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Choosing the Best Disc Golf Shoe for Your Game

The disc golf world has offered different opinions over the years on where to find the best disc golf shoe. Some companies claim to offer the best grip, some the longest life, some the most comfortable feel, and some the most water resistance. But players across the planet are generally unaware of which shoe is the best… until now.

When it comes to disc golf, having the right footwear can make a huge difference in your game. The best footwear for disc golf is comfortable, durable, and provides good traction on various terrain types. Many disc golfers prefer athletic shoes with rubber soles that offer a good grip on the grass, dirt, and concrete.

Waterproof shoes are also a great choice, especially for wet and muddy courses. It’s important to choose shoes that fit well and provide enough support for your feet during the long rounds of disc golf. Investing in high-quality footwear can help you stay comfortable and focused during your game and improve your overall performance on the course.

Whether you’re looking for verification or wondering what shoe to buy next, we’ve got you covered. We’ve done all the research for you to find the best disc golf shoes on the market. All you need to do is take our advice and watch your game rise to another level.

What are the top disc golf shoe companies?

Merrell, Adidas Terrex, Idio Sports and Vessi currently have the most popular shoes on the market. You’ll generally see both amateurs and pros from around the world sporting one of these four companies on their feet during a round.

What sets these disc golf shoes apart from competitors?

Merrell: Comfort, durability, and style are the calling cards for Merrell shoes. They have a dedicated disc golf section on their website to narrow down your selection. Merrell offers a variety of colors, styles, and sizes to ensure you’re proud of the shoes on your feet. The shoes feature Vibram outsoles which keep out moisture from below while maximizing long life and grip, along with state-of-the-art Gore-tex fabric on the rest of the shoe, which is a material known specifically for combining water resistance with breathability.

Adidas TerrexFound in the hiking and outdoors section at Adidas, the Terrex brand first became popular in 2017 when Paul McBeth was sponsored by the company for a brief period. Mostly coming in brown, gray, and black base colors, the Terrex hiking shoes feature Gore-tex material and boast of maximum water resistance in multiple styles.

Idio Sports: This company broke onto the scene through an endorsement deal with Nate Sexton in 2021, claiming to produce the first dedicated disc golf shoe on the market: the Syncrasy. It boasts of maximum comfort and the ability to hold up against disc golf movements. The Syncrasy is still the only shoe product offered by Idio Sports and is now also worn by Corey Ellis.

Vessi: This company is specifically marketing its new product to disc golfers through a partnership with Jomez. Vessi claims they have successfully combined “the comfort of a sneaker with the grip and coverage of an outdoor boot.” The product, named the Stormburst, advertises completely waterproof fabric and features a high ankle support design like that of a low-profile boot.

What is the best disc golf shoe?

Even with four top brands to choose from, one company stands out from the rest: Merrell has the best disc golf shoes on the market. The Vibram based on all Merrell shoes ensures both comfort and durability, but equally as important, it blocks water from leaking inside the shoe, something essential for any disc golfer. Vibram is also a company with links to disc golf and knows what players in the sport need to succeed.

The material used for Merrell’s disc golf lineup is the signature Gore-tex fabric which is the most breathable and water-resistant material on the market. In addition, the outer shoe lining comes in a variety of colorways so players can pick their own unique look on the course


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