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14 Places To Hide From The End Of The World

14 places that the apocalypse won’t reach

Some parts of the globe have experienced very severe weather conditions in December. Floods have ravaged large parts of Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay as well as the United Kingdom. You can also add to this the severe, unseasonally appropriate tornadoes that struck Texas and the high temperatures in the US East Coast.

Man-made climate changes are already starting to show their effects. The world will officially confirm that the planet has experienced a 1 degree Celsius increase since 1900. This is causing huge changes to the planet. The Islamic State is on the rise and tensions between Russia, Turkey and Iran have increased since the November downing of a Russian military aircraft. The world is facing certain problems because of all this. The world has been through a financial crisis, warnings from Mayan Apocalypse over the past decade, and humanity is now facing certain problems. But 2016 is the year that the world will collapse. We think it’s important to know where to look to survive.

We’ve selected some locations that we believe will be safe and secure, and continue to bring us prosperity regardless of what happens around the globe.


Iceland is the most isolated country of Europe. It’s located hundreds of miles from any other place, making it difficult to gain access for anyone looking. It is also rich in useful resources that can be used for daily living. The country’s geothermal energy comes almost exclusively from its many active volcanoes. It also has some of the finest and most plentiful fish and shellfish in all of the world. If we have to flee to the island, we can be sure that we will be well-fed and warm. We also know that Iceland was able to survive the almost total collapse of its banking systems during the financial crisis. This is vital if we are faced with the possibility of an end of the world.

Tristan da Cunha

This archipelago of South Atlantic islands is more than 2,000 kilometers from any country. We know they are seeking new residents as their population is only 300. It is well-known for its fishing skills – a perfect race to rescue you from bad times.


This is America’s lost enclave, and it is the ideal refuge for American patriots. Guam, located in the Pacific, is home to an enormous American military presence. This is ideal for keeping people safe in the event that Russian-Turkish relations deteriorate and we are forced into World War III. Guam does not have a vibrant economy. However, its income is mainly from tourism and the US government.

Chiang mai

You only need to know that Marc Faber, a Swiss investor, made his home in this beautiful city in northern Thailand. Faber is well-known for his extreme pessimism regarding the state of the planet. It constantly issues warnings about where to go if war breaks out (a farm in the country), and what happens to the dollar (it’ll be worth less than toilet roll). All this is on top of the fact that, even though Southeast Asia has been roiled with violence, heroin and political turmoil for decades now, Chiang Mai has remained a beacon of stability and peace. It is a positive sign that he can survive whatever history throws at him.


Denver offers many advantages, including its proximity to huge oil shale resources that will ensure there is always fuel. It is also the most easily defendable city in the US, being more than 1.5km above the sea level and surrounded with mountains. Because of its elevation, it is a great place to seek refuge in case global warming occurs. Global warming will make Denver’s farmlands extremely fertile.


Antarctica is one of the most hostile places on the planet. It is therefore a great place to hide from the rest of the world. You can make it to Antarctica with enough food to last the winter and then settle in one of the expedition huts until things improve. It is unlikely that the war will reach southernmost parts of the globe. There is one catch: If sea levels rise as a result of climate change, you might end up looking like this penguin.

Puncak Jaya

The mountainous region in Indonesia does not seem to be a welcoming area. In such a situation, you should not expect comfort. You want to survive. Puncak Jaya is home to the largest gold mine in the world. This means that there are plenty of opportunities for work and commerce. The third-largest copper mine in the world is also located here.

Cape Town

Cape Town is the best place to be if you’re in Africa. The city, with its stunning views and harbours is the second-most populous in South Africa. Even if all went horribly wrong, Cape Town will continue to exist as though nothing happened. Because of South Africa’s geographical location, Cape Town’s economic position is not comparable to that of its northern sister towns. It is also relatively unaffected by Western foreign influences.


The Swiss have undoubtedly been a refuge from Europe’s bloody past. Bern is surrounded in the Swiss Alps which provide natural protection. The Swiss capital is likely the most secure place to hide in Europe because of its diplomatic skills. Switzerland has been known for its neutrality in many of the major conflicts over the centuries. This neutrality makes Bern an ideal place to flee during World War III. The Swiss farmland is among the most fertile in the area, which will prove to be an advantage should climate change occur. Bern’s name, which is apt for its German plural for bear, is “Baren”. It was home to bear moats that were kept alive for over 500 years. Now, it has a bear park that is more humane.

Necker Island

This is the Virgin magnate Richard Branson’s island. We are certain that he will let you live there if you contact him. He’s always been a nice guy.

Land of Fire

This region of South America is ideal for avoiding nuclear effects because of its wind patterns. This is a huge benefit. There is no need to worry about Tierra del Fuego being invaded.


The Yukon is Canada’s westernmost federal territory. It is sparsely populated, and its economy is heavily dependent upon tourism and government. This is a minor issue, however, the area has the potential to support small, thriving communities. It is home to a lot of wildlife that can be used for hunting and trapping. This would be a great resource in the initial years following a major catastrophe. The area’s rare metal deposits will be helpful as civilization rebuilds. It is possible to reach it easily because of the many rivers. Winter is very harsh. Bring a warm coat. Bears can be dangerous if you’re alone among the wild animals.

Kansas city

Kansas City is likely to be safe no matter what happens in America. There is no coast to it so you don’t have to worry about security, invasions from abroad or rising sea levels. It is surrounded with farmland, which is good for raising livestock and grain, and is at the intersection of many rail lines. Transportation shouldn’t be an issue even if things go wrong – in fact, the city should thrive and become a center of activity.

Isle of Lewis

The Isle of Lewis, which is located in the North Atlantic Ocean and at least three hours from mainland Scotland by boat, is the ideal location to avoid war or zombie apocalypse. Keep in mind, however, that no one has ever been able successfully invade any part of the UK in the past 950 years. Lewis is a great place to hide from the rest of the world because it has many natural resources, good food, and all the whiskey you need.


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