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June 23, 2014

Ryan’s Nursery Reveal

Finally, we are calling this room 100% complete (!!). Little Ryan arrived a few weeks early, following a prior few weeks of me on bed rest, so I’ll go ahead and blame those two things on the hold up. Although, that is unlikely. More likely? Game of Thrones + Orange is the New Black having slightly swayed my priorities. Either way.

Last time we touched base, the “construction” phase, as we’d called it, had just been wrapped up. Wood plank walls, craftsman door/window moldings, a newly drywalled ceiling, and fresh paint throughout. Read more about that process here. We moved onto the really good stuff, furniture + diy projects, and eventually lighting, window treatments, accessories, and so on. Let’s dive in!

Welcome to Ryan’s Nursery!

Ryan's Nursery Reveal |

Many of the pieces came straight from the original mood board that I first shared, but there are plenty of new selections that can all be sourced at the bottom of this post!

Ryan's Nursery Reveal |

Ryan's Nursery Reveal |

Gah. That dresser. We found it for $60 on Craigslist and I gave it a complete makeover. Fresh cobalt paint, new hardware, and decorative fretwork panels on the top drawers. It’s easily in my top five favorite elements in the room.

Ryan's Nursery Reveal |

I am constantly reminded of all the love that we’ve tried to inject into this space. Hopefully, that’ll be the feeling Ryan gets as he grows older as well. We’ve always been fans of tackling projects ourselves, big and small, but there’s just something about this room that feels so handmade to us. I love it.

Ryan's Nursery Reveal |

Industrial Pipe Curtain Rod |

Design-wise, Ryan’s nursery has been a big game changer for me. It’s a new reminder, when it comes to the rest of our home, to prioritize including pieces that carry emotional weight. Memories, personal pieces, family photos, etc. That seems silly, but it’s not always been at the top of the list for me when styling a space. More often, it’s about making things pretty and functional. There’s something so amazing about a room that feels lived in, like it has a life of it’s own. Anyway, another lesson learned.

Ryan's Nursery Reveal |

One of the biggest regrets that I’ve had in past makeovers, is the absence of old and new pieces. Not this time! While plenty of purchases were made from big box stores, we also bought everywhere from local thrift stores and flea markets to vintage pieces from Ebay + Craigslist + Etsy! It’s such a good mix, I can’t get enough.

Ryan's Nursery Reveal |

Ryan's Nursery Reveal |

There’s somewhat of a theme going on here, although it could be hard to pick up on if you weren’t paying close attention. I know. Themes. Not in my wildest dreams. But this is one I can get on board with. It’s sort of a whimsical, woodsy + nature meets tribal + hard industrial. That’s not a thing, but I’m going with it.

DIY Industrial Pipe Bookcase |

Ryan's Nursery Reveal |

And with our third kid, we finally got the whole organization thing down pat. Not only is this room ready for baby, it’s ready for toddler + preschooler + more. Similar to what we just gave the girls (read more about that here), Ryan’s closet is also customized to the nines.

DIY Custom Nursery Closet |

So, there we have it, Ryan’s nursery!

Ryan's Nursery Reveal |

Interested in where we purchased something? This is for you! Otherwise, any questions can be left in the comments and I’ll do my best to help!


+ Wood Plank Wall
+ Wall/ Trim Color – SW Snowbound
+ Ceiling Color – SW Lighter Mint
+ Ceiling Light – Previously in the dining room.
+ Moroccan Shag Rug
+ White Linen Curtains
+ Industrial Curtain Rods – DIY, using pipe from Home Depot. Plenty of tutorials out there on this already.

++ CRIB – Hand me down from big sister’s Nursery.
+ Woodland Blanket
Yellow Stripe Blanket
+ Crib Pillows – Obviously, these don’t stay in here. Solid blue pillow + striped tribal pillow.
+ Dreamcatchers – DIY. A few good tutorials here and here.
+ Gray Laundry Hamper

++ DRESSER – Craigslist find. Painted SW Hyper Blue + custom fretwork panels on the top drawers.
+ Dresser Hardware – Home Depot’s Pinnacle knobs + pulls, spray painted Gold with a sheer black overlay for a faux antique brass finish.
+ Drawer Organizer Inserts
+ Hemispheres Map
+ Leather Triangle Pennant Banner – DIY, made from Hobby Lobby leather scraps.
White Table Lamp
+ Round Wooden Tray
+ Mint Bowl + Tray
+ Footed White Frame

++ TREE SLICE PAINTING – DIY, using Michaels’ wood plagues, inspired by UO.
+ Yellow Wooden Coat Hooks – DIY, leftover pallet wood + a few Hobby Lobby knobs + yellow paint.

++ TEAL PLYCRAFT LOUNGE CHAIR – Local thrift store
+ Black and White Stripe Blanket
+ Leather Tribal Pouf – Vintage, Ebay
+ Tripod Side Table
+ Yellow Alarm Clock – Vintage, Etsy
+ Yellow Planter

++ INDUSTRIAL PIPE BOOKCASE – There are a million and one tutorials for these, but we found this one the most helpful.
Aqua Toy Baskets
+ Racoon Plush Bookend – Purchased here, filled with sand for extra weight.
+ Marquee Letter “R” – Vintage, flea market
Footed Blue Frame
+ Tree Slice Quote Art – DIY, using Michaels’ wood plagues.
+ Ceramic Turtle Planter
+ Custom Arrow Set
+ Woodland Photograph
+ Yellow Lantern – Vintage, Etsy.
+ Alphabet Blocks – Vintage, flea market.
+ White Storage Boxes

++ CUSTOM CLOSET – Tutorial here.
+ Fabric Storage Bins – Yellow, Blue, Aqua.
+ Woven Seagrass Baskets
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March 11, 2014

White Wood Planked Walls + Mint Ceiling

The nursery is moving right along, and thankfully so, considering our little guy is due to arrive in just over a month now. Last time I’d checked in, I’d shared a mood board illustrating our plans for the space, looking something like this:

Nursery Mood Board |

The past week or so, Ricky has been chipping away at the first phase of the room, what we’ve been calling the “construction” phase. For us, this meant covering the existing popcorn ceiling with new smooth drywall, adding horizontal wood planks to all the walls, trimming out the window and closet opening, re-installing baseboards, adding crown molding, and finally, painting all of it. Easy enough, right? I have to credit most of this to Ricky, although, I was able to jump in with some relief on all the painting.

Here’s the most recent shot of the room, that I’d shared with you guys after whipping up a quick book display (Lizzy still occupying the room at the time):

Quick & Easy Book Display |

When Lizzy moved into a shared room with Zoey we emptied out most of the items, but the rest has now found it’s way into the dining room, garage, and anywhere else we could temporarily squeeze things in. That’s also been fun. Changing table in the narrow hallway for a few weeks, why not?

Once completely cleared, Ricky laid down rosin paper to protect the floors and taped off the closet with a plastic barrier (it was filled with nursery items).

DIY Horizontal Wood Plank Walls |

First up was new drywall on the ceiling. The decision to cover our inherited popcorn ceilings was something we’ve always wanted to do. They were poorly done and super distracting in the space. Plus, the rest of the home has all smooth ceilings, so eventually covering the bedrooms to match was in the plans since day one. What we didn’t anticipate were popcorn ceilings that had been painted – aka, scraping them smooth was not an option. Although we have different plans for the other bedrooms, in here, we opted to just go over them with a thin new layer of drywall. Quite the delay time-wise, but worth every minute in the end.

Covering a Popcorn Ceiling |

As for the planked walls, we followed this tutorial almost to-a-tee, so I won’t go into the details (just follow the link for an in-depth walk-through). However, we made one exception when it came to the corners of the room, by skipping out on the vertical trim pieces. Instead, a quick sweep of caulk prior to painting seemed to cover any gaps where the boards met.

DIY Horizontal Wood Plank Walls |

Because each wall in this room is about 11′ long and the wood only came in 8′ lengths, we were a little worried about seam placement. We went with a simple pattern to keep things consistent, but were pleasantly surprised at how well the joints vanished after painting. In fact, if they’d been bothersome enough, we probably could’ve eliminated them completely with a little wood putty. You can barely see in the photo above, seams about 2′ off the corner at every other board (just along the wall without the door).

DIY Horizontal Wood Plank Walls |

Once the wood planks were up, Ricky re-installed the baseboards, hung crown molding, and installed craftsman-style trim to match the door on the window and closet opening (check out this post for a full tutorial on how we did that). DIY Horizontal Wood Plank Walls |

And finally, I painted. Everything.

DIY Horizontal Wood Plank Walls |

SW-Snowbound on all the walls and trim (a bright, but not stark, white) and SW-Lighter Mint on the ceiling (a pale mint with a touch of blue).



DIY Horizontal Wood Plank Walls |

I’m crazy in love with the ceiling color. We wanted something really subtle. I love a bold ceiling, but in this space, we just wanted a hint of mint to compliment the brighter colors we’ll be using elsewhere. It’s noticeable when you enter the room, definitely, but I think once we add the cobalt blue dresser, it’ll read as more of an accent color than the star of the room.


DIY Horizontal Wood Plank Walls |


You can already see below how well it picks up on the aqua floor baskets from the mood board.


DIY Horizontal Wood Plank Walls |


Sneak peak at a few accessories in the closet.


DIY Horizontal Wood Plank Walls |

Here you can really see how well the caulk worked to join the boards together at the corners.

DIY Horizontal Wood Plank Walls |


I was a little fearful that adding the wood planks to all the walls might make the room feel even smaller than it is, or that all the crazy horizontal lines going on would get distracting, but I’ve found quite the opposite. I think the bright white makes more of an impact than the actual wood itself, opening up the room even more.


DIY Horizontal Wood Plank Walls |

And I’m head-over-heels for the contrast against the floor.

DIY Horizontal Wood Plank Walls |

I was also always under the impression that I loved the craftsman trim and the crown moldings throughout the rest of our home because their bright white color popped against our gray walls – not the case. The white on white has me begging for more here:



DIY Horizontal Wood Plank Walls |

I still need to do a few touch ups around the window, as well as empty the closet and give it a fresh coat of paint, but for the most part, we’re moving onto the fun stuff!

DIY Horizontal Wood Plank Walls |

I painted the crib last month, so that just needs to be reassembled. I’m working on the dresser as we speak (!) and the arm chair has been making itself right at home in our living room for weeks. Lighting, rug, curtains – all in the works! Closing in on the industrial pipe bookshelves :)


June 4, 2013

Put Some Grass on Those Walls

Yesterday we played catch-up with a few quick updates we’ve been planning around here, and today I’m back to share our progress. Our first step in giving the entryway a mini makeover was attacking a  wall treatment. As I mentioned in the past, our main goal here was to lighten this side of the room. The last time we shared the entry it was looking like this…

Entrway/Office/Living Room Combo |

However, in real time, after moving the office to the bedroom we’ve been living with this:

Entryway |

Even after lightening the photo quite a bit you can still see how dark, not to mention uninviting, the space is. And please ignore the random collection of pieces. Pretty much every single thing in this photo is a temporary filler and will go elsewhere as we find replacements.

To ensure that the end result would in fact be significantly lighter, we started by framing out and painting the lower two-thirds of the wall in a bright off-white (a custom match to our Ikea Adel cabinets in the kitchen/dining room).

Bring Character to an Entryway with an Easy Wall Treatment |

 Ricky just used a few basic 1×3′s to make the frame, the same size boards as used on the craftsman door trim around the front door. It really helps the space feel as one, like it was always there, and brings so much character to the room. I always felt like the pallet wall, opposite the entry wall, was really heavy in the room and pulled your eyes directly to that side of the room. This new feature is definitely helping to balance that out. The pallet wall was another reason we opted not to do the typical board and batten within the frame. We felt like all the horizontal pallet boards mixed with vertical board and batten slats would just be too much for the room. So glad we recognized that before it was too late.

And BAM, instantly brighter.

Bring Character to an Entryway with an Easy Wall Treatment |

I’ll have to share a picture looking from the front door into the kitchen area, it’s so light and airy. I’m LOVING coming home to this new space.

Now, for the upper half. We played around with the idea of installing a gray grasscloth wallpaper above the chair rail for quite some time before settling on an option. I looked into buying it online, and even ordered a few samples, but all of the options seemed really dark and heavy. Then I remembered reading about Kate purchasing gray grasscloth wallpaper from Lowe’s. I flipped through their books with no luck, but what I did find was their selection of in-stock wallpapers. They didn’t have any gray grasscloth, but what I did find was Allen & Roth’s Grasscloth in Beige. You can probably guess what this painting-fool was about to do :)

Paint Grasscloth Wallpaper for a Custom Color |

At just $20 per roll and at my immediate disposal, I didn’t even question whether or not to give this project a try (most other grasscloths were only available by the double roll, costing $60+ and had to be custom ordered). I made sure to cut out a small sample of the wallpaper and paint it before wasting any time with the entire roll, and left it up on the wall for a few hours to decide if the color was a go. Which, for anyone curious, we chose to paint the grasscloth one shade lighter than our existing BM-Gray Husky wall color, with Ben Moore’s Silver Chains.

Paint Grasscloth Wallpaper for a Custom Color |

The paper was pre-pasted so I didn’t have to mess with any crazy wallpaper glues either. Hanging was crazy easy, coming from a girl who has never wallpapered or witnessed the process. I just simply cut the paper to size, submerged it in water, and smoothed it out on the wall. I picked up one of those wallpaper water trays to dunk the paper in, which was manageable with smaller strips, but if you’re looking to wallpaper an entire wall (floor to ceiling) I might suggest using a spray bottle to midst the paper instead.

Paint Grasscloth Wallpaper for a Custom Color | Cape27Blog.comPaint Grasscloth Wallpaper for a Custom Color |

In older homes the walls are never straight, so I was pretty much banking on a fight if I tried to precut the paper before hanging. Instead, I just left an extra half inch or so on both top and bottom and then cut the paper with an x-acto knife once it was snug on the wall. I found that using the smoothing tool to hold the paper in place, while I made each cut, kept the paper from sliding around or snagging.

Paint Grasscloth Wallpaper for a Custom Color | Cape27Blog.comPaint Grasscloth Wallpaper for a Custom Color |

Even with the beige color, I was already loving the look.

Paint Grasscloth Wallpaper for a Custom Color | Cape27Blog.comPaint Grasscloth Wallpaper for a Custom Color |

The seams were a little more noticeable that I had hoped for, but no worries, the paint takes care of them! From a distance they blended in quite well anyway.

Paint Grasscloth Wallpaper for a Custom Color | Cape27Blog.comPaint Grasscloth Wallpaper for a Custom Color |

I allowed the wallpaper to set up for a few days before tackling the painting phase, which is not really a “phase” at all since I painted the grasscloth exactly the way I would have any other wall surface. Bonus – it covered in one thin coat!

I’ll admit, it did lose some of the texture, which could have been assumed since we were covering the variation of colors with one solid color, but it still has plenty close up!

Paint Grasscloth Wallpaper for a Custom Color | Cape27Blog.comPaint Grasscloth Wallpaper for a Custom Color |

Form farther away, it blends perfectly with the other walls :)

Paint Grasscloth Wallpaper for a Custom Color | Cape27Blog.comPaint Grasscloth Wallpaper for a Custom Color |

I know, it doesn’t even look like wallpaper. Which, I kind of love. It’s a nice little surprise when you get closer up!

Here’s a very boring, and very poorly staged version of what we’re planning for the space. Of course, the mirror needs to be hung, we’ll be replacing the console with a dresser, adding a few accessories, hanging a couple coat hooks, and we might swap out the chair. We’ll see :)

Paint Grasscloth Wallpaper for a Custom Color | Cape27Blog.comPaint Grasscloth Wallpaper for a Custom Color |

We’ve almost wrapped up the mudroom lockers (I know, I’m jumping around on projects like a crazy person. Sorry, get used to it.), so maybe we could squeeze in DIY’ing a dresser for this space sometime relatively soon. That is, if we finish up Zoey’s closet this week. Whhhat? I know. We’re nuts. Why do we do this to ourselves? We’ll be sharing more deets later this week :)

May 9, 2013

She’s Moody

We painted the house. And I’ll be honest, I’m really wishing I was our neighbor across the street, just so I could gaze at all of it’s loveliness every day. Every day, all day. It’s good. Really good. Of course, I’m biased. So, have a look for yourself :)

Dark & Mood Exterior Color Palette |

We shared the depths of our plans for the new color scheme earlier this week, so I’ll just expand slightly. Obviously, we went dark. The new colors are all neutral, but play off each other nicely to give quite the statement. We wanted something a little warmer than a true gray for the trim, so we went for a charcoal with some green/brown undertones. I can hardly say that though, because in person it just looks like a warm gray.. there’s no green or brown about it.

Dark & Moody Exterior Color Palette |

The charcoal is probably my favorite part of the transformation. Which is convenient, since it’s the color we used the most. We’ve yet to paint the sides of the house, where we’ll use more of the charcoal to cover the soffits. The roof and gutters are also on the to-do list, needing a fresh coat of black. And we’ll be sure to share all of the roof details as we tackle them, but that’s a post of it’s own.

Dark & Moody Exterior Color Palette |

You can kind of get an idea of the purple tones we’re hoping to bring in with landscaping. The flowers on that bright bush (below right) are the shade we’re going for, so we’re hoping to salvage it. Maybe just scale it back a tad. Everything else.. must go.

Dark & Moody Exterior Color Palette |

As far as the process went.. we spend about two days painting the front facade, using a sprayer. Outside of the specific paint colors, we used Sherwin Williams’ ‘Resilance’ paint in a flat finish. The spraying was super quick and easy, but the prep… ugh, the prep. We taped off every area using brown masking paper (around $2 a roll, which has covered everything so far) and some basic painters tape. Each color variation meant more taping, above and below. Mind you, this was also on the two windiest days Cincinnati has seen all year. We had to tape the paper on all sides to keep the wind from ripping it away. So yea, spraying paint in the wind trying to avoid destroying our home, neighbors’ homes, and cars. That was fun. Either way, it was much faster than using the good ol’ brush and roller. I think.

Dark & Moody Exterior Color Palette |

(our little helper)

With such an abundance of painting projects coming up, and large ones at that, Ricky and I had been discussing the purchase of a paint sprayer for quite some time. Well, we finally bit the bullet when we spotted the Ryobi cordless sprayer, marked down from $185-ish to $130 at Home Depot. It was an impulse buy. We needed a sprayer, it was on sale, we trust the brand for other power tools, easy decision.

Had I taken the time to look at any one single online review (there are pages upon pages) I would have quickly run in the other direction at the mass amount of negativity. Long story short (since SO many others have already covered this same topic) we made the same mistake and bought the crappy sprayer. It’s working okay for our outdoor painting, where the finish doesn’t need to be perfect, but it’s not going to cut it for nearly anything else. Furniture? Not a chance.

Dark & Moody Exterior Color Palette |

So, that’s my little vent. Don’t buy it. What should you buy? I’ll share it when I find it. Moving on.

Or should I say, backwards? You know I love a good side-by-side before and after. Let’s look back to to the day we closed on our home :)


Dark & Moody Exterior Color Palette |


Dark & Moody Exterior Color Palette |

Truly, it’s more of a progress shot, since we know there are plenty more updates in the near future. But, it’s come quite a long way since day one. Checking one more off the to-do list :)

Replace the rotting header above the garage
Give the porch column a smooth coat
Add a railing to the side of the porch
• Build new window shutters
Paint the exterior of the house
• Paint the roof (yes, we’re doing that)
• Remove ALL landscaping in the front yard and replace it with something more modern
• Landscape around the mailbox and post light
• Build window boxes for the front of the house
• Do something about that driveaway
• Hire someone to remove the FIVE trees that have fallen over during wind storms
• Replace damaged wood and paint the swing set
• Repair and paint the backyard shed

Now, we just need it stop raining so we can paint this mismatched sides of the house.. It’s like we tried to paint in the Spring or something?

May 7, 2013

It’s Not White

Let’s talk color scheme. And if you haven’t figured it out already, it’s not white. Why do I mention this? Because nearly every house on our block (all 1950′s ranches) have white trim. Which I love. Well, loved. Now it’s more of a distant friendly relationship. Like, hey girl.. I like that polka dot shirt you’re wearing. Mmmk. See ya later.

Anyway. When we first bought our house I was all gung-ho about painting all the trim white. White trim around the garage door, white trim around the front door, white trim around the windows. You get it. One problem. We have black windows. Call it what you will, but someone was obviously a little house-smitten and committed some serious overlooking in that department.

Now, I’ve mentioned these windows before when designing our kitchen. Long story short, I despised them, and now I’m hopelessly in love, and wouldn’t trade them for the world. Black windows for the win. Plus, ironically they’re making quite the comeback on Pinterest, which has me a little happy and a little mad. You know the whole… “but they were mine first”. It’s whatev.

Sorry, it’s a rambling kind of day.

Moving on to the color scheme. I pinned this next photo over a year ago and never looked back. I’d never imagined an all-dark color scheme could look so good. And we were in luck, our home was nearly the exact same shade of red brick. Alert – DO NOT bother trying to find the paint color names behind this gorgeous photo. They do not exist. Take my word.

Gorgeous Charcoal Trim & Red Brickvia

 We played around with a few test swatches and finally landed on this color combination. It’s rich, moody, and dare I say.. sexy? Yes. Yes, it is. Heyyy there.

Rich & Moody House Exterior Color Scheme |

Here’s the plan: We’re going black (Black Magic) on the shutters, garage door, gutters and roof. Charcoal (Ashwood Moss) on all the trim, soffits, and to frame out the peek above the garage. A medium gray (Sabre Gray) for inside the “triangle” above the garage and possibly for window boxes. Then, we’ll bring in pops of vibrant color to really lighten things up with a bright yellow door, modern green landscaping, and various shades of purple with flowers. That’s definitely not an extensive landscaping plan, but we’ll get to that part when we get there. We just have a basic idea in mind for now.

Now, here’s my lovely photoshop rendering ;)

Rich & Moody House Exterior Color Scheme |

It’s going to be quite the transformation. Hopefully..

Rich & Moody House Exterior Color Scheme |

I’m thinking paint alone will do wonders for our house. And maybe get the neighbors off our backs for a week or two.

Psst – The painting process has officially begun, so we’ll be sharing more progress this week as we go!