August 20, 2013

Living Room Items For Sale!

You ask and you shall receive :)

After announcing some major changes in our living room, we had a lot of interest from readers in purchasing a few of the items that are getting the boot. So, as promised, now that we’re ready to sell, we’re back to share details on how exactly those pieces can be purchased!

Living Room Makeover |

We’ve created an account over on Ebay (HERE) where you’ll find prices, measurements, shipping info, etc. Please note – Larger pieces are only available for pickup to locals here in Cincinnati.

We figured that since we’ve had so much interest, Ebay would be the best way to handle the purchases. That way, everyone knows exactly how much we’re asking, how long you have to purchase, and nothing is sold without everyone having their fair share at it.

If you have ANY questions whatsoever, please shoot me an email and I’ll do my best help!

Happy Shopping :)


August 9, 2013

New Direction + Eye Candy

There’s been a whole lot of talk lately about which pieces in our home I’m no longer loving, but I’ve yet to say much about the new direction we’re hoping to head in. For starters, I have no intentions of nailing down our style into one particular category. I’m still exploring just what it is that I’m drawn to, so to assign myself anything super specific, even just as a guideline, seems counterproductive. Plus, I’m pretty sure that I’m all across the board anyway.

A few of you have been asking what exactly triggered this shift in styles, or realization rather. It may just all be part of my style evolving, but I think a few other things played a part. Taking a slight step back from blogging, as well as putting mood board designs on hold, has been a tremendous help in rediscovering my style.

As a blogger, it’s really easy to get swept up in all the inspiration oozing from the interwebs. Not only do I look to other bloggers for inspiration, but I’ve developed relationships with many and have grown to genuinely care about what they’re working on. In other words, it’s hard to step away. And sometimes, discovering “you” means cutting yourself off from all else.

Mood boards came with any entirely new level of baggage. I found myself surrounded with the styles of my clients on a day to day basis. And of course, since I’m creating these designs, it’s natural for me to love them as well. And so the struggle began to separate what I loved for others and what I actually love for me. That’s a hard one to explain, but I’d think anyone in the creative field could probably relate to some degree.

Now that we have a little background info, the rest of this post is pretty much just going to be a smorgasbord of all the rooms that inspire me. Of course, there are probably thousands of spaces that I find inspiring in one way or another, but these designs, these designs are it for me.

We’ll start with my NUMBER ONE design crush, a very recent makeover. Bri Emery’s living space, designed by Emily Henderson.

Bri Emery's Living Space | Designed by Emily Henderson


It’s really no surprise. I’ve been in awe of Emily’s work for quite some time, but there was still always something a bit out of my comfort zone in each of her designs. But this room. Ohhh this room. No space has influenced me like this. In no room have I ever loved every single piece, every  single accessory, everything down to the tiniest of details as I do this one. I could honestly live in this room. Which says A LOT from a gal as particular as I am.

 Bri Emery's Living Space | Designed by Emily Henderson


Bright and airy, daring color choices, mid century modern furniture, quirky vintage accessories, texture galore, live greenery, and.. well, everything else.

Emily shared this design around the time that I was searching for my own style sense, so you could definitely say that finding something I loved so much probably helped in pushing me to reevaluate my own choices.

Bri Emery's Living Space | Designed by Emily Henderson


Once I began to realize just how much my style was changing, I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane and sort of “study” a few of my Pinterest boards. Turns out, I really haven’t changed a whole lot, I was just evaluating myself in the wrong way. Basically, I knew what I loved, but I didn’t know specifically why. Hopefully that makes sense.

You’ll notice plenty of similarities in these next spaces, which is ironic, since many of them date back at least two years. If only I could have seen this :) Live and learn.

Space # 2

Designed by Julianne Moore | Domino Magazine


- Texture, texture, texture, bold sofa, mid century accents, live plants, vintage rug.

Space # 3

Yellow & Seafoam Green Color Combo


- Color, mid century lighting, live plants. (are we sensing a theme here yet?)

Space # 4

Katie Rodgers Workspace | The Glitter Guide


- Shades of pink (I want you), quirky accessories, pops of yellow and gold, mid century seating, overall feels collected, daring and vibrant.

Space # 5

honey and fizz: My home in Adore Magazine!


- PINK and yellow, bright and airy, black and white patterns, vibrant, layers.

Space # 6

Leather Sofa | Freedom Furniture


- Caramel leather, texture, kilim rug, vintage-inspired lighting.

Space # 7

 Amber Interior Design


- Kilim Rug, vibrant colors, mid century furniture, texture, fun pendant light, rustic table.

Space # 8

Emily Henderson


- bold tufted sofa, rustic, mid century

 Space # 9

House of Fifty


- Funky lighting, pops of color.

Space # 10

 Glencoe Avenue Residence by Daleet Spector Design


- Mid century furniture, open and airy, bold color choices, super fun accessories.

Space # 11

 THE PATEL’S | Emily Henderson


- Umm, every detail. Spot on.

Space # 12

 Navajo Rug


- Texture, navajo rug, mid century furniture.

Space # 13

 Happy Corner in the Czech Republic


- bold sofa, mid century.. you get the point

So, there you have it. My top 13. I’ll be pulling inspiration from these spaces for our redesign, and for the most part, just going with my gut :) Wish me luck!

August 6, 2013

Giveaway: Mod Diva

*** This giveaway is now closed – Check below to see who won! ***

Thank you to those of you that entered! has selected one lucky winner… Alex M! Congrats! :)

This week’s giveaway comes from Mod Diva, an Etsy shop that specializes in an array of fabric-made pieces, including some super cute designer pillows that I couldn’t help but get my hands on! I’d been itching to bring in something with a larger, bolder pattern for Zoey’s bed, and this Marimekko pillow did just the trick.

 Marimekko Throw Pillow |

I’m crushing so hard on this pink, red, orange, and yellow color combo. And it works perfectly with her newly remodeled closet!

DIY Custom Closet Makeover |


Marimekko Throw Pillow |

AND the folks at Mod Diva are offering you guys a chance at a $50 store credit towards anything in their store!

HOW TO ENTER: Scroll down to use the Rafflecopter widget below to earn up to TWO entries (one mandatory post comment + optional Mod Diva Facebook page “like”).

DEADLINE: Thursday, August 8th at 12am EST. One random winner will be announced on Friday, August 9th.

You must be at least 18 years of age to enter with a shipping address in the US. Winners will be selected using, and will be notified by e-mail. You have 72 hours to respond, otherwise a new winner will be selected.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

July 24, 2013

Laugh It Up

At least, that’s what I keep telling myself as I write this post.

I confessed a major screw up a few weeks ago, regarding how we’ve decorated our home in the past. It felt glorious, but honestly, also a little overwhelming. In efforts not to drown in this mess we’ve created, and to continue moving forward, I’ve chosen to start with one of the rooms that we spend the most time in, to sort of, recover. The living room.

The last few times we touched on this space it was looking like this (minus the new grasscloth entryway):

Living Room Makeover |

It’s lovely, don’t get me wrong. But honestly, it says nothing about us. Zero personality. Well, zero of our personality. If it were all back in the store, not a single thing would be calling my name. Not a single thing would come home with us. Notta.

Obviously, some things need to go. It’s about to get real here people. Everything with an “X” is getting the axe. And by axe, I mean Craigers is coming for you.

Living Room Makeover |

Crazy, right? I mean me. You think I’m crazy, right? It’s cool.

I told you, we messed up big time. Nearly every single item in this room is getting the boot. Let’s take a closer look.

Sofa & Pillows – Sofa never fit the space. Came from our previous home. Just plain doesn’t work in this room. Pillows are not meant to stick around for years. MUST. SWITCH. THEM. NOW. :)

Ottoman/Pouf - Cute, but not here. Maybe the girls’ room? Too glam for us.

Rug - This makes me cry. Way too much yellow going on near the front door. I like the rug, so it may stay somewhere else in the house (master bedroom?).

Dresser/Media Console - Ricky wants to beat my head against the wall for this one. He’d keep it, but I say go. It’s beautiful, but it’s super trendy, too big for the room, and the herringbone makes my eyes bleed. There, I said it. Anything chevron/chevron-esque, please get the eff out of my house. Thank you.

Art Prints - A good quick fix, but I need some “real” art in my life. Something that inspires. Something colorful, and less symmetrical.

Curtain Panels – I’m almost as tired of ikat patterns as I am chevron. I think getting back to my classic roots is the name of the game here.

Front Door - Ok, this isn’t technically going anywhere. But it will be getting a fresh coat of paint :)

Desk Area – This space is already gone, as you saw in this post. Which, while we’re on topic, go ahead and toss these plans as well.

Now, just what exactly are we keeping you ask? Well…

• Flooring
• Pallet Wall (but the other walls may get a fresh coat of paint)
• Ceiling Light (I think)
• Umm, that’s it.

It’s nuts. But also, really, really fun. Yes, we spent money that didn’t need to be spent and lost hours, if not days, on projects that are going down the drain, but that is one heck of a terrible reason to give up on a room. You win some, you lose some. New plan: I’m going with my gut on new purchases, staying the heck away from Pinterest, and taking. my. time. I’ll be back next post with my main source of inspiration for, well, not only this room, but our entire house!

July 23, 2013

Giveaway: Shabby Apple

*** This giveaway is now closed – Check below to see who won! ***

Thank you to those of you that entered! has selected one lucky winner… Entry #70, Kara! She said “Dress Me! Loving on the Gondola dress!” Congrats! :)

This week’s giveaway comes from Shabby Apple, an online dress boutique that specializes in vintage and retro dresses. Typically, we just talk home decor around here, but if anything is closely related, it’s clothing. Plus, you guys know we can’t get enough of anything vintage or vintage-insprired.

The folks at Shabby Apple are offering you guys a chance at a $75 gift card towards anything in their store! See entry details below.

Now, here are a few of my favs :)

$75 Shabby Apple Giftcard Giveaway |

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

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