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March 25, 2013

I Like It

Ok. I have to get this off my chest, before I explode. You guys. Crazy things are happening. Crazy things have been happening, and now I can finally share them with you!

This month, you can head out and find yours truly in not one, but TWO magazines. I’m freaking out on the inside… like, all day long. I know I’m supposed to be all calm and collected about these kinds of things (maybe not?) but that will not be happening. I’ve almost swallowed my tongue like three times.

Press |

The lovely Maria Charbonneaux, from Better Homes and Gardens contacted us back in October, and asked if we’d be willing to share our guest bathroom, in their spring issue of Kitchen & Bath Makeovers. Umm, No. Absolutely not. Please do not take photos of all our hard work and show it off to the world. Geez. Oh, you’re going to credit the blog while you’re at it? No, thank you. Psych.

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Well, a few months went by, we took part in a phone interview for the feature, and then things went to an entirely new level of ridiculousness (hey, if Rob says it’s a word, it’s a word). I swear, every time I take a nap (which the girls have allow maybe one time per child – that’s two) I wake up with amazing things going on around me. Ladies Home Journal wants to feature our latest dresser makeover in there April issue.

Press |

Listen people, I don’t know what’s going on here, but I like it. Of course, I say yes and now here we are today with stacks of magazines piled to the ceiling. You know I bought more than any normal person would consider. AND, for the teenage boy judging me while ringing up my 10 issues of LHJ… In your face. Or something.


May 11, 2011

Here Comes the Sun

Our beloved bookcase is finally nearing completion. Things around here are taking about 20 times longer these days. Having our house on the market has all but drained us energy wise. Which, for those of you following, we’ve had a boatload of buyers come through, but still no luck. Meh… with time. On to better things.

Hello, beautiful sunshine yellow.


She arrived more than a week ahead of scheduled delivery, yipee! And hubs surprised me with her assembled after coming home from a day out with my family. That man knows how to keep a girl smiling. We opted to keep the included back piece off. It came it two separate pieces and since we planned on painting the back out anyway we just picked a new piece at Lowe’s and cut her down to size. We didn’t want to take any chances with a seam down the middle. Ended up costing us only an additional 6 buckaroos. Well spent. Here’s a look at what we started with before paint and backing, just for kicks.

We plan on filling her with mostly white accent pieces that will really pop against the yellow backdrop. Maybe some teal and olive green mixed in since we’re pretty crazy about those colors as well. We still need to go back through and fill in a few screw holes with putty and touch up with some white paint for the finished look but I couldn’t wait to share with you guys until then. And if you didn’t notice, that’s Miss Medallion Jewelry Box front and center, our awesome find last week. She’s everything I expected and more 🙂


Until we have a good collection of items to fill up the new space we’ll have to leave you with these next few photos for some eye candy. They’re our main inspiration as far as styling a bookcase. Keeping it simple, clean, and as streamlined as possible.







May 4, 2011

Moroccan Pouf

If you haven’t noticed the moroccan pouf trend taking over the blogosphere, well then you’re probably living under a rock. I’m on board.


















However, not so on board with the $200+ price tag. Hello? We have a baby to feed over here. So, when Target announced that they’d be teaming up with Calypso St. Barth an offering this shiny metallic gal of goodness at only $59….

I was quick to add the link to my bookmarks and casually stalked it up until their debut on May 1st. Luckily our local Target had two left in stock after they sold out online within the first day. They’re definitely not the quality you would get in a $200 pouf. Not as.. “poufy” and obviously not real leather. Plus, I’m pretty sure there is some kind of support made of wood in the center. Like I said, it doesn’t “pouf” like it should. But it’s really pretty.. and shiny.. and nice to look at. Ha.

Me like.

Can’t wait to do some of this 🙂



PS – The new bookcase arrived a few days ago (over a week early!) so updates to come 🙂

April 22, 2011

Worth the Wait

I’ve been totally obsessing over this bookcase. Our living room has been calling out for some height and this would do the trick. Not to mention painting the back in a fun color to coordinate with the rest of the space. Yes, please.

And just as I gathered the courage to head on out to ikea to buy a Lack bookcase of my own… Discontinued.

Story of my life. So, after scouring the internet for an alternative I stumbled upon this guy.

Target’s Carson bookcase for only $110 + shipping. Not three days later I decided to make my move. What do ya know… Out of Stock.

I searched for a few more days for yet another alternative with no luck. So, when I decided to give it another try after another week or so and I saw this deal going on… Yea, credit card out.. sale complete.

Not only was the Carson back in stock, but it was on sale marked down from $119 to $89 PLUS it qualified for bullseye free shipping ($20 for a piece this large). Putting the total at $95 as opposed to about $145? Hell to the yea. Downside… 2-3 weeks before it’ll arrive. I’ll deal.

Now for a color… I’m thinking an olive green?

April 6, 2011

Gloss Heaven

Oh yes, check out that gloss.

Miss Parsons arrived this past weekend 🙂 I can’t stop staring… Isn’t she beautiful? Here’s a little before and after action. I think I’ve mentioned before that my previous setup consisted of an ottoman and a box. I wasn’t kidding. Here’s to keeping it real.

Pretty sad, right? Sometimes you just have to get the jobs done. It may not be so pretty but swing that ottoman around front and it works.. I suppose. Now, here’s saying goodbye to all those sleepless nights filled with cramped necks and weirdly sore fingers. And hello Miss Parson!


Alright, it’s still a slightly sad looking corner, but this is some real progress in the right direction. Still no chair. Lack of art. Lack of color. Lack of everything other than computer and desk… No worries, my brain has been turning on those subjects and I’m super excited to share more details soon!

So, as I said, not a mind-blowing before and after. But just for kicks…

…and after

We’ll call it a before and progress.