to the font choice. I’d say that totally kills the vibe of a candle lit dinner. Because we ever have those. Anyway, a fix is definitely in the near future. Like tomorrow, please.

January 20, 2011

Bottled up with Inspiration.

Holy cow. I should be ashamed. I have been looking for color inspiration for our living and dining area for months now. It’s a been an on and off process due to complete frustration. I wanted something fun, but subtle, a little moody and muted, something natural but not neutral, and rich, rich, rich, but not over the top. Do you see my problem? Plus, I’m not really into monochromatic, I prefer a combination of at least two if not three colors. Yes, I can be impossible. Anyway. I could lie and say that this was the first time I stumbled upon these gorgeous glass bottles, but I’m a little obsessive when it comes to West Elm. What does this mean? Well, these babies surfaced at least three months ago. Meaning… that I browsed over them about a minimum of 100 times. I’ll go bury my nose in the corner now. But seriously. PURE BEAUTY.

I’m totally in love with this color combination. Specifically the amber, dark teal, and olive. Can’t wait to pull these into some textiles and accessories. Talk about inspiration overload.

Oh, yes. You. Are. Mine.

Pssst – I’m already onto compiling a collection of accessories incorporating these new colors! When the inspiration hits, you have to run with it. So check back soon for those updates!

Jessie R.