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April 3, 2013

Built-in Laundry Appliances

It’s that time again.. Wednesday. Which, means nothing. Except that I’m already falling behind on sharing laundry room updates with you. Urg. Must. Keep. Up. So, in effort to withhold my end of the deal, today we have – laundry room updates. I know. I have you guys so pumped up, right?

Well get pumped, because this is actually a pretty fun part of the transformation – Cabinetry.

Last time we checked in, we’d just finished installing the new hardwood floors. Swoon.

Installing Hardwood Flooring Over Existing Tile |

We’re attempting to give the washer and dryer a built-in look, so we’ve framed it all out and we’ll be adding a nice countertop to finish things off. Right beside the appliances, we also added a small closet for cleaning supplies, laundry accessories, pet food, etc.

Here’s a look back at the original floor plan changes.

Let’s just dive right into the photos, which should give you guys a better understanding.

(sorry, working at night after the kiddos are in bed means not-so-great photos)

Built-in Laundry Appliance Tutorial |

ย Ricky framed out the washer and dryer on both sides and made a small divider between them, using 3/4″ plywood. The appliances will simply slide into place after everything is painted. You can see this weird, L-shaped piece on the right – that’s just to give the impression of a chunkier piece of wood once the dryer is installed. You’ll hardly even see the piece on the middle, it’s more for countertop support, so we didn’t mind it being a little slim. We’re thinking we’ll eventually add some molding the the one sheet of plywood that’s exposed, to the right of everything. Just to make it look a little more custom and.. you know, less like plywood.

Built-in Laundry Appliance Tutorial |

We secured all the plywood to the walls and floors using a few L-shaped brackets.

Built-in Laundry Appliance Tutorial |

We also used these at the top of the plywood, that will eventually secure into the countertop.

Built-in Laundry Appliance Tutorial |

Along the back wall, we attached a few 2×4’s for additional countertop support.

Built-in Laundry Appliance Tutorial |

And the very left of everything lies our new Ikea cabinet. Nothing fancy here, yet. The small gap at the top allows for crown molding. We’re going with a white door, but it’s something I’m going to DIY. More on that soon!

Built-in Laundry Appliance Tutorial |

So, that’s a pretty quick rundown, but I’ll be back with more details and pics as everything starts taking shape.

Check back tomorrow for the newly installed doors and a fun tutorial on giving boring doors and windows some craftsman flair!


September 14, 2012

Laundry/ Mudroom Demo

Last time we checked in with laundry/ mudroom updates we had just finished drywalling the new and expanded closet to house the furnace and water heater. Over a month later we’ve moved back on track, with demoing the second closet and moving the water heater to it’s new home. Here’s a little more info about our laundry/ mudroom plansย if you’re feeling out of the loop.

It’s a bit snug but they both fit and allow enough room to access the filter to the furnace. Score.

This next picture is a mess. It always gets worse before it gets better ๐Ÿ™‚

At least that’s what I keep repeating in my head every time I do laundry, ha.

The space already feels much larger, even without having moved the dryer. Those water lines streaming down from the ceiling will actually stay in place, there was no other way to run them. No worries though! That corner of the room will actually be a tiny store bought cleaning supplies closet so hiding them behind it will be easy. However, the makeshift dryer plug next to the window WILL be moving.


We’ll make everything pretty with time ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh yes. Some of you may have noticed our new additions to the family. Aka, the new washer and dryer. Our old pair seen here was always a temporary set. We knew we wanted a front-loading washer and dryer once we purchased a new home so we could install a counter above them for folding laundry, etc. I’ll have an upcoming post on these babies with more details, like our awesomesauce craigslist deal!

Next up, moving the dryer to it’s permanent location beside the washer and more drywall. Yay. Can you sense my excitement?

How about you guys? Any laundry room projects going on? Anyone working through the messy demo part to get to the fun stuff?

August 10, 2012

Laundry Room Drywall, check!

Just a little sneak peek at what we’ve been working on ๐Ÿ™‚

You know how much I love talking about drywall… Exciting stuff here people. ย But hey, one step closer to the laundry/mudroom of our dreams? If that’s possible.ย No idea what I’m talking about? Catch up with some inspiration pics, our plans, and some progress shots.

We’re thinking one final coat sometime in the next few days, a little sanding, and we’ll be ready to move the water heater. Fingers crossed! See you guys next week with some unrelated yet gorgeous new art updates ๐Ÿ™‚

August 1, 2012

Laundry Room Progress

We shared the plans for our laundry room renovation yesterday, and we’ve secretly been at work for a few days now. First up, removing the existing closet doors. The doors weren’t in bad shape, but we’d previously purchased solid-core doors to match the others throughout the house.

We’ll be eliminating the water heater closet (seen above) altogether and expanding the furnace closet (seen below) to accommodate both furnace and water heater. Then we moved on to sliding the garage entrance door about a foot towards the exterior wall (seen below). Ricky removed the original door and used a sawzall to relocate the frame. Pretty basic framing.

We also replaced the original door, which was slowly falling apart, with a new steel door.

Nothing too exciting yet, but definite progress ๐Ÿ™‚

Next up, expanding the closet framing, drywall, moving the water heater, and demo’ing the other closet. A few electrical and plumbing changes and we’ll be on to finishes. Oh how I love projects that move quickly!

July 31, 2012

Laundry & Mudroom Plans

When we first laid eyes on our new/old house I immediately fell in love with the laundry room. Not only was it on the first floor and directly off the kitchen, it also had an entrance to the garage and backyard, and it was HUGE. A functioning laundry room was near the top of my priority list when searching for a new home, but I never imagined I’d have enough space to incorporate a mudroom as well. I was ready to sign the contract then and there.

Five months living in our new home have flown by and we’re finally ready to turn this space into what we’d imagined that first day. I’m a full believer that laundry can be a fun time if you have a beautiful, functioning space to work in. Not going out on the town, trip to the zoo, eating an entire box of cookies fun, but laundry fun. Work with me.

We shared a few of our favorite inspiration pics yesterday, and from them we’re hoping to completely transform our existing space. Here’s a look at what we started with on move-in day:

(view from kitchen door)

ย (view from backyard door)

Before we even begin to talk aesthetic changes, we have to take care of the floor plan. The existing layout could not possibly waste any more usable space or be any more dysfunctional.


We’re looking to make a few minor changes that should nearly double the available space. Rooms with several doors, none of which we wish to close off, are often difficult to work with. Without a proper layout the functioning within the room could fail miserably, as our space is so kindly demonstrating. By eliminating or moving existing doors, or simply reworking the space, you can improve the flow from one room to another immensely. Now, for the changes we’re looking to make.


1. Combine the Closet Spaces for the Water Heater & Furnace – Having two separate enclosures on opposite corners of the room kills far more space than necessary. We’ll be moving the water heater to the sit alongside the furnace. In this process we’ll be expanding the furnace closet and relocating the door to the garage about one foot further to the left on the same wall. This will eliminate the need for the water heater closet all-together and open up an entirely new book of options.

2. Move the Dryer – The current setup, with the washer and dryer on separate walls, is completely whack. We’re not exactly sure how this worked out, but the bottom line; it’s not working out. With the dismissal of the water heater closet, we’ll now have plenty of room for the two to sit side by side on the washing machine’s existing wall.

3. Storage – As far as the laundry side of the room goes, we’ll be adding a tall cabinet to house miscellaneous laundry and cleaning supplies. With the exception of closets within the hall bathroom and bedrooms, our home has zero closet space. Major draw back to older homes. We’re looking to add storage space in as many renovation plans as possible, starting here.

4. Utility Sink – Since we’re hoping for this space to act as a mudroom as well as laundry room, a large sink is a must. Our existing kitchen sink is plenty big enough to handle most things, but cleaning paint brushes in my beautiful sink lately just makes my skin crawl. Plus, having a sink adjacent the laundry area is super convenient for any by-hand washing.

5. Mudroom Built-in Seating/Storage Combo – We haven’t settled on an exact design just yet, but we’ll be DIYing a floor to ceiling bench/ coat/ shoe storage. You know we’ll share the deets when we get to that point.

We’ve actually already begun with some of the major changes and can’t wait to share the progress! Then onto aesthetic plans, possibly a mood board ๐Ÿ™‚