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13 Things You Should Know Before Traveling To Iceland

Sophie-Claire Haller, Business Insider journalist, talks about her journey to “land of the ice”…. Iceland

This northerly island / country is alive and well, and most people know someone who has been there.

This stunningly beautiful country has everything you would want to see from a spectacular natural wonderland. Before you book your trip, here are some things to think about.

I thought It was expensive to eat in New York City. I was mistaken.

Our first day in Iceland was spent at a coffee shop with average prices. We purchased a roll, which included smoked salmon, creamy cheese wedge and lettuce leaves, for $ 19. Lonely Planet says that an Icelandic meal is about $ 30. A nice restaurant costs around $ 55.

Although the water smells horrible, it is still completely safe to drink.

Iceland’s water has a sulfuric smell, similar to rotten eggs. However, it is perfectly drinkable and tastes great.

We were not told this and spent the night in dehydration in an airbnb, after all the shops had closed.

You may feel like you’re in the United States

It’s easy to forget where you live because there are so many Americans all over the world. Iceland’s population is only 332,000 people, yet it attracts around 1.8 million tourists each year. These figures were presented by Professor Edward Huijbens from the Icelandic Tourism Research Center to the Financial Times. He said that Iceland’s population is only “surpassed only” by the number of American tourists each year.

All over the globe, there are many human beings.

Iceland is a place that everyone visits for its amazing natural wonders. Icelanders all travel to the same sites. This also means that you will find crowded buses at each of the small geysers on your list.

Too much construction

It was amazing to see the number of cranes all around. As all tourist attractions seem to be flourishing, cranes can be seen in almost every corner of Reykjavik.

When scheduling excursions, the limited amount of daylight is a major factor

We arrived in Reykjavik around 6:30 AM and were shocked to find that the sun had not yet risen for three hours. It was also dark at 5:00 PM. Imagine this, at the beginning November.

While daylight hours aren’t a problem during summer, they decrease in winter. This means that you need to plan ahead. Many of the things you can see in Iceland are located at least 45 minutes away. This must be considered given the limited hours of daylight.

It is worth considering where the sun will shine and what shadows there will be at certain times of day in order to maximize our time.

Bathrooms are scarce and far from most people’s homes.

Many of Iceland’s most popular tourist attractions are far away. Plan your bathroom stops accordingly.

You spend a lot time in your car

Did I mention the distances involved? It is true that you will spend a lot of time in a car rental or taking the bus to excursions. While it’s worth the effort, it is important to think about it when you plan your trip.

The hair is terrible if you are in a thermal pool

Although not dangerous, the high silicon content of hot springs can damage your hair. Blue Lagoon offers conditioner that you can massage into your hair before it soaks in. It warns that if you don’t, “it becomes stiff and difficult to manage.”

The money is not necessary

Credit cards can be used anywhere. In Thingvellir National Park we needed to purchase bath passes. Even though that was necessary, I didn’t see an Icelandic crown.

Most likely, you won’t be able to see the Northern Lights.

Aurora Borealis, an amazing and unpredictable phenomenon, must be visible due to a variety of factors, including weather and season. It is suggested that you spend seven nights in Iceland to maximize your chances of seeing the Aurora Borealis.

Weather is unpredictable beyond anything we can imagine

Iceland’s motto is “If the weather doesn’t suit you, wait five minutes.” Layer up, as it can change from pleasant to freezing quickly.

To visit the Blue Lagoon, you must make a reservation in advance

Blue Lagoon is a popular attraction. Nearly all tourists make it a point to visit this place. It is best to buy tickets ahead of time rather than waiting to get in.

The price for the tickets starts at 60 dollars. You can also buy a towel for an additional 20 dollars. All of this is included in one package.


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