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Working Hard And Being Stressed Is Not A Sustainable Model Of Success

Spend more time with yourself, your fears, what motivates and you will be happier.

Entrepreneurs are known for their ability to try hard and succeed. Entrepreneurs are hard workers when their businesses succeed, and even when they fail. It is part and parcel of the business code, as well as one of the lessons we were taught as children. It is impossible to achieve anything without hard work.

This is often true in many cases. During my research into startup ecosystems across the country, I’ve seen firsthand the power of hardwork. But, extraordinary effort in at least one area of your life may not be the solution, but the problem. This realm is, believe or not, self-improvement. Stress is a killer.

1. Spend more time with yourself than you do on others.

In our work, we lose a little bit of ourselves. This is what fuels passion and perseverance. It also means we lose our focus. This idea was something I believed I wasn’t alone in. He was right. Jim Fortin’s work with Fortune 500 executives around the globe, as well as high achievers from other countries, helped me to understand this issue and help me achieve transformational change.

Fortin says that even extreme efforts to change behavior are only possible to take us so far. Real and lasting change cannot be achieved on a conscious level. It is possible only at a deeper level, the subconscious.

Fortin stated that while people try to change their behaviors, those behaviors are influenced by their beliefs, identities and abilities. No matter how many times you try to change your behavior, it won’t stick if the identity you have is inconsistent with what we are trying. While it may be temporary, it will not last.

2.Change your identity

We will be unable to sustain that behavior if we attempt to change our behavior but it is not consistent with the identity we hold deep inside, buried in our subconscious.

This principle is rooted in neurolinguistic programming. I believe I have always been skeptical about receiving or getting coaching, as most of it is based upon the Law of Attraction and positive thinking. This is why most entrepreneurs are so stubborn. We already have positive thoughts. It is possible to quit your job, start something new, or jump off a cliff without believing in yourself.

We should really be more focused on the things that make us successful and what makes our failures. Exercise is the same. It is impossible to maintain a routine until it becomes part of our identity. We can exercise if we don’t like it. But we should do it in moderation. Regular exercise is a part of our identity. Crossfit is a great success because of this.

It takes mental effort and a lot of willpower to change behavior. It’s a completely different process to change your subconscious, your “being” rather than your “doing”. Although it is not an easy task, it is not something you should do every day.

Here’s an example. You desire to increase your income. It will take hard work. This will require hard work to increase sales, expand product offerings, improve workflows, and do anything else that can make your business more efficient so it can grow.

Even though you do everything you can, if your leader doesn’t believe deep down that they are capable of taking your company to the next level, you will eventually stagnate. This point will limit your growth potential.

Research has shown that 95% our behaviors and habits are driven by our subconscious (or right hemisphere). Yet, we use our analytical left side – the remaining 5% – to make radical changes in our lives.

This is why this kind of change does not have the same staying power as subconscious change at the central level. To change your identity, you don’t need to join the witness protection program. You do not have to change your identity by entering the witness protection program. However, you should be open with yourself about your fears and weaknesses, as well as what is holding you back. All of us have those. This is a good thing.

You must always question your business and your processes as an entrepreneur. You are the only person who can make this business succeed or fail. Spend more time with yourself and what you believe about yourself.


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