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January 6, 2011

She’s Here!

Yes, I said she. And I’m referring to our new dining table that I introduced a while back here. It may have taken four guys to actually get her up to the house and into the dining room (she’s a brute), but it’s done! Take a look 🙂

You may notice our dining empty room in the background. It’s a blank slate. We just recently painted over what was an entirely red room, top to bottom. Which I admit, was our doing. It was great for a short time, but too much red can be a little overwhelming. Not to mention that this room is visible from pretty much everywhere on the first floor. I’m thrilled with the grey. Here’s a shot of the wonderful wallpaper that was here when we moved in. Yikes.


A little minty. Now for what lies ahead. Chairs. I’m loving the rustic farmhouse table and modern chairs look that I’m seeing around these days. Definitely going to be taking that route. Here’s a little eye candy to show you what options we’re looking into dreaming of.

I would take just about any of these rooms home with me. BEAUTIFUL. And although it is a little overdone at this point, I am still in awe at that chalkboard wall. This photo gets me every time. So fun!

Jessie R.


December 31, 2010

Say What?

Christmas this year was pretty generous, to say the least. Not to mention an entirely new outlook with a little munchkin along for the ride. A picture? Of course I have one! Or two.

And the hit of the night?

Anyway, my dad has always been a handy guy, since I was a kid there were projects popping up left and right. He loves is amazing at building things. This Christmas we were surprised with… wait for it… A dining room table. Yep. Built by none other than daddio himself. Okay, yes, I had mentioned that we were without table. (Bear in mind again, I am a perfectionist and among the 45,000 dining tables in the world I was not able to find one that suited me.) So, I stumbled upon the idea of building one myself, which I mentioned to him. Genius over here decides that Santa is going to surprise us with it… the EXACT table. Say what? So much for not crying on Christmas. Yes, I cried. I’m a nerd.  Big deal. And let me tell you, you would’ve teared-up too. Enough talk, I know you guys want the good stuff. Check this baby out!

Best Christmas ever… for more reasons than one.
Jessie R.