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9 Tips And Tricks To Not Let Phone Addiction Destroy Your Body

Your eyes are always on the phone. You simply can’t help picking it up to check if there is a message from someone. Everything revolves around your smartphone. The obsession we have with our smart phones has reached a new height. Despite the fact that we are addicted to our smart devices, we forget that all addictions have their consequences.

We will then share some tips and tricks that can prevent us from irreversible and serious damage.

We spoke to Dr. Sidharth Verma at Hospital Masina to get a better understanding of mobile phone syndrome. He explained the connection between the phones we use and the problems that it causes.

Although the symptoms of mobile pain syndromes might seem distinct, they are connected and occur together once the mobile phone is disconnected. On average, people spend almost three hours per day on mobile phones. ”

Dr. Verma also gave us some tips on how to avoid and treat mobile addiction.

1. You should change your posture and position frequently

Every inch of your body is affected by how you feel. Make it a habit to change your posture every hour.

Instead of bending your neck while you sit, shift it to a straighter position. Every movement you make will have an effect on your body.

2. Write short messages

Although it may seem difficult at first, you will soon get used to it. Keep your messages brief and to the point.

You can leave voice messages rather than long texts. Dr. Verma suggests that you can also just call.

3. You can take breaks from using your phone

Every day, it is important to get rid of your phone. Keep the phone off for no less than an hour.

If it is difficult to unlock your phone, you can put it in Zen mode.

4. Use cold and hot compresses

They can be a lifesaver when you are in pain or need to increase blood flow.

Hot and cold packs are great for treating everything from arthritis to pulled muscles to inflammation. This will prove very helpful if you have any mobile pain syndromes.

5. Use headphones

Technology has made it possible to have hands-free conversations with your phone.

You have probably already noticed this.

6. Stretching and exercises

Essential! It is essential to make time for exercise and stretching every day. Although you may not be aware of it right away, it can have long-term health benefits.

7. Ergonomic positioning

The type of chair you choose to sit in your office is a simple way to see how ergonomic positions are. Choose a chair that supports your spine. This is the most important part of your body.

Keep the chair at a height that allows your feet to touch the ground and your legs parallel to the floor. So that your shoulders don’t get tight, rest your arms on the armrest.

8. Speak no to surgery

Do not rush to surgery for a quick fix.

Dr. Verma says, “Your pain physician will be able help you with advanced interventional techniques using technology such as radiofrequency stimulation, ultrasound, platelet rich plasma, and so on.”

9. Salt

Dr. Verma summarizes the following: “Socialize and engage with outdoor activities to improve your results and end mobile addiction.”

Although wearable devices are revolutionizing our lives, they can also have negative consequences. With the right measures, prevention is better than treatment and all of these conditions can be managed. Mobile pain syndromes can be treated early by a pain specialist without needing open surgery.


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