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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having A Second Nationality

Both being a citizen of your country and abroad has its advantages and disadvantages.

At one time, it was impossible to imagine a person having citizenship in more countries than one. There was once a belief that one person could be loyal to only one country. Theodore Roosevelt, the US president, once called second citizenship “an obvious absurdity.”

Our ideas have changed and more people are now able to hold citizenship in multiple countries. Some people are able to claim it as a child because their parents were of foreign nationality and they were granted citizenship at birth. Many people seek to obtain a second citizenship when they are adults, in order to enjoy the international benefits. It makes sense to have citizenship in two different countries, especially considering the increasing globalization of communication, business, and travel in 21st-century. What are the cons and pros?


First, let’s examine the benefits. This is what attracts people to the idea that they can have two passports in their travel bags. You can have two passports if you are of a second nationality. This greatly simplifies business and family travel as you don’t need long-term visas.

There are two major benefits to owning land in another country, and possibly paying less taxes. Some countries may restrict land ownership to their citizens. A home may be more appealing to you if you spend a lot of time in different countries than a long stay in a hotel.

You may also be eligible to pay less taxes if your business is based abroad or you have been in the United States for less time than six months. Bank accounts overseas can be complicated and can lead to problems if you do it wrongly. They aren’t illegal, contrary to popular belief.


It is not easy to obtain a second citizenship. You could waste thousands of dollars trying to figure out the government bureaucracy. Your hard work and effort has gone unused since you have not submitted the correct application. Governments can also reject your application without providing any explanation or second chance. Some countries do not allow applicants to address them directly. Many people who are interested in second citizenship seek assistance through a company, which is usually an authorized agent of the government.

The second nationality has another potential drawback: it is subject to both the laws and the customs of both countries. You can become a citizen in a country that requires military service. If the country is involved in a military conflict with the United States, this could lead to US citizens losing their citizenship.

As with most things in life there are advantages and disadvantages to being a citizen from two countries. You should consider the reasons you wish to acquire a second citizenship and decide if it is right for you and your future. It is best to consult agents who are authorized by the government in that country.


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