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January 8, 2011

UPS Love

I absolutely L.O.V.E. days like yesterday. Complete UPS overload. It’s was like Christmas morning over here at the Rettinger House last night. Over the holidays I used a little birthday money on these awesome finds! Love the rustic, yet simple character.

Perfect for our “soon to be” office area. This is inspiration at its best.

Could not pass up this House Rules Sign. Especially with a little one rolling around now. Haven’t chosen a place for it yet, any ideas?

And saving the best for last! We’ve been waiting on this baby for over a month.

We recently moved our TV to the opposite side of the room, mounting it up on the wall. Usually I’m not too keen on this idea, but with the layout of our room it was really the best option (pictures of the living room soon!). We wanted something below that would provide storage without that “media center” look. This was the perfect height, sitting at 34″. The living room isn’t huge in size and doubles as an entry and our soon to be office as well. We loved the look of this bookshelf console from west elm. It provides a decent amount of storage but has an open concept to keep the room feeling as light as possible. Too many bulky pieces of furniture end up really weighing the room down. We’re loving the new look! Updated pics soon 🙂

Jessie R.