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Hi, I’m Paula and welcome to my lifestyle blog!

I’m a mom of two lovely children “Tommy” and “Stacey” and we are currently living in El Paso, Texas. I moved here several years ago with my husband. Previously, I was living in South Africa around the Cape where I grew up.

I love to try out new things, visit different countries, try out new cuisine, different lifestyles, and things that might generate new life and excitement into my life.

About 2 years ago I became interested in writing and decided to create a blog, so, in recently, I embarked on a new journey and decided to start this blog.

So, this blog is all about anything to do with life itself, practical things, things that you might need to know about lifestyle issues etc.

I discuss a wide range of topics that might include subjects including “how to fix an oil leak” and articles about “how to get rid of bed bugs” as well as articles about “how to fit guttering” through to topics such as “how to fit loft boards”, as well as day to day things to contemplate.

The focus for this blog is to study topics that people love to read about.

My website’s purpose therefore is to educate as many people as possible I am convinced that striving for knowledge has the potential to empower you to achieve a lot of what you want in yours and your family’s life.

I really hope you get inspired with what I write about


Hey! My name's Paula and welcome to my lifestyle blog and welcome to my outlook on life and discoveries.

When you write a blog, it's surprising how much you learn about life issues. Writing stuff down helps me and hopefully, you will discover that it will help you too"

Please browse my posts and enjoy the riches of my own discoveries that help with daily life issues and topics

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