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How Eating Slowly Can Transform Your Health And Make You More Productive

Mindful eating can be a powerful tool to prevent binging and to increase performance at work.

How long does it take to eat at work? It’s probably less than 20 minutes. Do you eat only when you are hungry? Or do you eat until you feel full, or do you eat everything that is on your plate or in the tupperware or in the paper wraps “to take away?” You finish everything, no matter how small, so that you can make the call, meet with someone, or keep up with our ever-faster pace of work.

Mindful eating can make a huge difference in our health. Mindful eating simply means being mindful of what and how much food you eat. Mindful eating means that we pay attention to the colors, portion sizes, presentation, origin, texture, and how it will nourish our bodies. Our body.

Sara Vance, CN is the author of The Perfect Metabolism Plan. She is also a nutritionist at Golden Door Spa. Many times, they eat while working. Stress and digestion do not mix, I have always said that.

Vance uses distracted driving as an analogy to explain “distracted eating.” Vance explains that when we eat while distracted by the television, computer or driving, our attention is not on our food. Mindful eating refers to eating without distractions. Mindful eating is the practice of eating mindfully. This helps us to digest food better and makes it more enjoyable.

Recent research has shown that mindfulness, not specific foods, is what leads to weight loss. According to the study, mindful eating can help people become more aware of their bodies, be more attentive to hunger and satiety, recognize outside cues to eat and gain self-compassion. This will help to decrease food cravings, reduce problem eating, and decrease reward-driven eat.

It may not be realistic to count the number of bites you take or look at the texture and color of the tomatoes in your food. However, it is possible to slow down the speed at which you chew. Before you start to chew, think about whether your body is telling you what to do. Are you eating because it’s noon or because you are really hungry? A large portion of food we consume, especially at work, is addictive eating. This happens because of stress or boredom.

How can you start mindful eating? The following exercise can be done, but you must do it at a time when your eyes aren’t on your phone or your computer. You should eat and not multitask. This is how it’s done.

  • Take a look at the food, paying attention to its texture and size. Slowly take a bite, then chew slowly. Be aware of the taste, smell, and texture. Continue to chew, as many people swallow food too quickly, leading to cramps, indigestion, overeating, and eventually weight gain.
  • You should eat for at least 20 minutes, take a break between bites, and then drop your fork. You can make “fast food” a challenge by using chopsticks or eating with your nondominant hand.
  • Use your mind. Think about the origins of the food, the people who made it, and the flavors and seasonings you enjoy. This will help you make better food choices in the future. Does it give you energy? Do you feel lethargic or full of energy? Are you sad that you ate something? You can learn to appreciate healthy, simple food by rethinking why you eat.

Finally, take a break when you feel satisfied. Vance says that it takes around 20 minutes for the brain to feel full. You will likely see a decrease in calories and eat less without feeling hungry. You will have a change in your relationship to food and less reward eating. Also, you’ll be less likely to eat out as often as possible.

If you are able, take 30 minutes off your desk and work. You will be more productive and will feel more energized when you return to work. It is impossible to do this every single day. However, you can slow down how fast you eat. The results will be evident from the first meal. You’ll start to see the benefits and will have a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle that will improve your health, digestion, productivity, and overall well-being.


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